FileConverterPro (FCpro) 1.0.108 – attach files

Innovations FCpro Version 1.0.108:

  • Attach files: This makes it possible to attach one or more PDF files to the file generated by FCpro at the end and to return them as a complete PDF file. The conversion profile controls whether and which files are attached. An option controls whether the PDF export settings are only to be applied to the file converted by FCpro or to the entire file. Area of application e.g. be: to convert an MS-Word file to PDF. to store the stationery via the PDF export settings and to attach “General Terms and Conditions” via this function and to deliver it back as a complete file.

  • Direct Export of the conversion results in a configurable folder: This function enables e.g. the asynchronous post-processing of the PDFs, e.g. via a downstream AutoOCR processing. For the initial processing, a PDF version without OCR and thus with a short processing time is returned via web service. The time-consuming, additional OCR processing that is required can then take place asynchronously in the background. The connection between the PDF files is retained via the unique JobID or GUID. The quickly generated preview can then be replaced by the OCRte PDF and exchanged. Variables for “JobID”, “GUID” and “Label Name” are available for naming the files. In addition to the PDF result, additional files with the text content, an image preview and an image miniature can also be output.

  • Signed EML / MSG: The “smime.p7m” attachment in emails (MSG, EML) is ignored and no attempt is made to convert or no placeholder page is inserted for it.

Download – FileConverterPro (FCpro) ~600MB >>>
Download – OmniPage OCR Engine as option for FCpro (ca. 235MB) >>>

PDFSign – visible signature with transparent images for PDF and PDF/A-3b

With the current PDFSign applications it is now also possible to use transparent images for the visible signature. However, it should be noted that not every PDF standard allows transparent objects.

The following rules apply:

  • Not PDF / A documents: The selected image (transparent or not) is used unchanged for the signature.
  • PDF / A-1b Documents: Get PDF / A compatibility = On. If a transparent image is used, an image with a white, non-transparent background is generated and used for the visible signature. The PDF / A-1b standard does not allow transparent objects.
  • PDF / A-3b / ZUGFeRD Documents: Get PDF / A compatibility = On. The selected image (transparent or not) is used unchanged for the signature. The PDF / A-3b standard also allows the use of transparent objects.

Download – PDFSign test and demo application
Download – PDFSign- CL – command line application to sign PDF
Download – PDFSign-FM – Sign from PDF through folder monitoring
Download – PDFSign-CS Service
Download – eDocPrintPro PDFSign Plugin

AutoOCR & AutoOCR light Version 2.0.36

Innovations AutoOCR & AutoOCR light 2.0.36:

  • iOCR – obtain images unchanged:If this new standard option is active, the PDF is only rendered internally for the OCR process. The original PDF and the images it contains are transferred 1: 1 to the PDF to be generated. The OCR process only inserts the recognized text. The images remain unchanged in terms of their resolution, color depth and compression.

    This is important because many MFP scanners are already able to generate highly optimized and very compact PDF color scans via MRC (Mixed Raster Content). Color documents are already divided into different levels by the scanner. Each image layer is created with a different resolution and the best possible compression depending on the color depth. If such MRC PDF files are rendered again, the MRC data structure is lost. The result file would be larger and lose quality.

  • Installs and uses the iOCR / vsOCR – Version 1.1.6 with the basic set of the most common languages in Europe.

  • All languages supported by iOCR can be installed via an additional iOCR / vsOCR setup (1.2GB in size).



  • Update of the AutoOCR basic component – iOCR, ImageProcessing, PDFCompressor, PDF2PDFA to the current status.
  • New presettings for JPEG2000 compression – for PDF rendering / ImageProcessing / PDFCompressor – in order to generate the smallest possible PDF files without great loss of display quality.
    • High / Medium / Low – Compression
    • Color – 1:60 / 1:30 / 1:15
    • Greyscales – 1:30 / 1:15 / 1:13

The higher the value – the higher the compression, which means that the smaller files are created, but with a decreasing image quality. “Medium” compression is preset as the standard value.

