DropPDFA – Convert PDFs via DropZone and folder monitoring to PDF/A-1,2,3 Level b/a and ZUGFeRD PDF/A-3b

DropPDFA enables one or more PDF documents to be converted into PDF/A-1,2,3 Level b or Level a or also to ZUGFeRD PDF/A-3b format via drag & drop or via a monitored folder, DropPDFA is an executable MS Windows application that can be started automatically and is based on the PDF2PDFA converter – C # /. NET component.

Features DropPDFA:

  • Executable MS-Windows application with autostart function.
  • Converts single or multiple PDFs to PDF / A-1,2,3 Level b / a and the ZUGFeRD PDF / A-3b format.
  • Start processing via drag & drop by dragging the PDFs onto a drop zone and /
  • or Conversion by monitoring a folder / folder structure.
  • Conversion profiles – new, copy, rename, delete, import, export – enable the settings to be changed quickly and easily.
  • In order to change the configuration, the profile can also be offered for selection before processing starts.



Download – DropPDFA – convert PDF per Drag&Drop to PDF/A & ZUGFeRD  >>>

DropConvert – Version 2.1.7 – Email sending of converted documents

Up to now, the PDF or PDF / A documents generated by drag & drop or folder monitoring using FileConverterPro could only be stored in a specified output folder.

With the DropConvert Version 2.1.7 the functions of the eDocPrintPro EMail Plugin have been implemented, whereby the PDF files can now also be inserted directly into an email message and sent by email.

Functions DropConvert EMail dispatch:

  • Automated sending / insertion of documents converted to PDF or PDF / A into an email message.
  • Interactive or silent email dispatch.
  • Predefined recipients or reading out the email addresses from the document using definable delimiters (an, cc, bcc)
  • Preset the email message as text or HTML.
  • Adoption of the “subject” text from the document using definable delimiters.
  • Search for file path information in the document using definable delimiters. Adding the files found as an email attachment.
  • Insert additional predefined attachments.
  • E-mail dispatch – interactive or silent via MS Outlook, MAPI or SMTP.


Download – DropConvert – Windows Client for FCpro >>>

iPaper Client – Version 3.0.66 – Alternative A3 letterhead with automatic selection

Alternatives A3 Briefpapier:

So far you could e.g. an A4 portrait format letterhead only define an alternative A4 landscape format letterhead, which was automatically selected and used during processing.

Especially when company balance sheets are drawn up by public accountants and tax advisors, balance sheets and profit and loss accounts are often output in tabular form on A3 landscape format. With the current iPaper Client Version 3.0.66 it is now also possible to use a second alternative, e.g. Configure A3 letterhead, which is then automatically used for landscape formats larger than A4. This means that overall balance sheet documents including the general terms and conditions appendix and cover sheet can be created in one step, with A4 / A3 portrait and landscape format stationery.


iPaper 3.x Client Version

Download GhostScript 9.50 64bit Setup

PDFPrint-FM Version 1.4.0 – Save / restore configuration

With version 1.4.0 of PDFPrint-FM it is now possible to save the configuration automatically or manually and to perform a restore at any time. With the automatic backup, a new XML backup file is created in the “Backup” folder with every configuration change. The names are given according to the date and time. You can set how long the backups are retained before they are overwritten. You can optionally switch to manual backup. The settings are then backed up manually if required. The settings can be restored at any time by selecting the XML backup file from the backup folder.


Download – PDFPrint-FM –  FolderMonitoring – prints PDF´s >>>

DropSignProtect – Sign and protect PDF´s via DropZone and folder monitoring

DropSignProtect also enables multiple PDF documents to be signed, protected, and encrypted directly using drag & drop or a monitored folder. DropSignProtect is an executable MS-Windows application that can be started automatically. DropSignProtect is based on the functions of our PDFSign – Component.

Functions DropSignProtect:

  • Executable MS Windows application with autostart function.
  • Signing and protecting single or multiple PDFs , visible / invisible signature with configuration of the appearance, function to create your own certificates.
  • Existing PDF / A conformity can be taken into account and maintained.
  • Start processing by drag & drop by dragging the PDFs onto a drop zone and / or
  • Sign and protect the PDF by monitoring a folder / folder structure.
  • Signature profile: New, copy, rename, delete, import, export – allow the settings to be changed quickly and easily.
  • Profile query before starting processing in order to select different configurations interactively or to be able to change them.


Download – DropSignProtect – PDF via Drag&Drop sign & protect >>>

HTML2PDF-FM – Windows service with folder monitoring – converts HTML and web links to PDF and PDF/A

Features HTML2PDF-FM:

