ImageProcessing-CL – PDF, TIFF, JPEG, PNG – Image processing via command line

Based on our ImageProcessing base component, ImageProcessing-CL, a command line application for image processing and image enhancement of PDF, TIFF, JPEG and PNG image files, is now available.


  • Command line application.
  • Multithreading / parallel processing ensures a high processing throughput
  • Processes – PDF single files, lists of text files, folders and entire folder structures.
  • Configuration via user interface.
  • The selected functions, their parameters and processing sequence are managed via profiles.
  • Several functions can be executed one after the other in a predefined order.
  • Profile functions: new, copy, delete, rename, export to file, import from file.
  • Option to process PDF scans / pages with image information only or all PDF pages.
  • Loading a sample page and testing the image processing commands with a preview of the output and result files.
  • The resolution, compression and quality parameters can be configured for PDF rendering.
  • Logging.


Individual image processing functions:

  • Detect and remove blank pages.
  • Auto rotate pages
  • Straighten pages
  • Invert images (black to white)
  • Remove black border
  • Trim the edge
  • Remove impurities
  • Remove perforations
  • Remove lines
  • Convert color / grayscale to black / white </ a >

Download – ImageProcessing-CL   command line >>>
Download – ImageProcessing-CL Readme >>>