EMail Archiver – FileConverterPro MS-Outlookplugin – archives and converts emails as PDF or PDF/A

The EMail Archiver is a plug-in for Microsoft Outlook 2010 / 2013 with which single or multiple marked e-mails or even whole e-mail folders and subfolder with all contained e-mail messages can be converted to PDF or PDF/A. The processing and conversion of the e-mail takes place via the FileConverterPro server which is called encrypted via https either in the local network or external over the internet. The resulting PDF(/A) is deposited in configurable start-folder in the file system. The path as well as the file names get configured and created via variables which are retrieved from the metadata of the e-mail message. Additionally the metadata can be written as a XLS table.

PDF and especially PDF/A-3 are particularly good for the archiving or ISO standardized long-term archiving of e-mails. With PDF/A-3 the original MSG / EML message and the contained attachements get embedded in the PDF container also.


  • FCpro login configuration – URL, username, password, FCpro – choose processing profile, connection test with the FCpro server, priority of the jobs.

01 EMail Archiver - Config - FileConverterPro Communication settings

  • Archives settings
    • Selection of start-folder
    • Configuration destination path through variable: (date, day, month, year, subject, from, to (all), to (first), Outlokk folder name, Outlook path, Outlook user, email-thread-ID, email-message-ID).
    • Configuration destination file name through variable: same as for the path incl. counter.
    • Set counter starting value
    • Set action after the archiving:
      • Marking over a category,
      • Moving into a choosable Outlook archives folder,
      • Deleting of the archived email with or without confirmation

    02 EMail Archiver - Archive settings - variables for folder and name 03 EMail Archiver - Config of actions after conversion and archive

  • Metadata export settings – export metadata as XLS – for any archived email a new line is inserted into the XLS.
    • Selection destination folder
    • Configuration XLS file name
    • Selection of the columns for the export based on the email variables:
      • Date, day, month, year
      • Subject
      • From
      • To (all), to (first)
      • Outlook folder name, path, user
      • Email-thread ID, email-message-ID
      • Counter
      • Amount of attachements, names of attachements
      • Destination of the archived email (PDF)

04 EMail Archiver - Config metadata export to XLS #1 05 EMail Archiver - Config metadata export to XLS #2

  • Archiving
    • One or multiple marked emails from the e-mail list – function in the context menu, or buttons in the “Start” or “Archive emails” tab.
    • Archiving of whole folder structures incl. subfolders and all containing emails out of the Outlook folder structure
    • Archiving of single emails from the mask of the currentyl opened email view.
    • Opening of the configured destination folder directly out of MS-Outlook
    • Display of the currently pending e-mails for processing / conversion / archiving – label of the e-mail, FCpro status, archive status. After the successful archiving the label changes to a link of the archived email. Via this link the created PDF can be called and viewed.

06 EMail Archiver - Start archive direct from email list 07 EMail Archiver - Archive complete foldes with all e-mails and subfolders 08 EMail Archiver - Buittons added to the MS-Outlook user interface to archive emails and folder 09 EMail Archive - Status pane shows the actual status and link to the archived email 10 EMail Archiver - A click to the link opens the PDF or the archived email 11 EMail Archiver - EMails with contaienr attachments or nested attachments are correct expanded, converted and the bookmark structure is created

Download – EMail Archiver MS-Outlook plugin for FileConverterPro >>>

DropConvert – FileConverterPro – Client – convert documents to PDF and PDF/A via drag & drop

DropConvert is a Windows client application which communicates with the FileConverterPro server to convert documents to PDF or PDF/A which are dragged & dropped into a always “on top” displayed “DropZone” or into a monitored folder. The resulting files get transfered back to the client and deposited into a configurable output folder. DropConvert communicates with the FileConverterPro server encrypted via https which can be located in the local net or also external through the internet. DropConvert is free and can be installed on any Windows client and therefor brings the PDF and PDF/A conversion functions to any working place.