  • Several HTML and URL / TXT web link files can be converted to PDF and also combined into a PDF or PDF / A overall file.
  • Processes ZIP, CHTML, CHTM containers as well as web links directly via URL and TXT files.
  • A single TXT file can also contain multiple web links.
  • CHTML, CHTM – are ZIP files that combine all necessary files (HTML, external images, PDF) in a single container file. A ZIP can also contain URLs or TXT files with web links.
  • The sorting is based on the name of the input files (HTML. PDF, TXT, URL).
  • Insert PDF bookmarks based on the structure of the ZIP with HTML, URL, TXT files.
  • MS Windows service
  • Several jobs can be created to monitor several incoming folders.
  • Multithreading / parallel processing ensures high processing throughput
  • Configuration of the conversion parameters (page size, margins …) via profiles (new, copy, edit, delete, export, import)
  • Only the start folder or the entire subfolder structure can be processed.
  • Folder contents can be deleted after processing or the folder structure can be retained.
  • Folder structure from the incoming folder can also be transferred to the target folder.
  • File processing via filter – name, extension, created from / to, changed from / to.
  • Sorted processing by name / date and in ascending / descending order possible.
  • Creation of a new file name via variable (date, time, counter, origin name / extension)
  • Delete the original file (move), copy or create an archive copy
  • Folder monitoring and processing start via file system events – immediately, or with an adjustable delay (0-999sec.), or via time interval (in min.)
  • Start processing at a set date / time with optional daily / weekly repetition.
  • Adjustable number of retry attempts / time interval if a file is blocked.
  • Logging (all events, only the error events)


Options HTML2PDF-FM:

  • PDF2PDFA Konverter Component (PDF/A1b-3b) – Generates PDF / A compliant files.
  • PDFCompressor Components – to get the most compact and optimized PDF possible.


Download – HTML2PDF-FM – Windows Service with FolderMonitoring >>>

PDFSign – smaller files, AES-256 encryption, processes password-protected PDF

Innovations PDFSecureSign:

  • Smaller signed files:Depending on the certificate, the file size of the signed PDFs could be a lot larger than the original file. With the new version there is additional compression, which means that the size of the signed file is much smaller.
  • AES-265 bit Encryption: With the AES-256bit encryption the PDF documents are encrypted stronger and are therefore better protected.
  • Processing of password-protected PDFs: PDFs that are already password-protected can now also be processed and signed by handing over / querying the password.


Download – PDFSign Test- and Demo Application >>>
Download – PDFSign CL – CommandLine Application to Sign PDF >>>
Download – PDFSign-FM – Signing PDF using FolderMonitoring >>>
Download – PDFSign Service >>>
Download – eDocPrintPro PDFSign Plugin >>>

PDFmdx Version 3.11.1

Innovations PDFmdx Version 3.11.1:

  • PDF password protection via variables: More and more PDF documents are to be sent by email. However, these often contain information that should not and should not be sent unprotected by email. E.g. Documents from payroll accounting. A password agreed individually with the recipient must be used for such applications. With the new PDFmdx version, variables and thus values that are read from the document can now also be used for the encryption and protection of the PDF. Due to the also new function to use an external CSV files as replacement tables, password lists can also be kept externally, e.g. to use a customer number from the document as a key for password assignment.
  • AES 256 – Encryption: By updating the PDFSecureSign component, it is now possible to protect the PDF files even better with AES 265 encryption.

  • CSV Lookup file: In the field definition there is a function to replace read values. Previously, the values had to be recorded and managed using the PDFmdx editor. Now there is also the possibility to use an external CSV file as a replacement table. <Text>; <Replace with>. e.g. for email addresses or password lists, whereby, for example, the customer number is used as a key. The CSV lookup is added to the replacement table configured via the editor and therefore has a lower priority.

  • ZUGFeRD XML Extraction: If a PDF file to be processed already contains ZUGFeRD XML, there is now a function to recognize this XML and export it to a configurable folder. The name of the XML is generated based on the PDF file created via PDFmdx.

  • EMail Sender via variables: In the email configuration, an individual sender address could previously only be specified for each template. Now it is also possible to assign the sender address for each document / email individually using variables.

  • Conditions for email and printing: So far, the sending of e-mails and the printing of a template could only be activated or deactivated. Now it is also possible to control the sending of e-mails and printouts individually per document via conditions. A condition editor is available for this, such as for recognizing / sharing the documents.

  • Troubleshooting: Configuration changes in the PDFmdx editor were not saved.

Download – PDFmdx Template Editor & Processor >>>

PDF2PDFA – smaller PDF/A files – font compression, 200dpi rendering of transparencies

PDF2PDFA innovations:

  • Smaller PDF/A files: The PDF/A standard requires that the fonts used in PDF are fully or partially embedded. The new PDF2PDFA converter embeds them compressed, which means that the size of the PDF/A generated is much smaller, especially for large and large fonts.
  • The PDF/A-1b standard does not allow transparent elements. In order to be able to convert such PDFs to PDF/A-1b, transparencies have to be resolved. This is done by rendering, in which overlapping elements are added together and reduced. In order not to let the PDF/A-1b file size grow too large in such a case, the previously preset resolution was reduced from 300dpi to 200dpi.
  • ZUGFeRD XML via variable: For the path, folder and name of the invoice XML, variables can be used which are assigned the path, folder and name of the generated PDF file. This means that the XML associated with a PDF can be dynamically “found” and embedded.

PDF Image Processing – Configurable resolution / compression

In order to be able to perform image processing functions in a PDF, the PDF must be “rendered”, i.e. be converted into an image. So far, 300dpi and JPEG or TIFFG4 were fixed as the resolution and compression. With the current version it is now possible to configure these parameters.

  • Resolution for: color, grayscale, black & white
  • Compression / Quality: Color / Grayscale – JPEG, JPEG2000, ZIP / Black & White: TIFFGr4, JBIG-2

Download – PDF Image Processing test application >>>