PDFCompressor – processes CMYK / 32bit images, extended compression info

The current version of the PDFCompressor can now also convert CMYK and 32-bit color images to RGB, as well as 24-bit color images, so that PDF compression by the PDFCompressor is possible. In addition, there is the possibility of displaying and logging information about the compression (before / after, in kB / in percent, total … Continued

PDFCompressor – Converts color images to grayscale

With the current version of the PDFCompressor component it is now possible to convert all 24-bit color images contained in the PDF into 8-bit grayscale images in order to generate even smaller PDF files. This function is now also available in all applications based on our PDFCompressor components: PDFCompressor Component Test & Sample Application >>> … Continued

EasyMerge PDF/A converter version 1.7.2 – PDFCompressor integrated

The PDFCompressor component was integrated with EasyMerge PDF/A converter version 1.7.2. This allows the generated PDF/A file to be optimized and reduced in size to produce the smallest and most compact file possible. The compression must take place after the assembly to the complete file and before the PDF/A conversion, otherwise the PDF/A conformity will … Continued

eDocPrintPro – PDFCompressor Plugin – reduces and optimizes PDF’s

Based on the PDFCompressor .NET Component, an eDocPrintPro PDFCompressor plugin is now available. This additionally compresses, reduces and optimizes the PDF files generated by the eDocPrintPro printer driver. In addition to the eDocPrintPro plugin, the PDFCompressor is also available in the following product versions: Folder Monitoring (FM), Commandline (CL), and as Compressor Web-Service (CS). Download … Continued