DropZone activated >> drag documents in it and convert them to PDF or PDF/A

DropConvert - FileConverterPro Windows Client - Icon tray Menüfunktionen und DropZone


  • Call configuration settings
    • FCpro web-service parameters – URL, user, password
    • Connecting with the FCpro server
    • Selection of the processing profiles deposited on the FCpro server
    • Automatically start application on PC start
    • Selection “monitored folder”
    • Selection “output folder”
  • open output folder
  • (de)activate “DropZone”
  • display / delete log

DropConvert - FileConvertPro Windows Client - Konfigurationseinstellungen

For testing without an own installation of the FCpro server our testserver, provided over the internet, can be used.

Download – DropConvert – Windows Client for FCpro >>>

FileConverterPro Client – WCF service sample – C# application incl. source code

This client application is included in the FCpro setup and is installed with the FileConverterPro Server. With it all function available via web-service can be tried and tested. Beside the EXE the application is also available as C# source code project to integrate FCpro functions in own applications quick and easily.


  • Configuration web-service URL for the FCpro server
  • “Connect” – client connects with the FCpro server and retrieves all available processing profiles.
  • Selection – processing profile
  • “Statistics” – available pages (Abbyy OCR license), pages in the queue, documents in the queue, average time per document in sec.
  • “Server info” – version number server, hash-code for licensing
  • Insertion of single or multiple documents for conversion per drag & drop
  • Display of the current document list (ID, label, status, download link or error message) – processing, processed, downloaded, error
  • “Delete list”
  • Display of parallel upload processes
  • “Delete job”
  • For single conversions: direct synchron conversion – without job queue and polling

WS1_FCpro - Web-Service Sample - Conversion by adding files by drag&drop

  • Job functions – The jobs are managed through a database and can be retrieved. With it there are filter functions for status, username, label and date (created and converted) available. The list can be sorted ascending or descending per filter. Displaying of the overall amount of jobs as well as amount of pages and jobs per page. The job list can be retrieved page per page. Single jobs can be “aborted” or “deleted”. Also all jobs can be deleted. Display of the job list with user, date/time -created, -converted, ID, label, status, error.

WS2_FCpro - Web-Service Sample - Jobs

  • Admin service functions – for the admin an own web-service URL is available which can be addressed and used independent of the normal processing functions.
    • Configuration of the admin URL
    • “Connect” with the admin service
    • “start” and “stop” of the windows services on the FCpro server
    • Status request of the windows services – “started” or “stopped”
    • User – display of all users and their rights
    • Add new user – name, password, rights
    • Edit existing users
    • Delete users
    • Processing profiles – display list (name, OCR engine, description)
    • Upload new processing profile / replace existing profile (fcprox)
    • Download existing processing profile (fcprox)
    • Delete processing profile

WS3_FCpro - Web-Service Sample - Administration Service

  • Authentification – set username & password for the connection with the FCpro server.

WS4_FCPro - Web-Service Sample - Authentication

Download – FileConverterPro – web-service – C# sample project >>>

FileConverterPro – test-server online

To be able to run tests without the installation of an own FileConverterPro server there is now an encrypted reachable via https test server available. Through predefined profiles the conversion with or without MS-Office and the OCR processing with iOCR or Abbyy OCR can be tested.

Predefined processing profiles:

  • Default – direct conversion without MS-Office 2010, no OCR processing of images, placeholder page gets inserted for errors or not convertible documents
  • Direct + iOCR german – direct conversion without MS-Office 2010, iOCR – german, placeholderpage.
  • MS-Office + Abbyy + PDFA – conversion through MS-Office 2010, PDF/A-1b output, Abbyy OCR german and english, placeholderpage
  • MS-Office + Abbyy – conversion through MS-Office 2010, Abbyy OCR german and english, placeholder page
  • Direct – no OCR – with draft stamp and overlay – like “Default” but with stamp on the top-left ( filename / date / time ), watermarks “Draft / Entwurf”, sample stationery gets underlayed

FCpro - Testserver - vordefinierte Verarbeitungsprofile

Most easy way to test is to install the free available FileConverterPro Windows client – “DropConvert” and to drag the documents in the DropZone for conversion.

