Month: March 2015

EMail Archiver for FileConverterPro – version 3.0.1

Innovations version 3.0.1:

  • The background-processing was reimplemented and is now instead of as Windows service implemented as startable Icon Tray application.
  • The jobs currently opened in the queue of the background-processing can be displayed. The updating of this queue is done automatically.
  • Via the context-menu of the background-processing – the processing can be stopped, started, the archive folder can be opened, the log can be displayed and deleted as well as the queue can be displayed.
  • The current configuration can be saved “as standard” to afterwards use the XML file as draft  for the spreading to all computers. Also see usage of a template config file

1_Anzeige der Dateien die sich in der Warteschlange für die Hintergrund Verarbeitung befinden  2_Kontext Menü Befehle für die Hintergrund Verarbeitung  3_Neue Konfig Optionen - Verbindungs Wiederholung und Konfiguration als Standard speichern

Download – EMail Archiver MS-Outlook Plugin for FileConverterPro >>>

For tests the FileConverter Pro Testserver, hosted by us, can be used – it is set by default in the EMail Archiver after the installation

eDocPrintPro SDK – extended with the PDF/A and ZUGFeRD functions

The eDocPrintPro SDK makes it possible to request and set all settings and configuration-options of the PDF printer-driver from an own application. Beside the plugin-interface, the functions of the driver can also be extended via “Add-On” modules.

The PDF/A as well as the ZUGFeRD format was implemented as such Add-Ons’s. Each Add-On has a range of properties which also can be requested and set. Which properties are available for an Add-On can be seen in the SDK-documentation.

With the current version of the eDocPrintPro SDK it’s now also possible to read and set the properties for the PDF/A and the ZUGFeRD Add-On. Also a sample was added which shows how especially the ZUGFeRD parameters can be read and set.

eDocPrintPro SDK - PDFA Add-On properties  eDocPrintPro SDK - ZUGFeRD Add-On properties   eDocPrintPro SDK - Beispiel zeigt wie Add on Parameter ausgelesen und gesetzt werden können  eDocPrintPro SDK - Eigenes ZUGFeRD Beispiel um Parameter auszulesen und zu setzen

EasyMerge 1.4.0 – with improved PDF/A converter

With the version 1.4.0 for the EasyMerge PDF/A conversion the same base routine as with the FileConverterPro is used. With that we reach an even better quality when converting to PDF/A. But the requirement is that either GhostScript or our eDocPrintPro printer-driver is installed before.

EasyMerge  EasyMerge - PDF Infofelder

Download – EasyMerge >>>

Download – GhostScript 9.15 MSI setup – 32bit (ca. 15MB) >>>
Download – GhostScript 9.15 MSI setup – 64bit (ca.15MB) >>>

EMail Archiver for FCpro – setup and config options

By default out setup’s are delivered as EXE. But sometimes for automated installations or software-distribution a MSI is needed. This can be extracted from the EXE directly.

extract MSI from the EXE:

  • /extract <path> – extracts the MSI, included in the EXE, into the specified folder path. If the path contains spaces it has to be wrapped in quotation marks.
  • example: “C:\EMail Archiver.exe” /extract “C:\EMail Archiver” – This command-line command extracts the file “EMail Archiver.msi” into the folder “C:\EMail Archiver” – A description about this can be found here >>>

MSI Commandline parmeters: For the installation with the MSI there are 2 more parameters then. With it 2 options which are offered in the setup can be set via the command line.

  • AUTOREGISTER: 0 / 1 – parameter to request a 30 days demo license from our license-server via web-service – is activated by default (1)
  • ENABLE_ALFRESCO: 0 / 1 – parameter to activate the Alfresco export functions – is deactivated by default (0)
  • example: msiexec SETUPEXEDIR=”C:\Program Files (x86)\EMail Archiver” ENABLE_ALFRESCO=0 /i “C:\Users\testuser\Desktop\EMail Archiver PAMless.msi” /quiet

Usage of a template config file: To be able to use a config file which is adjusted as needed a template config file (XML) is used which can be accordingly customized and distributed. When starting the application the first time, the template file is used for its configuration. The configSettings.XML file can be found under: C:\ProgramData\EmailArchiver\Config

Read only of the configuration settings: To prevent configuration-settings to be changed in the configSettings.XML file there is an entry ReadOnlyConfig. If this is set to YES the configuration can’t be changed from the user interface anymore.

eDocPrintPro version 3.21.2 available

We got requests from users for having an option to completely embed all fonts which are used in the PDF. This is especially required if the PDF files are passed to a printing company or printing service provider for outputting, because some of them explicitly request that.

New PDF option – embed all fonts

PDF Option - Alle Schriften einbetten

With the version 3.21.2 there comes an new PDF option – “embed all fonts” – if this option is active, all fonts get completely embedded in the PDF. Therefor not only a “subset” of the font – so, not only the used characters – but always all characters of the used fonts get embedded, even if only one character of it is used.

This also applies for the 14 PDF standard fonts: Normally certain defined 14 PDF standard fonts are not embedded in a PDF because it was determinated, that these standard fonts – Courir (bold, italic, bold-italic), Helvetica (standard, bold, italic, bold-italic), Symbol, Times New Roman (standard, bold, italic, bold-italic), Zapf Dingbats – have to be available in a PDF-viewer application.

If this option isn’t active (standard), the 14 PDF-base-fonts don’t get embedded and of other fonts only the used parts. With that the PDF documents stay compact and small.

This option can also be saved and loaded via the ESF profile – to be found in the area <printer-name><PDF> under the name “EmbedAllFonts” – the value “0” means “off” and the value “1” means “on”. Inside the ESF this is displayed as

  • EmbedAllFonts=”L0″ or
  • EmbedAllFonts=”L1″

Download – eDocPrintPro

Download – eDocPrintPro 32 and 64bit (ca. 63 MB) >>>