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eDocPrintPro Plugin – ExtRen Version 1.1.0 available

With the ExtRen plugin, information about definable delimiters can be read from the PDF and can be used via variables for naming and sending emails.

InnovationsVersion 1.1.0:

  • Now works with the PDF / A-3b and ZUGFeRD output format
  • The ExtRen plugin is always executed as the last processing step using the INI file entry PROCESS = LAST
  • New HTML editor for creating templates for email messages
  • Automatically embed external images into the HTML message to be sent

Example – Read out the invoice number and use it as the file name for the PDF file:


Download – Example and ZUGFeRD result>>>
Download – eDocPrintPro ExtRen Plugin >>>

eDocPrintPro – EMail Plugin Version 5.6.5 – Search attachments

Innovations eDocPrintPro EMail Plugin Version 5.6.5:

Search attachments – In addition to the function to read email addresses or the subject of the email message to be generated from the PDF document, there is now also a function to add an additional variable document attachment to the email message automatically. The file path or name is searched for and read out in the document.


  • Enable / Disable Search & reading attachments
  • Set the beginning / end – search delimiter characters
  • Set default folders for the attachments if only the name should be read out or to display the file selection of this folder.
  • Option to display the file selection if the specified path / name can not be found.


New HTML Editor – with significantly more functions. Likewise, inserted images which are located on the local computer are encoded accordingly and automatically embedded in the HTML message without external references.

Download – eDocPrintPro – EMail Plugin für 32bit & 64bit OS >>>

eDocPrintPro PDFSign – Signatur Plugin Version 3.0.1 available

Based on our new PDFSign .NET signature component, we have implemented the eDocPrintPro signature plugin as the first application. This means that we are now also able to print PDF / A or ZUGFeRD printouts without losing the PDF / A & ZUGFeRD conformity.

General Features:

  • Signing (visible / invisible) of PDF, PDF / A and ZUGFeRD Output as plug-in function for all eDocPrintPro versions.
  • The eDocPrintPro plugin also supports several PDF printers with different settings.
  • Chained deployment with other plugins possible – The signature is always executed as the last processing step.
  • All settings can be saved and retrieved as PDFSign profiles. Profiles can be preselected or interrogated interactively.
  • PDFSign profiles can be exported or imported as XML (* .psnx) files.
  • Plugin SDK – incl. C # sample project – Available PDFSign profiles can be selected and activated depending on the eDocPrintPro printer.


Signature functions:

  • All kinds of certificates – PFX file, USB token, SmartCard, Hardware Security Module (HSM) – are supported
  • PDF/A or ZUGFeRD Documents remain valid (invoice signatures)
  • PAdES LTV Standard – Enables the long-term validation of the signature
  • Time stamp function – A time stamp helps to clearly determine whether a document has not been modified after the signature
  • Long and thus more secure keys (SHA512 algorithm and RSA2048) are supported.
  • Encryption of PDF documents.
  • Function to confirm PDF documents.
  • Visible signature – page, position, image, font, signature box, signature labels – are configurable.
  • Certificate Generator – Allows you to create self-signed software certificates.

Download – eDocPrintPro PDFSign Plugin >>>
Download – eDocPrintPro SDK & sample project PDFSign Plugin >>>

eDocPrintPro free / PDF/A-1b, 2b, 3b & ZUGFeRD Version 3.25.2 available

Innovations eDocPrintPro Version 3.25.2:

  • The current GhostScript AGPL version 9.21 is supported
  • The routines for the generation of PDF / A-1b, 2b, 3b and ZUGFeRD formats have been completely re-implemented.
  • In addition to ZUGFeRD XML, other files can also be embedded in the ZUGFeRD PDF. Only with ZUGFeRD option.
  • New version of the eDocPrintPro SDK 3.25 available to use the extensions from your own applications.

