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GenOCR application to perform OCR tests quickly and easily

In our applications OCR processing is encapsulated in a separate component. This allows us to provide new OCR engines or additional functions quickly and consistently.

Recently, we added a very powerful and fast OCR engine, OmniPage.

In order to be able to test the results as well as the processing speed easily and quickly, we provide with GenOCR an example and test application to convert individual PDF scans and image files by drag-and-drop into searchable PDFs.

On MS-Windows client operating systems, for example: MS-Windows 7/10, the OmniPage OCR engine is also installed and can be tested immediately for 30 days. For licensing reasons, the installation of the OmniPage OCR Engine is skipped on Windows Server operating systems. GenOCR can only be tested on MS Windows servers based on the iOCR engine.

Download – GenOCR – OCR test application for OmniPage and iOCR (ca. 650MB) >>>

OmniPage OCR engine for AutoOCR & AutoOCRLight from 2.0.7

Benefits of OmniPage OCR:

  • Recognition accuracy at the highest level, even for difficult documents
  • Fastest OCR processing – much faster and more powerful than anything we’ve tested and implemented so far. 1-2 seconds to create a searchable PDF per page are possible.
  • Affordable – 25,000 pages license with lower licensing costs than the previous 10,000-page Abbyy license
  • Easier activation of the (demo) license – The OmniPage OCR engine can be activated via our license server including a 30-day demo version together with the basic application.

Please note that for licensing reasons the OmniPage OCR Engine can only be installed on client operating systems – Windows 7/10 but not on Microsoft Server 2008, 2012, 2016 or 2019. The setup can only be performed on Windows 7/10. In terms of performance and stability, this is not a disadvantage. OCR processes are performance-intensive and should be executed on an own hardware (eg Intel NUC) with as many CPU cores and SSD disk as possible for optimal throughput.

The OmniPage OCR engine can be activated and is included in AutoOCR setup for AutoOCR or AutoOCRLight from version 2.0.7 as an option in addition to IOCR (Tesseract OCR). For AutoOCRLight, the OmniPage OCR can be separately downloaded and installed.

Download – OmniPage OCR Engine as Option for AutoOCRLight (ca. 235MB) >>>

Download – AutoOCRLight – Low Cost OCR Server (ca. 410MB) >>>

Download – AutoOCR – OCR Server incl. OmniPage OCR (ca. 640MB) >>>