DropOCR 1.5.0 – Sending email is integrated

DropOCR saves the converted PDF documents in a configured folder. Now it is also possible to generate an email message and insert the generated PDF’s directly as an attachment. Depending on the configuration, the email message can also be sent directly via SMTP without user interaction. DropOCR EMail features: Presetting the email recipient (To, Cc, … Continued

DropOCR – version 1.3.2 available

With the DropOCR version 1.3.2 the parallel upload as well as the communication with the AutoOCR server was completely revised. By that all deficiencies of the previous version were fixed. Especielly with large documents with a lot of pages, long processing times and a big amount of documents to be processed there were problems with … Continued

DropOCR – version 1.2.5 available

Innovations DropOCR version 1.2.5: Direct selection of the AutoOCR processing profile through the context menu of the icon tray application function “Cancel all jobs” – with that currently running transfers and processes can be canceled immediatly The “AutoStart” Option is now activated by default The max. page amount is now preset to 1000 by default … Continued

DropOCR – version 1.2.1 available

Innovations DropOCR version 1.2.1 : Userinterface switchable between german and english HTTP and HTTPS support Logging of the conversion processes, deleting of the log file AutoStart function to start the application when the PC is started Doubleclick on the Drop Zone opens the destination folder AutoOCR testserver preconfigured Our AutoOCR testserver is reachable vie the following URL … Continued

FileConverterPro & AutoOCR – test website available

To test the functions of FileConverterPro and AutoOCR and to run own conversion without having to install the software we made a server with FileConverterPro and AutoOCR, accessible via the internet for free. Under MS-Windows the applications DropConvert (for FileConverterPro) and/or DropOCR (for AutoOCR) can be installed to carry out processings and to be able to run tests with these applications. … Continued

Low Cost OCR Server – AutoOCRLight – OCR processing without limits

Starting from our, since many years approved and tested OCR Server – AutoOCR, we now, with “AutoOCRLight”, offer a low cost variant. It has, compared to the AutoOCR full product, a lower price but also a limited functionality. Differences AutoOCRLight to AutoOCR: only one in / out folder can be configured with iOCR, only one … Continued

New Web-Site – www.OCRServer.at – online

We summarized all of our OCR Products on our newly created Website You can get more information about the following products there: AutoOCR AutoOCR light DropOCR FineOCR ifresco Transformer FileConverter (pro) ifresco Profiler + Plugins

Intelligent PDF OCR processing via AutoOCR for Abbyy and iOCR

PDF documents can be generated in different ways. PDFs are able to summarize various contents and sources in one document. Pages can be constructed from “normal” PDF content consisting of text, images, and vector graphics, and typically already have textual content that can be used for full text indexing and search. However, a PDF document … Continued