PDFMerge Client for FileConverterPro (FCpro) – Version 2.0.6 available

Innovations PDFMerge for FCpro: .NET / VB COM – Programming interface with example applications in source code and as executable example application. PDFMerge interface functions: PDFExport Settings (GFI) – Select folder / List GFI profiles / Select GFI profile Folder for table of content profiles selectable Select and load PMTX template Load/display PDF/document structure (PMTX) … Continued

PDFMerge Client for FileConverterPro (FCpro) – extends the PDF(/A) converter-service by new functions

Based on PDFMerge we brought out a PDFMerge Client for the FileConverterPro (FCpro) Server. It makes it possible to produce document conversions and compilations as PDF or PDF/A from any workplace. The PDF-conversion and processing of the documents is done via a FileConverterPro Server-service reachable in the local network or via the internet, which is addressed with SOAP … Continued

PDFMerge commandline parameters

PDFMerge can also be called with commandline parameters. Especially interesting thereby is the possibility to run the processing “silent” without user interface. With that e.g. overall PDF’s can be produced directly without user interaction through PMT (XML) files which are created from own applications. But it is also possible to work completely without template file … Continued

FileConverterPro (FCpro) – Overview and various client applications – product video

The product video shows the FileConverterPro and the most important client applications that work with the FCpro PDF (/A) conversion service via the REST / SOAP web service interface: The following FCpro client applications are shown: DropConvert – Interactive drag and drop conversion. FCpro Hotfolder – Folder Monitoring. FCpro EE – Explorer Extension – FCpro … Continued

PDFExport Settings – Many additional functions for PDF documents

There are many additional functions that can be applied to PDF’s. To use this again and again in all of our applications in the same fashion, we have summarized the functionality in a separate component. This we use in all our applications – FileConverterPro, Email Archiver, PDFMerge etc. The advantage is that additions and corrections … Continued

FCpro-CL – commandline tool for the FileConverterPro

With the FCpro-CL tool documents can be converted to PDF(/A) via commandline call. The installation can either be local or on the same pc where also the FileConverterPro service is installed or also on a remote pc (internal network or internet). The communication between the FCpro-CL tool and the FCpro server takes place via SOAP web-service  through … Continued

FileConverterPro HotFolder – Windows service for folder monitoring

The freely available application FCpro HotFolder works together with the FileConverterPro Server and makes it possible to monitor yet one and soon also multiple input folders automatically. Existing or newly added documents of the monitored folder get recognized and via the FCpro server, with or without OCR, converted to a PDF, PDF/A-1b, PDF/A-3b or ZUGFeRD document. For the … Continued

OwnCloud integration for FileConverterPro and AutoOCR available

OwnCloud is the most popular and common OpenSource Cloud software which is used for both private- and public-clouds. OwnCloud is available as an OpenSource (community edition) as well as an extended Enterprise version. We also use OwnCloud in our company to make files externally accessible and share them with our partners in a quick and easy way. Files can be … Continued

EMail Archiver for FileConverter Pro – version 2 available

With the EMail Archiver Version 2 some essential expensions got implemented: Archiving of single or multiple selected e-mails, whole folders or folder-structures as MSG, EML, PDF, PDF/A-1b, PDF/A-3b or combined as MSG/EML and PDF. Conversion – of single or multiple selected e-mails or attachements to PDF or PDF/A. Create overall-PDF – multiple selected e-mails, attachements or … Continued