Download – AutoOCR – OCR Server incl. OmniPage OCR (ca. 640MB) >>>
Download – AutoOCR light – Low Cost OCR Server (ca. 410MB) >>>
Download – iOCR (vsOCR) Setup – additional languages (ca. 1200MB) >>>

PDFCompressor – summarize subgroups of fonts, compression levels can be selected

Innovations PDFCompressor:

  • Three compression levels preset: For color / grayscale images with JPEG2000 there are now 3 preset compression levels (high / medium / low) to choose from. The compression behind each level can also be configured – 1:60 / 1:30 / 1:15 for color and 1; 30 / 1:15 / 1:13 are preset for gray levels. The higher the compression, the smaller the files and the lower the image quality.

  • Summarize subgroups of fonts: If a large number (e.g. a few thousand) of individual documents are combined to form an overall PDF document and each of the individual documents contains the same font as a subgroup, then all of these fonts are present in the overall document. Since it is always the same font that is embedded several thousand times over, the entire document is unnecessarily bloated. The PDFCompressor now has a function to recognize multiple existing subgroup fonts, to summarize them and simply to embed them in the output PDF. This can e.g. a 5000 page PDF that was previously 117MB in size will be compressed down to 13MB.

  • The user interface of the PDFCompressor component has been revised. The settings and configuration options are now presented much clearer.

  • The standard profile “SmallestPDF JPEG2000 & JBIG” has been optimized and adapted to generate the highest possible compression and the smallest possible PDF files.

PDFCompressor Component Test & Sample >>>

PDFPrint-FM Version 1.4.2 – Setup – Installation as a service / executable application

With the PDFPrint-FM – PDF print application with folder monitoring version 1.4.2, there is now the option of installing the application as an “Executable Application” (= standard setting) or as a “Windows Service” during installation. When installing as a Windows service, certain things must be observed when accessing network resources (shares, network printers), so that it is often easier to install PDFPrint-FM as a normal startable Windows application for a first test. How the application should be installed is decided via a checkbox in the setup. If you want to change this, PDFPrint-FM can be uninstalled and then reinstalled at any time. The license and the settings are retained.

Another new feature is the option to print color documents in grayscale.

Version 1.4.2 is also required for the Windows 10 20H2 update, because after an update to 20H2 the “extended” print component generates an error and the PDFs to be printed are moved to the error folder.



Download – PDFPrint-FM –  Folder monitoring – prints PDFs >>>

PDFCompressor-CL command line version 1.2.0 – variables for the target file name

With the PDFCompressor-CL command line version 1.2.0 several variables are available for the output file name.

  • @DATE@ – date
  • @TIME@ – time
  • @ORIGNAME@ – output file name
  • @ORIGEXT@ – output file extension

This makes it possible to process all files in an entire folder structure and to store the files in the same folder structure and e.g. add an addition to the original file name.

“C:\Program Files\PDFCompressor-CL\PDFCompressor-CL.exe” /src=”c:\temp” /dst=”c:\temp\@ORIGNAME@_compressed.@ORIGEXT@” /config=neu /subfolders=true /log=”c:\temp\log.txt”


Download – PDFCompressor-CL – Optimizes and compresses PDFs >>>
Download – Readme / Help – PDFCompressor-CL >>>

iPaper Client – Version 3.0.68 – Overlay / fill in PDF forms, link action profiles with the stationery

Innovations – iPaper 3.0.68:

  • Link stationery to an action profile: Action profiles offer the option of saving several actions with all settings in the desired processing sequence under a name and selecting them for further processing during runtime. Now it is also possible to link an action profile to a letterhead. If the stationery is selected manually or automatically using the mdx option, the associated action profile is automatically loaded and used for further processing. If <none> is selected for the link, the user can interactively select and load the action profile during runtime using the “Query options” function.

With this possibility, the further processing of the documents can be automated with the help of the iPaper mdx option. Documents can be recognized based on their content and further processing can be controlled and automated via it. The user no longer has to decide each time and select which further work steps have to be carried out for which document.


