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eDocPrintPro – Plugin to execute actions / launch external applications

Previously, there was the possibility of downstream applications and programs via the Action tab of eDocPrintPro to configure printer settings.

If one wants to control the execution of applications on the plug-in chains, so this possibility is too inflexible because this configuration can not be controlled by the plug-in selection.

That is why we have now developed an installable and free “action” plugin for our eDocPrintPro. This is configured like any other plugins across plugin chains, selected and executed.


  • Installable plugin for plugin chains processing
  • Call external command line applications (EXE, script, etc.)
  • Call the associated application, for example, Viewer – Adobe Reader
  • Passing Command Line Parameters incl. Using variables (name, folder path, printer name, file name, job number)
  • Option “Waiting for completion of the action”

1_Aktion ausführen = Externes Programm aufrufen - normale eDocPrintPro Fuinktion  2_Aktion ausführen = Externes Programm aufrufen jetzt auch als eigenständiger Plugin  3_Beispielprogramm mit Anzeige der per Commandline übergebenen Variablen

The configuration settings of the “action” plugin are stored in the registry.

  • User: HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMAY ComputereDocPrintProAction
  • Standard: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMAYComputereDocPrintProDefActionPlugin

Download – eDocPrintPro Aktion – Plugin >>>

eDocPrintPro Plugin – ExtRen – extract and rename – extract information from the PDF – attachment name, path, subject, e-mail addresses

The existing eDocPrintPro e-mail plugin can search and extract e-mail addresses and subject via configurable delimiter in the created PDF and use them for the distribution of the e-mail. What has been missing yet however was the possibility to also redefine the name of the created PDF and use it as attachment name.

The eDocPrintPro “ExtRen” plugin now offers this possibility and combines the reassigning of the file name via extracts from the PDF document with the skills of the existing e-mail plugin.


  • definition of variables for the destination file name / attachment name and path – delimiter – beginning / end, search in – first page / all pages / last page.
  • determining of name rules for the new file / attachment name via fixed (date, time, workstation name, username, origin name, counter) or free defined variables whose values get extracted from the PDF.
  • start folder if the file is only stored and not sent as attachment.
  • path configuration via variables like for the file name incl. free defined variables whose values get extracted from the PDF.
  • start value – counter
  • if destination file already exists – overwrite, append counter
  • delete document after processing – yes / no
  • all other functions see eDocPrintPro e-mail plugin.

1_After install of the plugin - a plugin set has to be to create and the plugin set has to be activated 2_To do not get the save as dialog the options shoud be changed - the file is saved without dialog 3_Here you can define the variables which should be read out from the document and which can be used to create the file- and attachment name 4_Config how the name of the file and attachment should be created 5_EMail settings - to cc and bcc can be fix configured or read out from the document 6_EMail settings - read out the email address from the document 7_EMail settings - configure the subject text label and read out the subject from the document 8_EMail settings - config the way how the email is sent out 9_Print from applicaiton to the eDocPrinter driver - information from document is read out - email message is created

Download eDocPrintPro “ExtRen” plugin >>>

PDFSplit – eDocPrintPro plugin – new version 2.3.0

Innovations PDFSplit – eDocPrintPro plugin – version 2.3.0:

Split by barcode: In addition to the existing functions for splitting of the created PDF file via search strings for folder and file name, as well as page amount and number, with the version 2.3.0 there comes the possibility to split the document automatically via 1D-barcode. 18 different barcode types are supported. They can be placed on the pages in any position and orientation. The first barcode of a configured type recognized on the page splits the document on this page. The page with the barcode gets the first page of the new doument and the recognized value of the barcode is assigned as file name.

Combined 32bit / 64bit setup: There is now only a single combined 32 / 64bit setup. At the installation it gets automatically recognized which OS version is used and the matching setup gets executed.

1_Split über Suchtexte  2_Split über Seiten  3_Split über Barcode

Download – PDFSplit eDocPrintPro plugin – 32 & 64bit >>>

eDocPrintPro – Plugin – PrintDOC – creates MS-Word Dokumente via printing process and PDF

The PrintDOC eDocPrintPro Plugin makes it possible to create a MS-Word text file – DOC, DOCX, RTF, TXT or HTML via printing process from any application. With that it’s e.g. possible to edit or add text to an offer or invoice belatadly. Or the printout of an internet page through the browser can be saved as word document and then added to another document. Thereby the original layout remains the same as far as possible. Therefor the edited file can be outputted as PDF again afterwards.

Caution: An existing PDF file shouldn’t be printed again via the Acrobat Reader but converted to the MS-Word format directly by drag & dopping it into the eDocPrintPro DropZone. By printing a PDF file again with the PDF printer driver the text content could get unusable. Therefor the direct way over the DropZone is preferable for already existing PDF’s.

