PDFSplit – eDocPrintPro plugin – new version 2.3.0

Innovations PDFSplit – eDocPrintPro plugin – version 2.3.0:

Split by barcode: In addition to the existing functions for splitting of the created PDF file via search strings for folder and file name, as well as page amount and number, with the version 2.3.0 there comes the possibility to split the document automatically via 1D-barcode. 18 different barcode types are supported. They can be placed on the pages in any position and orientation. The first barcode of a configured type recognized on the page splits the document on this page. The page with the barcode gets the first page of the new doument and the recognized value of the barcode is assigned as file name.

Combined 32bit / 64bit setup: There is now only a single combined 32 / 64bit setup. At the installation it gets automatically recognized which OS version is used and the matching setup gets executed.

1_Split über Suchtexte  2_Split über Seiten  3_Split über Barcode

Download – PDFSplit eDocPrintPro plugin – 32 & 64bit >>>

PDFmdx – version 1.6.0 – OCR, Regular Expression, XLS lookup for e-mail adresses, start of the processing via date & time

Innovations PDFmdx version 1.6.0:

1.) Area OCR: marked areas / field contents now can be read from the document via OCR. For every field a mode can be set to decide how the text should be read from thePDF – Native – With that the underlying text is read directly from the PDF like so far. OCR / SmartOCR – Not always every word which is in the marked area can be read from any PDF. Sometimes there is only an image or only a whole sentence/paragraph but not a single term on a specific position can be read – In this case the OCR / SmartOCR mode can be used. With that an image gets created which is then processed with OCR. The marked area can be read, independent of how the PDF is constructed or how it was created. In the OCR settings the OCR-language as well as the resolution for the conversion of the PDF to the image are configured. The standard value for the resolution is at 300dpi and can be raised up to 600dpi for difficult fonts and documents. SmartOCR automatically switches between native and OCR.

2.) Regular Expression: RegEx rules can be defined for every field and allow a preperation and filtering of the extracted field contents – e.g.:

  • [ab]+“ corresponds to „a“, „b“, „aa“, „bbaab“ etc.
  • [0-9]{2,5}“ corresponds to two, three, four or five digits in a row, e.g. “42” or “54072”, but not the strings “0”, “1.1” or “a1a1”

3.) XLS lookup for e-mail adresses: With this feature a XLS(X) file with 2 columns can be used to find an e-mail address, which is not contained in the document, via a key value like a customer id to use it as variable in the “to”-field for the e-mail transmission.

4.) Start of the processing at a specific date & time: So far the processing could be started manually or recurring with a defined interval but it wasn’t possible to start it at a specified date and time. This could be useful to send a bigger amount of e-mails delayed at night to not disturb the normal work flow. The files can be prepared and the processing will be started at the defined time.

1_Felddefinition mit Regular Expression und OCR Support  2_OCR Settings - Spachauswahl  3_OCR Settings - Auswahl der Auflösung für PDF Rendering  4_E-Mail Adress Extraktion auch über OCR möglich  5_E-Mail Lookup über XLS Tabelle möglich  6_Start der verarbeitung zu einem vordefinierten Zeitpunkt um z.b. die Verarbeitung in der Nachausführen zu lassen


Download – PDFmdx template editor & processor >>>

eDocPrintPro – Plugin – PrintDOC – creates MS-Word Dokumente via printing process and PDF

The PrintDOC eDocPrintPro Plugin makes it possible to create a MS-Word text file – DOC, DOCX, RTF, TXT or HTML via printing process from any application. With that it’s e.g. possible to edit or add text to an offer or invoice belatadly. Or the printout of an internet page through the browser can be saved as word document and then added to another document. Thereby the original layout remains the same as far as possible. Therefor the edited file can be outputted as PDF again afterwards.

Caution: An existing PDF file shouldn’t be printed again via the Acrobat Reader but converted to the MS-Word format directly by drag & dopping it into the eDocPrintPro DropZone. By printing a PDF file again with the PDF printer driver the text content could get unusable. Therefor the direct way over the DropZone is preferable for already existing PDF’s.

PrintDOC - Erzeugt MS-Word Dateien über einen Druckvorgang  PrintDOC - unterstützte Ausgabeformate

Download – eDocPrintPro – plugin PrintDOC – creates MS-Word from PDF >>>

ExtractZUGFeRD-XML – commandline tool – extract XML from a ZUGFeRD PDF/A-3 file

With the eDocPrintPro ZUGFeRD printer driver it is easily possible to embed a XML file with the invoice information to the via print process created PDF/A-3. To further process the XML-file at another place, it has to be extracted from the PDF container. To make this possible we offer a free commandline tool. Passing the path of the ZUGFeRD PDF file as parameter, the ZUGFeRD XML found in the PDF gets extracted and saved with the same name and path as the PDF.

