SmartTransformer – FileConverterPro integrated with Alfresco ECM

SmartTransformer is an integration of FileConverterPro (FCpro) with Alfresco ECM / DMS. The SmartTransformer consists of an Alfresco extension, an own, lean server that knows the context of the Alfresco documents and handles the processing and updating as well as the FileConverterPro. High-quality previews and better alfresco performance: Why does viewing previews affect Alfresco performance? … Continued

New Features ifresco Transformer for Alfresco – with AutoOCR version 1.10.3

Because of the new version of AutoOCR 1.10.3 there are new features available for the ifresco AutoOCR Transformer: iOCR – new default OCR engine in addition to Abbyy intelligent processing of PDF documents Alfresco integration – ready to test without installation of an OCR server – you can use our AutoOCR Test server accessible from … Continued

ifresco AutoOCR Transformer – OCR processing integrated with Alfresco Share

The AutoOCR Server is integrated via REST as a dynamic configurable Alfresco document transformer. AutoOCR creates searchable PDF´s or other document formats like TXT, DOC(X), XLS(X), PPT(X), XML, RTF and HTML from image of PDF files. The OCR functions can be used via Java, JavaScript or as a document transformer. Config is done from the Share UI which also has a … Continued

ifresco Tools – RepoWorker scripts – convert Alfresco documents to searchable PDF or PDF/A automatically

The module ifresco Tools offers the following functions for the Alfresco ECM / DMS: ifresco-RepoWorker – enables time-controlled execution of a repository-JavaScript on a definable amount of documents. ifresco-ScriptAction – enables the definition of share-actions which execute Repository-JavaScript on documents. RepoWorker – scripts integrate AutoOCR and FileConverterPro: With the RepoWorker we created an extension for … Continued

FileConverterPro (FCpro) – PDF(/A) conversion service with SOAP / REST – web-service

The FileConverterPro is installed as Windows service and offers functions for the conversion of the most important document formats to PDF, PDF/A incl OCR through a web-service interface (SOAP or REST). For FCpro the same base components as for the FileConverter, PDFMerge and AutoOCR are used. Adjustments and extensions are therefor available the same for all these … Continued

ifresco AutoOCR – Version 1.20 – supports the recent Alfresco versions

The ifresco AutoOCR Transformer for Alfresco is now available in the version 1.20 and supports the recent Alfresco versions. For the following Alfresco versions adjusted AMP installation files are available: Alfresco EE – Enterprise Edition: 4.0.1, 4.0.2, 4,0d, 4.1.1, 4.1.2, 4.1.4, 4.1.6 Alfresco CE – Community Edition: 4.2b, 4.2c, 4.2e

ifresco AutoOCR – Version 1.18 available

With the Version 1.18 of ifresco AutoOCR – the OCR server integration for Alfresco, there are new functions and extensions: implementation of the new paging API for the Jobs-list of the AutoOCR server – page browsing (back/forth), deleting of all jobs, deleting older than x days, sort jobs, select jobs by date. free configurable run-time transformer. File-, … Continued

ifresco AutoOCR – JavaScript Binding for Alfresco

Alfresco and AutoOCR are, with the installation of the AMP’s, integrated through a REST web-service interface. Server-based JavaScript offers an easy, flexible and quickly implemented Possibility to expand and adjust Alfresco functions. JavaScripts can be initiated timed as batch processes to e.g. process a bigger amount of documents in the background. But they also can be … Continued

Low Cost OCR Server – AutoOCRLight – OCR processing without limits

Starting from our, since many years approved and tested OCR Server – AutoOCR, we now, with “AutoOCRLight”, offer a low cost variant. It has, compared to the AutoOCR full product, a lower price but also a limited functionality. Differences AutoOCRLight to AutoOCR: only one in / out folder can be configured with iOCR, only one … Continued