PrintDOC - Erzeugt MS-Word Dateien über einen Druckvorgang  PrintDOC - unterstützte Ausgabeformate

Download – eDocPrintPro – plugin PrintDOC – creates MS-Word from PDF >>>

ifresco Profiler – Alfresco standard plugin available

For the ifresco Profiler there is now a free Alfresco standard plug-in available.

The standard plug-in allows the upload of documents through the ifresco Profiler into any Alfresco / ifresco repository. With that only the standard fields and the standard content type for documents of Alfresco is used. So it isn’t required to install an additional content model. The standard plug-in is free available and therefor “out of the box” usable with every Alfresco server. With it the ifresco Profiler functions can be tested together with Alfresco without additional outlay.

ifresco Profiler standard plugin - capturing mask

Supported fields / functions:

  • Filename / title (required) – The name of the document in Alfresco matches the title and not allowed fields get replaced with “_”.
  • Description (optional) – long text description of the document content
  • Alfresco destination-folder (required) – selection of the Alfresco destination folder in which the document should be stored.
  • Tags (optional) – Tags are keywords to classify a document and to directly list all documents marked with it later on. Existing tags can be chosen and new ones can be added.

Title – rules: The standard plug-in installs also the XML-file “titlerules_StandardPlugin.xml”. In this file dynamically createable fields get defined as well as rules to automatically generate the document title. The selection of the rule is done via “Type / Subtype”. A mask with fields – with the types: Text, date, version, year gets generated from it and shown at the profiling.

ifresco Profiler - Title rules via XML

Type-ahead searching for Alfresco folders – Through the search field existing folders can be found fast via the input of one or more search terms. A part string search of the with AND linked terms is done and the search results offered for selection as a list. The search term for the folder has to contain at least 3 characters.

ifresco Profiler - Standard Plugin - type ahead search for folders  ifresco Profiler - standard plugin - search for folders

Tags: Tags are keywords to classify a document and to directly list all documents marked with it later on. Existing tags can be chosen via type ahead search and new ones can be added.

ifresco Profiler - Standard Plugin Tags

Text stamp: At the upload information can be added to the PDF in form of text stamps. The option can be activated and configured through the checkbox “Show stamp settings tab”. The position, color, size and font style of the stamp is configured here. The text can be build from fixed parts or variables.

ifresco Profiler standard plugin - text-stamp  ifresco profiler - standard plugin text stempel

An overview of the general functions of the ifresco Profiler basic version can be found here >>>

Download – Detail description – ifresco Profiler inkl. Standard Plugin >>>
Download – ifresco Profiler basic version >>>
Download – ifresco Profiler Alfresco standard plugin >>>
Download – ifresco Profiler standard plugin sample files >>>

ifresco Profiler – demo plugin – capturing of incoming invoices through Barcode and OCR

There is now a demo plugin for the ifresco Profiler to show, how easy and fast incoming invoices can be captured in the Alfresco ECM/DMS. Incoming invoices captured this way can e.g. in Alfresco get continued processing from IT-Novum through the Alfresco-SAP Integration. We lately presented this solution in an Alfresco-Webinar (next appointment 8.10.2013) together with IT-Novum  and Alfresco.

Functions demo plugin – incoming invoices capturing:

  • Capturing of incoming Invoices through scan, PDF-printerdriver, folders, drag&drop (TIFF, PDF)
  • Manual splitting of document-stacks
  • Barcode recognition with splitting of documents as well as barcode filter-function and deleting of barcode pages.
  • Capturing of metadata with profile mask –  Beleg-ID (“Invoice-ID” / =Barcode), Lieferant (“supplier”), Straße (“street”), PLZ (“postal code”), Ort (“city”), Belegnummer (“invoice number”), Belegdatum(“invoice date”), Rechnungsbetrag (“invoice amount”) – search for supplier number and name through an external XLS table with selection of the linked information – street, postal code, city
  • Area-OCR to adopt values from the shown document into a field.
  • call and capture tags
  • Batch – background processing for PDF-OCR and Alfresco upload
  • AutoOCR integration to store searchable PDF documents into Alfresco
  • Automatic naming or building of the folder structure from the captured metadata – number, company, invoice type, year, invoice number, invoice date

ifresco Demo plugin - Eingangsrechnungserfassung

The demo plugin is to be considered as example and can be adjusted and extended functional as well as from the data model to individual requirements.