Download – ExtractZUGFeRD-XML – commandline tool >>>

iPaper – AutoPrint action – Printer with / without not printable margins

If it occurs that with the iPaper action “AutoPrint” the printout is moved a little to the right and down and therefor not the whole document is printed on the paper, this is a quite easy problem to solve.

There are printers which are able to print to the edge of the paper. With that the print-origin (0,0 – coordinate) is located exactly at the top-left corner of the paper. Many or nearly all office or laser printers however have an about 5mm big not printable area all around the paper. With this printers the print-origin isn’t located at the top-left corner but about 5 x 5 mm right under it.

To, depending on the type of the printer, print the site correctly and in scale there is an option to control the print-origin. If this parameter isn’t set correctly there will be an offset and the top-left border is incorrect.

The Option “Borderless” has to be activated on printers with not printable margins. If it isn’t activated the printout will be moved to the right and down and eventually cut off on the right side and the bottom. If a printer is able to print to the edge the option has to be deactivated.

Additionally there is an update (DLL) – it will be included in the next iPaper Version – with the possibility to declare an negative offset for the position of the printout on the paper. With this the printout can be moved to the left or up independent of the “Borderless” option.

iPaper AutoPrint - Randlos für bei Druckern mit nichtdruckbaren Rändern Bereich setzen  Negatives Offset für die iPaper AutoPrint Funktion

Download – iPaper AutoPrint Action  DLL Update – negative Offset  >>>

PDFmdx – new version 1.4.3 available

Innovations and improvements:

  • Anchor-field search function improved – now also terms separated by spaces can be searched and found – e.g.: “I N V O I C E”
  • Special characters in the fields for the CSV export don’t get replaced by “_” anymore – e.g. “/”
  • Beside the export of the extracted field data as CSV or TXT (IDX) now also the direct export of the data as MS-Excel (XLS) is supported.
  • New export variables for the exported PDF file (name, folder, path) can be used and exported.
  • Error when saving a password for the e-mail server configuration got fixed
  • Improvements and fixed errors at the coniguration and e-mail adress-search.

Download – PDFmdx Template Editor & Processor >>>

eDocPrintPro 3.19.0 – New SDK version available

With the version 3.19.0 there also is a new SDK available now.


  • The PDF/A level 1 to level 3 functions can be used through the SDK now.
  • VBA support for MS-Office 32 and 64bit was added, VBA sample macros are available.
  • The, in the source code or as VS-projects, delivered applications got extended with the new functions.
  • The CHM (Compiled HTML Help) documentation got updated and supplemented.

The SDK offers samples for the following environments as source code or VS-projects:

  • 32bit application under 32bit OS – C# / VB.NET / VB6
  • 32bit application under 64bit OS – C# /  VB.NET / VB6
  • 64bit application under 64bit OS – C# / VB.NET

eDocPrintPro SDK documentation  eDoCPrintPro SDK Demo

To use the functions of the SDK under the different operating systems and with varying printer versions there is a SDK demo. With it the printer settings can be read or set. The events from the printer for start and end of the printing process = creation of the PDF file gets evaluated and shown on the user interface.

Testprogramm um die Events des Treibers anzeigen zu können  eDocPrintPro SDK Demo Anwendung

Download – eDocPrintPro SDK Demo 32 und 64bit >>>

.NET Runtime – Version 3.5 required

The .NET Runtime version 3.5 is standardized installed on the Microsoft operating systems MS-Windows 7 and MS-Windows Server 2008 R2. On MS-Windows 8 / 8.1 as well as MS-Windows Server 2012 already .NET Framework 4.5 is used and delivered. The versions aren’t backward compatible so if a software is compiled for the version 3.5, the .NET Runtime 3.5 has to be installed on the PC.

Almost any of our applications requires the .NET Runtime version 3.5.

Therefor they can be instantly installed on Windows 7 while on Windows 8 / 8.1 the .NET Runtime 3.5 has to be activated and installed first. An automatic activation and installation through the setup isn’t working properly, therefor this step has to be done before the software installation.

Under Windows 8 / 8.1 the .NET Runtime 3.5 be activated as “Windows Feature” directly from the control panel.

Windows 8 - activate Windows Features  activate .NET framework 3.5

Only the eDocPrintPro, -PDF/A, -ZUGFeRD – setups work with both .NET versions – the setup recognizes under which OS the application runs and installs the corresponding version.