PDFSign-FM – Productvideo

The product video about PDFSign-FM shows the most important functions for automatically protecting and signing PDF and PDF / A documents using monitored folders, and providing them with a time stamp. ?????? Download – PDFSign-FM – Signing PDF via FolderMonitoring >>>

PDFSign – visible signature with transparent images for PDF and PDF/A-3b

With the current PDFSign applications it is now also possible to use transparent images for the visible signature. However, it should be noted that not every PDF standard allows transparent objects. The following rules apply: Not PDF / A documents: The selected image (transparent or not) is used unchanged for the signature. PDF / A-1b … Continued

PDFSign – smaller files, AES-256 encryption, processes password-protected PDF

Innovations PDFSecureSign: Smaller signed files:Depending on the certificate, the file size of the signed PDFs could be a lot larger than the original file. With the new version there is additional compression, which means that the size of the signed file is much smaller. AES-265 bit Encryption: With the AES-256bit encryption the PDF documents are encrypted … Continued

PDFSign – Visual Signature Representation

For the visual representation of the PDF signature, there are some parameters to shape the appearance of the signature. Parameter: On which page or on which part of the page should the signature be attached? Here you can select from predefined positions / sizes or you can specify an exact position and size of the … Continued