Description of the installation and access data for the demo server as well as the process of the working steps >>>

Download – ifresco Profiler base software >>>
Download – ifresco demo plugin >>>
Download – ifresco demo plugin add on >>>

ifresco Profiler – scan, edit, OCR, barcode, capture metadata, Alfresco integration

The ifresco Profiler provides important, easy-to-use page oriented document processing functions for PDF and image document, on any workplace. It enables the possibility of quickly and easily storing documents with metadata with individual and specific profiling masks in Alfresco as searchable PDF’s. Area OCR with an integrated OCR Engine, creating of searchable PDF’s on export with the integrated OCR or extern AutoOCR Server, barcode recognition for file names and document split, export to folder, as e-mail attachment or via installed plugin’s to Alfresco together with metadata, are some essential features of the Software.

The application consists of 2 components – the profiler basic software, which contains all general functions, and one or more installable plugins. These plugins represent the interface to Alfresco and allow to use individually to the requirements and field of application adjusted profiling masks. The complete logic for the metadata, filing structure and naming is displayed in a plugin.

ifresco Profiler base:

  • Processes PDF and image files – black & white, grayscale, color – without having to keep an eye on file format and color – all functions are implemented across.
  • Integrated scan function to scan documents via local connected scanners. The scan settings can be chosen directly by preconfigured scan-profiles.
  • Capturing of documents out of folders – display as document list e.g. for multifunction devices, network scanners wiht scan to folder function or via printer driver created, also as to process via e-mail received documents.
  • Quick changing of the document names – with automatic selection of the next file in the list, after finish of the change.
  • Area OCR by local integrated OCR engine, to assign file names.
  • Deleting / cutting out areas
  • Page preview – zoom, paging, turning – as well as thumbnail miniatures of the whole document
  • Page oriented document processing – turn pages left/right, delete pages, page moving in the thumbnail view via drag&drop.
  • split total document – at marked pages, after x pages, after barcode.
  • Merge single documents to a total one – specifying the order, automatic deleting of the single documents.
  • Export – into a folder, send as e-mail attachment or store into Alfresco with metadata via profiling – in the native format as PDF image or PDF-OCR
  • Within the export – generating of searchable PDF-OCR documents by the local integrated iOCR engine or by the via web-service integrated AutoOCR Server with Abbyy OCR
  • Intelligent OCR processing – only image pages get OCR processed – normal PDF pages get taken over without changes .

ifresco Profiler plugins:

The profile form and the logic of the profiling for the deposit of the documents in Alfresco gets realized from the ifresco Profiler via plugins. Because every company has it’s own data model and deposit logic, the plugins get developed and implemented individually after specifications. Here it’s possible to fall back to already realized plugins. For testing and illustration of the possibilities there is a demo plugin as well as already realized plugins available.

  • installable plugins – for profiling and capturing of metadata for filing of documents in Alfresco.
  • One or more plugins can be installed, chosen and with that, also switched to other Alfresco servers – each plugin contains its own individual logic for the profiling as stand-alone installed .NET / C# application which inserts itself into the ifresco Profiler base framework and uses its functions.
  • parallel displaying of the profile mask and the document preview with the capturing of the metadata.
  • free programmable logic and functions of the profiling mask with e.g. extern XML template rules with dynamic fields to always build the name / title the same, access to external data sources – MS-XLS, SQL, web-service (e.g. SugarCRM), linked tables and pre-assignment of fields with values of the table, type ahead part-string search over single or combined fields, usage of Alfresco categories as lookup’s, assignment of existing Alfresco tags, automatic new applyment of tags, automatic creation of the Alfresco folder structure as well as the file names out of profile field values, searching for folders in Alfresco, counter via web-service, stamping of the document with informations from the metadata before the upload, searching for in Alfresco available documents and takeover of profile values and so on.
  • interactive processing – with OCR and upload or alternative
  • background / batch processing – for PDF-OCR conversion and Alfresco upload – the user is already able to continue working while the OCR processing and the Alfresco upload takes place in the background.
  • preserve existing profile values / delete mask
  • automatic loading of the next document in the list – processed document gets deleted ore moved into the archiving area after upload.

Download ifresco Profiler >>>


PDFSecurity – eDocPrintPro Plugin – Attach PDF security settings

Often one would like to protect a generated PDF document with a password to open, or restrict certain modification possibilities and functions of the PDF documents. The PDFSecurity plugin for the eDocPrintPro PDF printer driver is used for this purpose.


Functions – PDFSecurity Plugin:

  • Password to open
  • Password for setting and changing PDF permissions
  • Encryption 40/128 bit
  • Print – Lock, allow low / high resolution
  • Document changes – allow blocking, inserting / deleting / rotating pages, filling in form fields and allowing signing, allowing commenting, allowing anything but removing pages, allowing copying and removal of content
  • View settings before printing to change / Apply Silent preferences.
  • 32 / 64bit Versionen – MSI Setup
  • 30 days fully functional demo version – online unlockable

Download – eDocPrintPro PDFSecurity Plugin – 32bit >>>
Download – eDocPrintPro PDFSecurity Plugin – 64bit >>>