Download – sample DOCX and resulting PDF >>>

Download – DropConvert (~1,5MB) >>>

FileConverterPro (FCpro) – PDF(/A) conversion service with SOAP / REST – web-service

The FileConverterPro is installed as Windows service and offers functions for the conversion of the most important document formats to PDF, PDF/A incl OCR through a web-service interface (SOAP or REST).

For FCpro the same base components as for the FileConverterPDFMerge and AutoOCR are used. Adjustments and extensions are therefor available the same for all these applications.

The web-service interface of FCpro is compatible to the web-service interface of AutoOCR by which all applications are runnable without adjustment with both services. With that e.g. our Alfreso / ifresco Transformer integration can be operated with AutoOCR – for pure OCR processing – as well as with FCpro – to process all document formats incl. OCR.

As well as for AutoOCR also for the FCpro service is a ready-to-use .NET / C# sample application with EXE and source code available. With it the FCpro functions can be tested immediatly or the code can be used as a base for the integration in own applications.

PDF or PDF/A conversion – all important file formats – MS-Office, image, e-mail, HTML and so on get converted to PDF or PDF/A automatically. Normally no other components or MS-Office are required. The conversion takes place directly without additional applications or printer drivers. Optionally also MS-Office 2010/2013 can be used as converter component if available or a “high fidelity” conversion for office formats is required. Image and PDF documents can be made searchable via the integrated iOCR. Optional through a additional license also the Abbyy OCR engine can be used.

Supported source file formats:

  • XLS, XLSX,
  • FDF, XFDF (Adobe forms),
  • XML
  • ZIP, RAR, 7Z,
  • MSG, EML,
  • PDF,
  • PMTX (PDFMerge)

Functions – general:

  • MS-Windows service application with SOAP / REST web-service interface for document conversion from Office, PDF, image, HTML, ZIP, MSG and e-mail to PDF or PDF/A. The communication takes place encrypted via HTTPS.
  • Processing profiles – all settings can be preconfigured and retrieved and used through profiles.
  • Direct conversion without usage of additional required original applications.
  • For the “high fidelity” conversion of MS-Office documents also MS-office 2010 / 2013 can be installed and used.
  • Dissolving and conversion of container files – ZIP, 7ZIP, RAR, MSG, EML, PMTX – to build overall files. Structures are displayed as bookmarks, for not convertible documents placeholder sites are inserted
  • images and scans (TIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, PDF) can be converted to searchable PDF’s with the integrated iOCR – Abbyy OCR engine as option.
  • Parallel processing with configurable amount of processes and priorities – allows the optimal usage of the hardware and guarantees a quick work off.

Special functions:

  • With ZIP/RAR/7Z conatainers all contained and supported documents get extracted automatically, converted and merged to a single PDF overall document. The folder structure contained in the container gets displayed in the PDF output document as the bookmark structure.
  • MSG / EML – e-mails can contain any also interlaced attachements. This documents get extracted also, for not convertible formats placeholder pages get inserted and the structure gets displayed via PDF bookmarks.
  • PDF/A conversion – the FCpro is also a PDF to PDF/A converter. The converted documents can be produced as PDF/A-1b or also with embedded source documents as ISO standardized PDF/A-3b format. Therefor the FCpro service is suited ideally for long-term archiving of documents and e-mails.
  • PMTX – is a XML data format from PDFMerge which contains structure and processing information as well as the documents themselves. From it PDFMerge creates a single overall PDF file which consists of the converted and merged single files. The PDFMerge structure gets displayed via the PDF bookmarks.
  • FDF, XFDF – PDF form data – can be fused with PDF forms and converted to a “normal” PDF.
  • Stamps, watermarks, stationery – can be configured and applied
  • Intelligent OCR of PDF – PDF documents get analyzed page per page if OCR is required or not – pages which already contain text don’t get OCR processed again, bookmarks and links stay preserved. This saves time and resources and increases the quality.

