PDFmdx Version 3.19.0

Innovations / improvements PDFmdx version 3.19.0:

  • Improved barcode performance through preprocessing: There is now a new option to speed up barcode recognition and processing. The previous barcode processing is still available because there may be use cases where the previous processing offers an advantage. Both implementations have their advantages depending on the situation. Barcode recognition requires an image and not a normal PDF structure with text and lines. The PDF must therefore be rendered beforehand for barcode recognition.

In the previous implementation, only the area marked by the field is rendered. Since this doesn’t take very long and in order to achieve a better result even with bad scans, the rendering is carried out three times – with 200, 300, and 400dpi. Advantage: If barcode recognition is only to take place in a single small area, not everything has to be rendered or if scans are processed with inferior quality.

With the new “Barcode preprocessing” function, the entire PDF is rendered in advance with 300dpi, all barcode types defined in the template are recognized and used later cached. This works faster because the redering or barcode recognition is simply carried out with 300dpi and the recognized values ??are saved for further processing. Advantage: If there are several areas with barcodes on a page or if the document is of good quality and multiple rendering is not required.

  • Process protected PDF – Open password: Previously, password protected PDF could not be processed. Now there is a function to store the “Open PDF” password in the layout. All passwords stored for the job for the selected layouts are loaded for processing. If PDFmdx recognizes a protected PDF file, the password list tries to open and decrypt the PDF one after the other. If a password matches, the PDF is opened and decrypted. A new, unprotected PDF is then created from it and processed normally via PDFmdx.

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