This Blog focus on PDF & OCR & ECM.

Our company has focused since 1998 on the conception, development and distribution of PDF, PDF/A, OCR, digital signature, document digitisation and web solutions.

Our tools assist clients in their daily computing work, making their systems faster and more efficient. Our software replaces the need to perform certain routine tasks so our clients can concentrate on their core business.

PDF now is a globally recognized and widely used standard for the exchange as well as for storage and archiving of electronic documents. Developed by Adobe, this format is ideally suited to create documents of all kinds as well as technical drawings, distribute, publish, and archive.

Secure long-term archiving: PDF / A ensures the safe reproduction of documents on non-technologically predictable periods.

Optical Character Recognition , or short OCR , is a technology that enables conversion of various documents, such as scanned paper documents, PDF files or digital images into editable and searchable data.