Functions – PDF-export settings – part of the processing profiles

  • Infilling of PDF profile fields with fixed values or variables (origin values, profile name, date, time, PC name, user, file name, application, pages, PDF-level, user variables)
  • Web-optimization (yes / no)
  • Preserve existing bookmarks (yes / no)
  • Settings for opening the PDF
  • Security settings – password-opening, system, restrictions
  • Pagination – position, start, offset, text (current page, pages), font, color, masking underlying area
  • Stationery / PDF watermarks – underlay / overlay, file selection, opacity (%), position
  • Text stamp – one or more stamps, text or variables (like profile fields incl. bookmarks), start, offset, font, style (incl. outline), size, color, opacity (%), angle

FCpro user interface:

UI1_FCpro - Config of web-service endpoints UI2_FCpro - Conversion profiles UI3_FCpro - Advanced settings UI4_FCpro - Advanced settings - web-service user config and rights UI5_FCpro - Advanced settings - service account config UI6_FCpro - Advanced settings - MIME types config UI7_FCpro - Icon tray functions

FCpro – conversion profile:

CO1_FCpro - Conversion profile config - office documents CO2_FCpro - Conversion profile config - image documentsCO3_FCpro - Conversion profile config - HTML documents CO4_FCpro - Conversion profile config - XML CO5_FCpro - Conversion profile config - PDFA and PDFExport settings CO6_FCpro - Conversion profile config - FDF XFDF forms CO7_FCpro - Conversion profile config - OCR settings

FCpro – conversion profile – OCR:

OC1_FCpro - Conversion profile config - iOCR settings #1 OC2_FCpro - Conversion profile config - iOCR settings #2 - image processing OC3_FCpro - Conversion profile config - iOCR settings #3 - language selection OC4_FCpro - Conversion profile config - iOCR settings #4 - language selection OC5_FCpro - Conversion profile config - Abbyy OCR settings - predefined profiles OC6_FCpro - Conversion profile config - Abbyy OCR settings - general settings OC7_FCpro - Conversion profile config - Abbyy OCR settings - recognition - image processing OC8_FCpro - Conversion profile config - Abbyy OCR settings - recognition - page analysis OC9_FCpro - Conversion profile config - Abbyy OCR settings - recognition - page synthesis OC10_FCpro - Conversion profile config - Abbyy OCR settings - PDF export parameter

Available FCpro applications / clients:

The FCpro server provides its functionality through a SOAP /REST – web-service interface to other applications. The following applications and integrations are available for the FCpro or use its functions:

1.)    FileConverterPro – WCF service sample – this client application is additionally installed with the FCpro setup. With it all function availabel via the web-service can be tried and tested. Beside the EXE is this application also available as C# source code to be able to use FCpro functions from own applications quick and easily.

2.)    DropConvert – convert documents to PDF(/A) via drag & drop or folder monitoring. DropConvert is a Windows client application which communicates with the FCpro service to convert documents which are dragged into the always “on top” displayed “DropZone” or into a monitored folder to PDF or PDF/A. The result documents are transfered back to the client and deposited in a configurable output folder. The FCpro server is called https encrypted through the local net or also external through the internet.

3.)    EMail Archiver – The EMail Archiver is a MS Outlook 2010 / 2013 plug-in with which single or multiple marked e-mails or even whole e-mail folders and subfolders with all contained e-mail masseges can be converted to PDF or PDF/A directly out of MS Outlook. The processing and conversion of the e-mail runs via the FCpro server which is called encrypted via https on the local network or external through the internet. The resulting PDF(/A)’s get deposited in a configured start-folder and path into the file system with the variable information extracted from the e-mail.

PDF/A and especially PDF/A-3 are particularly good for the archiving or for ISO standardized long-term archiving of e-mails. With PDF/A-3 the original MSG / EML messages get embedded also in the PDF container.

