v1.0.2, 2010-06-23
  1. General Purpose
  2. Installation
  3. Commandline Parameters
  4. Notes
  5. Revision History
  6. Contact Information

General Purpose

The FineOCR  application is a command line ocr engine based on the Fine Reader Engine 8.1.



Installation process:

  1. Run the Setup executable.

Commandline Parameters

Parameter Description
/src=["]<source file>["] The source file (or directory) path. Supported formats: PDF,BMP,PCX,DCX,JPG,JPEG2000,TIF,GIF,PNG,DjVu.
/dst=["]<destination file path>["] The destination file (or directory) path. If this parameter is not present the path and file name of the destination file will be the same like the source file but with PDF extension. Supported destination formats: PDF,DOC/RTF,HTML,XLS,TXT however only the PDF export settings can be configured. Other formats will be exported using the engine's default settings.
/configfile=["]<config file path>["] The path of the configuration settings file. If the /src and /dst parameters are not specified the application will display the configuration window. If the connfiguration file does not exists the default configuration will be displayed.
/overwrite=true|false Specifies whether the destination file will be overwritten (default: false).
/exts=tif,jpg,.... List of extensions which should be processed in a folder structure.
/subfolders=true|false Specifies whether the subfolders should be processed in a folder structure (default: false).
/log=["]<log file path>["]\ The path of the log file.
/lang=en|de The user interface language of the configuration window.


Sample command line usage:

FineOCR.exe /src="c:\temp\test1.tif"
FineOCR.exe /src="c:\temp\test1.tif" /dst="c:\temp\output.pdf" /configfile="c:\temp\config.xml"
FineOCR.exe /configfile="c:\temp\config.xml"
FineOCR.exe /src="c:\temp\inputfolder" /dst="c:\temp\outputfolder" /exts=tif,jpg /subfolders=true /overwrite=false

Revision History

Version Date Changes
1.0.2 2010-06-23 Additional command-line options
1.0.1 2010-06-09 FREngine9
1.0.0 2007-06-18 First Version

Contact Information

Technical support and latest information on our products available at

E-Mail support for this application:

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Microsoft Certified Partner
Galvanigasse 2
A-1210 Vienna / Austria
Tel.: +43/1/278 20 80, Fax: +43/1/278 20 80 - 22