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PDFmdx version 1.2.6 – automatic printouts via PDF2Printer – integration

PDFmdx version 1.2.6 now has an integration with the PDF printer-service – PDF2Printer. With that the created documents can be put out on printers automatically.

The printing output occurs for all single documents created within the scope of the PreSplit function. The information on which printer the output should take place, can be read out from the single documents via a data field of the PreSplit templates and used for the control of PDF2Printer.

Via alias assignement it is possible to determine and assign a physical printer from a field read out from the document. If no suitable alias can be found or the information is missing in the document, the set “default printer” is used. The printing function can be activated and deactivated generally or per processing definition.

PDFmdx - Processor - Print Funktion aktiviert  PDFmdx - Service Client - Print Funktion aktiviert  PDFmdx - Processor - PDF2Print Integration - Konfiguration

PDFmdx  creates a unique subfolder inside the print-input-folder for each processing job (input document). The PDF single documents created from the splitting process get copied there.

At the start of the further processing = printing process a “PDFmdx.pcf” (Print Control File) ASCII file gets genereted and copied into the subfolder at the end. The PCF contains the names of the PDF’s which should be printed and specifies the printing order as well as the printer which should be used. The PDF2Printer server recognizes the available “PDFmdx.pcf” file and starts the printing process. After the print was successful the subfolder gets deleted.

The PCF – file triggers and controls the print-output:

Subfolder processing with pcf - print control file

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PDF2Printer – MS-Windows service for printing PDF’s automatically

PDF2Printer is an application, installed as MS-Windows service, to output PDF’s from a monitored folder to various printers automatically.


  • PDF-print-service for 32 and 64bit Windows operating systems
  • Folder-monitoring prints all PDF’s which a folder contains and all newly added ones
  • Configuration of in- / archiv- and error-folder
  • After the printing process – move the PDF into the archiv / error folder or delete the file
  • Selection – standard printer from the list of the available printers if no PCF printer-control-file is passed
  • Service – start / stop
  • Display log file
  • Configuration – Windows service account – as system or user account.

PDF2Printer - Config User interface  PDF2Printer - icon tray functions

  • With start / stop of the service an ASCII file (printers.pnames) containing the names of the available printers is created and written into the monitored in-folder. With that, integrated applications (e.g. PDFmdx) are able to read out, display and use the names of the available printers..

Start-stop of service writes an ascii file with the name of the available printers to the in-folder

  • Sub-folder monitoring with PCF trigger-file (Print Control File) allows the triggered beginning of the print of PDF’s contained in the sub-folder. The printing process starts with the occuring of the *.pcf file. The PDF’s listed in the pcf-file get printed in the defined order on the also defined printers.

Subfolder processing with pcf - print control file

Download – PDF2Printer –  Service for printing PDF’s automatically >>>

PDFmdx – version 1.6.0 – OCR, Regular Expression, XLS lookup for e-mail adresses, start of the processing via date & time

Innovations PDFmdx version 1.6.0:

1.) Area OCR: marked areas / field contents now can be read from the document via OCR. For every field a mode can be set to decide how the text should be read from thePDF – Native – With that the underlying text is read directly from the PDF like so far. OCR / SmartOCR – Not always every word which is in the marked area can be read from any PDF. Sometimes there is only an image or only a whole sentence/paragraph but not a single term on a specific position can be read – In this case the OCR / SmartOCR mode can be used. With that an image gets created which is then processed with OCR. The marked area can be read, independent of how the PDF is constructed or how it was created. In the OCR settings the OCR-language as well as the resolution for the conversion of the PDF to the image are configured. The standard value for the resolution is at 300dpi and can be raised up to 600dpi for difficult fonts and documents. SmartOCR automatically switches between native and OCR.

2.) Regular Expression: RegEx rules can be defined for every field and allow a preperation and filtering of the extracted field contents – e.g.:

  • [ab]+“ corresponds to „a“, „b“, „aa“, „bbaab“ etc.
  • [0-9]{2,5}“ corresponds to two, three, four or five digits in a row, e.g. “42” or “54072”, but not the strings “0”, “1.1” or “a1a1”

3.) XLS lookup for e-mail adresses: With this feature a XLS(X) file with 2 columns can be used to find an e-mail address, which is not contained in the document, via a key value like a customer id to use it as variable in the “to”-field for the e-mail transmission.

4.) Start of the processing at a specific date & time: So far the processing could be started manually or recurring with a defined interval but it wasn’t possible to start it at a specified date and time. This could be useful to send a bigger amount of e-mails delayed at night to not disturb the normal work flow. The files can be prepared and the processing will be started at the defined time.

1_Felddefinition mit Regular Expression und OCR Support  2_OCR Settings - Spachauswahl  3_OCR Settings - Auswahl der Auflösung für PDF Rendering  4_E-Mail Adress Extraktion auch über OCR möglich  5_E-Mail Lookup über XLS Tabelle möglich  6_Start der verarbeitung zu einem vordefinierten Zeitpunkt um z.b. die Verarbeitung in der Nachausführen zu lassen


Download – PDFmdx template editor & processor >>>

PDFmdx – new version 1.4.3 available

Innovations and improvements:

  • Anchor-field search function improved – now also terms separated by spaces can be searched and found – e.g.: “I N V O I C E”
  • Special characters in the fields for the CSV export don’t get replaced by “_” anymore – e.g. “/”
  • Beside the export of the extracted field data as CSV or TXT (IDX) now also the direct export of the data as MS-Excel (XLS) is supported.
  • New export variables for the exported PDF file (name, folder, path) can be used and exported.
  • Error when saving a password for the e-mail server configuration got fixed
  • Improvements and fixed errors at the coniguration and e-mail adress-search.

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