PDF2DOCX-FM – Product video

The product video about PDF2DOCX-FM shows the most important functions for converting PDF files into editable document formats – DOCX, RTF, HTML, XML, TXT and XLS – using monitored folders: ?????????? Download – PDF2DOCX-FM – converts PDF to DOCX, RTF, HTML, XML, TXT and XLS >>>

PDF2DOCX – function to convert individual pages as well as pages from/to

PDF2DOCX (PDF to DOCX) could only convert all pages of a PDF file so far. Now there is also the possibility to convert only single pages, as well as page ranges “from/to”. Pages are separated by “,” (comma), page ranges by “-” (hyphen) from/to, and the last page can be specified by the “$” (dollar) … Continued

PDFmdx Version 3.16.6

New features PDFmdx template editor: Update of all PDFmdx basic components: Our general basic components PDF2PDFA, PDF2DOCX, PDFSign, PDFCompressor – were brought up to date. Templates / template groups: An additional “group” level has been implemented to enable clarity and management of a large number of templates. This allows templates to be grouped together. In … Continued

Web service applications – own SSL certificate can be selected

Web service applications require an SSL certificate for the encrypted REST / SOAP (https) communication between the service and the clients. The SSL certificate is stored on the computer and can either be a self-created certificate or a certificate from an official certification authority. So far, our applications, which have a web service interface, have … Continued

PDFmdx Version 3.3.0 available

Innovations PDFmdx Version 3.3.0: Export additional formats – By integrating the PDF2DOCX Converter, HTML, DOCX, XML, TXT and XLS can now be created in addition to the generated PDF. These additional filed are created from the generated PDF and stored in the same output path as the PDF. One or more additional file formats can … Continued