4.)    Alfresco / ifresco – Transformer – the installation of the “ifresco Transformer” AMP’s for Alfresco allows the PDF(/A) conversion and the OCR processing through the FileConverterPro server. If only OCR is required the AutoOCR server can be used instead. The processing of the supported document formats to PDF, PDF/A and/or with OCR is then available via Java, JavaScript, REST, the “transform” action through folders and in Alfresco Share as “transform” document action.

FCpro – versions, licensing, scope

The FileConverterPro is available in a basic version as well as in an extended version incl. PDF/A and OCR. With the extended version optionally the Abby OCR engine can be licensed additionally to the iOCR. Abbyy licenses are available page (monthly or overall volume) or processor dependent. The FCpro standard license is per server but there are also “Enterprise” for any amount of servers per company and “OEM” licenses for the integration through developers in their own applications.

Also containing in the FCpro server is the – WCF service sample application incl. source code and the MS-Windows application “DropConvert” – this can be installed and used on any workplace without restrictions.

Download – FileConverterPro (FCpro) ~250MB >>>

PDFMerge commandline parameters

PDFMerge can also be called with commandline parameters. Especially interesting thereby is the possibility to run the processing “silent” without user interface. With that e.g. overall PDF’s can be produced directly without user interaction through PMT (XML) files which are created from own applications. But it is also possible to work completely without template file only through a root folder to process the whole folder structure with any contained files.


“C:\program files\MAY COMPUTER\PDFMerge\PDFMerge.exe” “C:\1.pmt” /s

c:\1.pmt = PDFMerge template file – optional also a root folder can be specified

/s = processing runs “silent” – without user interface

As first parameter the file name of the PMT or PMTX template file or the path to a folder has to be provided like in the example above. If the path to a folder is provided the folder and all contained subfolders and files get read in and processed. If a folder is used the “pdfpath” parameter should be used for defining the destination PDF file. If this parameter isn’t specified the PDF file gets created on the same level as the folder chosen for processing and with the same name and there it could be that the required rights for the creation are missing.

The following additional parameters can be used:

/pdfpath=“<output path / name of the PDF file which should be created> ”  – if this is missing the definition from the template file is used

/profile=“<profile name for the processing>” – if not specified the last used profile is used

/gfi=“<PDFExport profile (=GFI) names >” name of the saved PDFExport profile or path to a GFI file

PDFMerge – creates complex PDF – overall documents from various source documents

The creation of complex overall documents on a basis of PDF requires without corresponding tools a multitude of manual single steps and software components.

PDFMerge combines any required steps and components in a single integrated application and creates – based on an automated PDF conversion of the source documents at the push of a button – a document equipped with many additional functions.

  • Drafts / templates – are used for the structuring of documents and quick actualization. They can be produced interactive, used again and can be produced as XML from an own application also. 2 formats are available – the PMT as pure XML format as well as the PMTX which also embeds the source documents and therefor doesn’t need any external references on the documents.
  • Automatic PDF or PDF/A conversion – any important file format – MS-Office, Image, E-Mail, HTML and so on get automatically converted to PDF or PDF/A. On default no additional components or MS-Office are required. The conversion is done directly without any additional applications or printer drivers. Optional also, if available, MS-Office 2010 / 2013 can be used for the conversion. Image and PDF documents can be made searchable via the integrated iOCR engine. Optional also the Abbyy OCR engine is available.
  • Document preview and miniature views: the single documents can be converted to PDF immediatly after the insertion and are therefor viewable via the integrated PDF / Imageviewer.
  • Processing of container formats: container formats like ZIP, 7ZIP, RAR as well as the e-mail formats MSG and EML can not only contain one document but also a multitude of subdocuments and with ZIP, 7ZIP, and RAR they can also have an own folder structure. E-Mails can contain one or more attachements which can be container files themselves. Container formats can therefor be interlaced in any depth. PDFMerge is able to dissolve these structures automatically, convert the contained files and display this structure correctly again via PDF Bookmarks. With that the original order and structure is displayed and preserved.
  • Read in of existing folder structures from the file system: existing folder structures can be read in from the file system or be implemented via drag & drop. The names and structures get taken over and can be edited afterwards.
  • PDF-export parameter – allow to use a multitude of funtions on the created PDF overall document automatically – fill PDF meta data information, parameters for opening the document, PDF-password, PDF-function restriction, pagination, PDF stationery overlay or underlay, apply text stamps. Intended functions for the future: index and front page. The settings can be saved combined and used again.
  • Command line call / silent processing: the PMT /PMTX template files can be loaded via commandline parameter. With that the processing can also be run “silent” without user interface.
  • PMTX – SOAP / REST – webservice processing: The PMTX files created with PDFMerge can also be processed with the FileConverterPro. The FileConverterPro is a central converter service installable as Windows-service, which is called via a SOAP / REST interface.
  • Filter at the insertion from the file system: filter can be defined (with * and ?) to automatically exclude and don’t read in specific names and extensions at the insertion from the file system.
  • Search in the available structure: document names, paths and extensions can be searched in the tree structure and afterwards deleted from it targeted via the search result list.
  • Processing protected PDF’s: password protected PDF documents are not processable without the “open password” – These files can therefor be searched and found directly. The once captured password gets saved encrypted and doesn’t have to be inserted again afterwards. With that also protected PDF files can be processed.
  • Insert placeholder pages: if a file can’t be converted – e.g. because of a defective file or a container file e.g. an e-mail contains an attachement with a not supported file format – a preedited or an automatically generated placeholder page can be inserted.