ZUGFeRD - neben dem XML lassen sich zusätzliche Anhänge einfügen

  • All plugins available for the eDocPrintPro can now also be used with the PDF/A & ZUGFeRD variant.

Depending on the plugin, it may be necessary to perform the action before the PDF/A or ZUGFERD processing. In order to apply a stamp or to deposit a stationery and only then to carry out the PDF/A and TRUE conversion as otherwise the conformity would be destroyed. On the other hand there are plugin actions, which can only be done after the PDF/A or ZUGFeRD conversion. Create a signature or send the created PDF file by e-mail. In order to control this, the INI file of the plugin provides the possibility to determine when (PRE, POST, LAST) the plugin action is to be executed.

Process=PREThe plugin is run before PostScript to PDF conversion. The plugin can be used to prepare folders or to insert commands into the Postscript code.

Process=POSTThe plugin is called after the conversion from PS to PDF and before an eDocPrintPro add-on postprocessing (SWF, PDF / A or ZUGFeRD) is executed. Required, eg. for the AddOverlay or PDFExport plugin

Process=LASTThe plugin is called after the eDocPrintPro add-on postprocessing (SWF, PDF/A or ZUGFeRD). Required, eg. for the EMail as well as signature plugin

If no add-on postprocessing (SWF, PDF / A or ACCESSORY) is executed, POST and LAST have the same meaning. If the “Process” parameter is not specified, the default value is Process = POST.

The INI files of the installed plugins can be found in C: \ Program Files \ Common Files \ MAYComputer \ eDocPrintPro \ Plugins.

Example INI – PDFExport & EMail Plugin:

Beispiel INI - PDFExport Settings  Beispiel INI - EMail Plugin

Download – eDocPrintPro free Version

Download – eDocPrintPro PDF/A & ZUGFeRD

GhostScript 9.21 Setup

eDocPrintPro – Plugins on MS Terminal Server / Citrix – connection via Remote app

The Microsoft Terminal Server and Citrix allow programs to start as “Remote Apps” or “Seemless” application. It is not the entire remote desktop but only the application opens itself in a window and presented at the user’s desktopTo make applications available to the user in this way, they must be “published”.

For eDocPrintPro PDF printer driver is “publish” not required this is immediately available to any application.

However, additional plugins can be installed with the driver eDocPrintPro. These plug-ins are not part of the driver but stand-alone programs that are called up as applications by eDocPrintPro. In order for these plug-ins can be used and the dialog masks are displayed to the user, these programs must also be “published”.

1_Publizieren einer Anwendung  2_Zu publizierende anwendung kann ausgewählt oder hinzugefügt werden  3_Auswahl des eDocPrintPro eMail Plugins um das EXE zu publizieren  4_eMail Plugin EXE hinzugefügt  5_eDocPrintPro eMail Plugin wurde publiziert  6_Microsoft Terminalserver - Publizierte Anwendungen

eDocPrintPro Plugin – PDFExport Einstellungen – for the main functions after PDF creation

The following functions after the PDF creation are available::

  • Completing the PDF info fields
  • Document representation – Open Mode
  • PDF Password Set (Open, System)
  • PDF Function restrictions
  • number pages
  • Stationery function – PDF overlay/ underlay
  • numbered bookmarks
  • create and insert cover sheet with stationery
  • create table of contents from the bookmarks, incl. Editor and stationery
  • Define and apply Watermark & Stamp

PDFExport Einstellungen als Plugin für eDocPrintPro

As eDocPrintPro plugin installed, these functions can be performed after the PDF printing. These functions can be performed also on existing PDFs using the eDocPrintPro DropZone drag and drop or via hot folders.

The settings can be exchanged both between different applications ( FileConverterPro, EMail Archiver, PDFExport Settings Editor, …) and between different workstations.

The independent and freely available PDFExport Settings Editor makes it possible to create and edit such GFIX configuration files independently.

Download – eDocPrintPro PDFExport Settings >>>
Download – PDFExport Settings Standalone Editor >>>