eDocPrintPro SDK – extended with the PDF/A and ZUGFeRD functions

The eDocPrintPro SDK makes it possible to request and set all settings and configuration-options of the PDF printer-driver from an own application. Beside the plugin-interface, the functions of the driver can also be extended via “Add-On” modules.

The PDF/A as well as the ZUGFeRD format was implemented as such Add-Ons’s. Each Add-On has a range of properties which also can be requested and set. Which properties are available for an Add-On can be seen in the SDK-documentation.

With the current version of the eDocPrintPro SDK it’s now also possible to read and set the properties for the PDF/A and the ZUGFeRD Add-On. Also a sample was added which shows how especially the ZUGFeRD parameters can be read and set.

eDocPrintPro SDK - PDFA Add-On properties  eDocPrintPro SDK - ZUGFeRD Add-On properties   eDocPrintPro SDK - Beispiel zeigt wie Add on Parameter ausgelesen und gesetzt werden können  eDocPrintPro SDK - Eigenes ZUGFeRD Beispiel um Parameter auszulesen und zu setzen