PDFMerge – which functions are implemented?

  • PDF converter – to convert various document formats to PDF
  • PDF/A converter – to create PDF/A-1b or PDF/A-3b
  • OCR Engine – to create searchable PDF’s
  • Merge – to create overall documents from single files
  • Viewer – for the preview of the converted documents
  • PDF stationery overlay / underlay
  • Pagination and stamps

PDFMerge highlights:

  • creates complex and extensive overall PDF documents from various original documents
  • quick conversion and merging also with extensive documents with thousands of pages
  • automated PDF and PDF/A document conversion of many formats and without external applications
  • integrated OCR engine creates searchable PDF-documents from images and scans
  • template files enable a fast actualization when changes occur
  • PDF bookmarks get automatically created from the document structures
  • processes container files (e.g. ZIP, MSG with attachements and so on – also interlaced) and contains their structure
  • insertion of placeholder pages when errors occur and for not convertible formats

PDFMerge range of use:

  • Combine multiple documents to an consistent PDF overall document, as well as actualizing it quick and easy
  • Project components and records as PDF overall documents – also protected and encrypted – for impartion, sending, archiving or for taking it out of the office
  • Combine documents from different sources, which are created and edited from various authors / teams or departments.
  • Long-term archiving of documents, projects and records – PDF and PDF/A enable the independence from source applications and formats. Full text search, display and printing are therefor also possible without the original application. The original documents themselves can be embedded in the PDF document as PDF attachements. With PDF/A-3 there is even an ISO standardized format available.
  • Product papers and project offers in the technical area, price lists and manualstechnical documentation /factory manuals, replacement part documentation
  • Reports, company reports and presentations for printing or distribution to merge them to an overall document from various sources

