PDF2Printer – Version 2.0.11 available

Innovations PDF2Printer Version 2.0.11: Based on the latest PDFPrint Component 1.0.3 New additional “Advanced” printing method Number of copies can be controlled via the PCF file. Multiple copies are no longer printed multiple times, but sent directly to the printer together with the required number of printouts as a single job. Paper feed presettable, or … Continued

PDF2Printer – Version 2.0.5 available

The PDF2Printer version 2.0.5 has implemented a new, much faster and more efficient PDF printing method. Previously, the PDF documents for printing were first converted to a graphics file with the resolution of the printer. However, the printer had a high resolution, eg. 600dpi or more, so large print data was generated, consumed many resources … Continued

PDF2Printer – New Version 2.0.2

What’s New PDF2Printer Version 2.0.2: New PDF printing engine delivers improved quality when printing 1D and 2D barcodes – Barcodes can be generated and displayed in PDF via barcode fonts, lines or graphics. Certain label printers, however, had problems with the printing engine used so far and the prints were out of focus or had … Continued

PDF2Printer – output to network printer

PDF2Printer is installed as a service and on default runs under the “LOCAL SYSTEM account”. This account however has no permissions to access network-ressources. Therefor with the standard installation it can’t be output to a network printer. These also aren’t included in the file “printers.pnames”. To be able to use network printers the service has to … Continued

PDFmdx version 1.2.6 – automatic printouts via PDF2Printer – integration

PDFmdx version 1.2.6 now has an integration with the PDF printer-service – PDF2Printer. With that the created documents can be put out on printers automatically. The printing output occurs for all single documents created within the scope of the PreSplit function. The information on which printer the output should take place, can be read out from … Continued

PDF2Printer – MS-Windows service for printing PDF’s automatically

PDF2Printer is an application, installed as MS-Windows service, to output PDF’s from a monitored folder to various printers automatically. Functions: PDF-print-service for 32 and 64bit Windows operating systems Folder-monitoring prints all PDF’s which a folder contains and all newly added ones Configuration of in- / archiv- and error-folder After the printing process – move the PDF … Continued