PDFmdx Version 3.21.0

What’s new in PDFmdx version 3.21.0: Share pages by barcode: There are use cases, e.g.: Rolling cards from freight forwarders, where it is not necessary to split documents with a whole page, but pages are to be split horizontally in order to create individual new documents from them. The new function “Share pages via barcode” … Continued

PDFmdx Version 3.20.0

News / improvements PDFmdx version 3.20.0: Reps & Waiting time for locked files: If a file in one of the monitored input folders is still locked when another application starts processing, a *.lock file is automatically created for this file. This happens if e.g. a scanner stores the scans directly in a watched folder. Often … Continued

PDFmdx Version 3.19.0

Innovations / improvements PDFmdx version 3.19.0: Improved barcode performance through preprocessing: There is now a new option to speed up barcode recognition and processing. The previous barcode processing is still available because there may be use cases where the previous processing offers an advantage. Both implementations have their advantages depending on the situation. Barcode recognition … Continued

PDFmdx Version 3.18.0

Innovations / improvements PDFmdx Version 3.18.0: Improved text extraction – Thanks to the improved test extraction, we were able to improve the text extraction on the basis of problematic PDFs provided by customers. This also made certain “problematic” PDFs processable – e.g .: phantom spaces were inserted for very small text, the “.” or “,” … Continued

PDFmdx Version 3.16.6

New features PDFmdx template editor: Update of all PDFmdx basic components: Our general basic components PDF2PDFA, PDF2DOCX, PDFSign, PDFCompressor – were brought up to date. Templates / template groups: An additional “group” level has been implemented to enable clarity and management of a large number of templates. This allows templates to be grouped together. In … Continued

PDFmdx Version 3.13.2

New features PDFmdx template editor: Split templates: Templates can contain a large number of layouts and conditions over time. E.g. if a template contains several hundred layouts, the processing of these becomes slow and confusing. For this it is advisable to use several templates and to divide the layouts. It makes no difference in terms … Continued

PDFmdx Version 3.11.1

Innovations PDFmdx Version 3.11.1: PDF password protection via variables: More and more PDF documents are to be sent by email. However, these often contain information that should not and should not be sent unprotected by email. E.g. Documents from payroll accounting. A password agreed individually with the recipient must be used for such applications. With … Continued

PDFmdx Version 3.9.0

Innovations of PDFmdx Version 3.9.0: Manual backup of templates: Function to trigger the backup of all or individual templates manually. The backup files (* .pmdx) are stored in a configurable folder and differentiated by their name consisting of template / date / time.   Via conditions, move files to another folder: This means that files … Continued

PDFmdx version 3.7.4

New features PDFmdx Editor version 3.7.4: Automatic backup of templates at startup: Activate the function, path for the backups, backups are marked with date and time and replaced by rotation. Search function for conditions: Forward/backward search, full-text search in the conditions. Using the context menu, the layout associated with the condition can be called up … Continued