  • New action to overlay PDF forms:
    • With the new action “Form overlay”, a PDF form can be selected which is overlaid on the iPaper result PDF in order to generate a new PDF form.
    • The template form can also be replicated on the following pages. So that the field names in the newly created form are unique, the fields added per page are numbered.
    • The form fields can be filled with data from the document – with text or variables read from the document using the iPaper mdx option.
    • A separate variable is available for each field for the field contents that already exist in the form. Existing field contents can be transferred to the newly created form.


  • Updated iPaper PDF printer driver:  The iPaper PDF printer driver has been updated to eDocPrintPro Version 5.0.0. This version now supports and installs the current GhostScript GPL version 9.53.3.
  • Updated iPaper mdx option: The mdx functions integrated in iPaper have been brought up to date with PDFmdx.

iPaper 3.x Client Version

Download GhostScript 9.53.3 64bit Setup

DropOCR 1.5.0 – Sending email is integrated

DropOCR saves the converted PDF documents in a configured folder. Now it is also possible to generate an email message and insert the generated PDF’s directly as an attachment. Depending on the configuration, the email message can also be sent directly via SMTP without user interaction.

DropOCR EMail features:

  • Presetting the email recipient (To, Cc, Bcc).
  • Search document for email addresses and use for sending.
  • Presetting the subject. The document content can also be searched for a subject text to be used using the delimiter.
  • Presetting the email message using the integrated HTML editor.
  • attachments via path & amp; Search for names in the document using the delimiter and append them.
  • Include additional files to be sent as attachments.
  • Configuration of the email transport method (MS-Outlook, MAPI, SMTP).
  • Logging of the email processes.


Download – DropOCR Web-Service Client for AutoOCR >>>

Web service applications – own SSL certificate can be selected

Web service applications require an SSL certificate for the encrypted REST / SOAP (https) communication between the service and the clients. The SSL certificate is stored on the computer and can either be a self-created certificate or a certificate from an official certification authority. So far, our applications, which have a web service interface, have automatically installed and used self-created certificates with the setup. It is now also possible to select and use other certificates installed on the computer.




Download – PDF2PDFA-CS – PDF to PDFA Converter Service >>>
Download – PDFCompressor Service incl. REST / SOAP Beispiele >>>
Download – HTML2PDF-CS – Converter Service via REST & SOAP  >>>
Download – PDF2DOCX-CS – Converter Service – Windows service with REST / SOAP Interface >>>

eDocPrintPro free, PDF/A & ZUGFeRD, SDK Version 5.0.0 available

Innovations Version 5.0.0:

  • The list of supported operating systems ( 64bit Windows 7/10/2008/2012/2016/2019 ) has been updated and supplemented.
  • eDocPrintPro now uses the current GhostScript Version 9.53.3.
  • PDF/A and ZUGFeRD have been brought up to the current status and now offer the same functionality as the PDF2PDFA converter .
  • The “ eDocPrintPro Manage Settings ” application has been revised, expanded and can now also be used via command line calls.
  • The previously fixed standard page formats – can be deleted, imported or exported.
  • Various output formats (PS, EPS, PCL, SWF) that will no longer be supported in the future have been removed.
  • If the file to be overwritten is still open during the output without the “Save As” dialog, a dialog now appears stating that the action cannot be carried out.
  • Printing an existing PDF/A file as PDF: The PDF/A flag will be removed from the data structure, until now it was wrongly retained.
  • With version 5.0.0 a new eDocPrintPro SDK is also available.


Download – eDocPrintPro free 64bit Version

Download – eDocPrintPro 64bit PDF/A & ZUGFeRD

Download GhostScript 9.53.3 64bit Setup

Download – eDocPrintPro 32bit Version 4.0.2

Download – eDocPrintPro 4.0.2 32bit (ca. 66 MB) >>>
Download – eDocPrintPro PDF/A & ZUGFeRD 32bit (ca. 105 MB) >>>
Download – GhostScript 9.27 MSI Setup – 32bit (ca. 26MB) >>>