A1_PDFMerge - Userinterface - Miniaturen mit Seitenvoransicht und Darstellungs Funktionen  A2_PDFMerge - Context Menü - Funktionen in der Dokumentenstruktur  A3_PDFMerge - Userinterface ohne Dokumentenvoransicht  A4_PDFMerge - Auswahl der unterstützten Dateierweiterungen  A5_PDFMerge - Filter für das Einfügen von Dateien aus dem Dateisystem  A6_PDFMerge - Ergebnisdatei mit hinterlegtem Briefpapier, Seitennummer, Stempel, Bookmarks K1_PDFMerge - PDF Konvertierung über Profile für alle Einstellungen K2_PDFMerge - PDF Konvertierung - Office Dokumentenformate entweder direkt oder über MS-Office K3_PDFMerge - PDF Konvertierung - Images nach PDF - Komprimierung für SW und Farbe einstellbar K4_PDFMerge - PDF Konvertierung - HTML Parameter K5_PDFMerge - PDF Konvertierung - PDFA als Ausgabeformat K6_PDFMerge - PDF Konvertierung - PDF Formulare in normale PDF umwandeln K7_PDFMerge - PDF Konvertierung - OCR Einstellungen - Auswahl iOCR & Abbyy OCR K8_PDFMerge - PDF Konvertierung - iOCR Einstellungen - Komprimierung & intelligente OCR Verarbeitung K9_PDFMerge - PDF Konvertierung - iOCR Einstellungen - Bildverarbeitung E1_PDFMerge - PDFExport Einstellungen - Allgemeine Info E2_PDFMerge - PDFExport Einstellungen - Öffnen Modus E3_PDFMerge - PDFExport Einstellungen - Benutzer Variablen E4_PDFMerge - PDFExport Einstellungen - Sicherheitseinstellungen E5_PDFMerge - PDFExport Einstellungen - Seiten Nummern E6_PDFMerge - PDFExport Einstellungen - Überlagern & Hinterlegen von PDF Briefpapier E7_PDFMerge - PDF Export Einstellungen - mehrere Text Stempel können definiert werden

Download – PDFMerge for 32 & 64bit OS (~ 245MB) >>>

DropOCR – version 1.2.1 available

Innovations DropOCR version 1.2.1 :

  • Userinterface switchable between german and english
  • HTTP and HTTPS support
  • Logging of the conversion processes, deleting of the log file
  • AutoStart function to start the application when the PC is started
  • Doubleclick on the Drop Zone opens the destination folder
  • AutoOCR testserver preconfigured

Our AutoOCR testserver is reachable vie the following URL and may be used for testing purposes:

  • User: admin
  • Password: autoocr

DropOCR Konfiguration DropOCR - Context Menü - DropZone

Download – DropOCR >>>

FileConverter / FileConverter Pro – install silent – without user input

“msiexec” /qn /uninstall {<productcode>}

Caution: A “silent – uninstall” is only possible as an “administrator” therefor the command has to be given from “CMD”, started as “administrator”, or with a .BAT – file, executed as “administrator”.

Productcode FileConverter:

  • English installation: {E30FC554-4891-4EF0-A30C-F19CA574A39E}
  • German installation: {44D4015B-0570-42F7-92EF-8E4A0DD89ED9}

Productcode FileConverter Pro:

  • English installation: {096365FF-8127-4678-B9E3-7ACB50BAA597}
  • German installation: {11B8A908-9014-4700-81AF-0205D8848D6A}

eDocPrintPro version 3.20. available

Innovations – eDocPrintPro version 3.20. :

UniCode support: The version 3.20 is an essential update, because all components got compiled with the latest versions of the C++ libraries and everything got adjusted for UniCode support. Now UniCode coded characters and strings can be used anywhere: in file names, paths, at the PDF info fields, attachements and descriptions texts. So anywhere where a input is possible.

DEVMODE update: Now any setting which can be set via UI or SDK is available via the Windows API – DEVMODE. So far it was necessary to open the user interface once and save or print with it for the parameters to be actualized and set. This correction is especially for user of the SDK interesting and necessary.

Further adjustments to GhostScript 9.10: Export of PS and EPS as well as PDF optimization for the web (linearization) got adjusted and are functioning with the version 3.20 now. With eDocPrintPro 3.20 only GhostScript 9.10 is supported. Older version can’t be used anymore. Therefor it won’t be possible in the future to choose another GhostScript version in the user interface.

Variables: %page%, %pages% and %time% and %date% – These variables didn’t get replaced and filled correctly everywhere – this error got corrected.

Download – eDocPrintPro

Download – eDocPrintPro 32 and 64bit (ca. 70MB) >>>

GhostScript 9.10 setup – see also >>>

Download – GhostScript 9.10 MSI setup – 32bit (ca. 16MB) >>>
Download – GhostScript 9.10 MSI Setup – 64bit (ca.16MB) >>>