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eDocPrintPro plugin – PDFSign version 3.1.3

New features of version 3.1.3:

Often you do not only want to use certain PDF security settings and passwords that are always the same for the protection of PDF documents, but you also want to use different default settings per recipient. In order to implement this as simple and uncomplicated as possible, the PDF security settings and passwords are now managed in separate profiles. A profile can be searched for and selected not only by name but also by a description (e.g. customer number, company, person, email, etc.) over both fields using type-ahead substring search during runtime.

Functions of PDF Security profiles:

  • Manage the profiles by name and description
  • Profile search and selection via both fields – name and description – using type-ahead substring search
  • Profile – New, Copy, Edit, Delete, Import, Export, Export All
  • Checkbox selection – use default profile or profile query at runtime
  • Checkbox selection – “Ask for password” – The default password is displayed at runtime and can be changed.


Download – eDocPrintPro PDFSign Plugin >>>

eDocPrintPro Plugin – PDFPrint – Product Video

With the eDocPrintPro PDFPrint Plugin, the PDF documents generated by the printer can be automatically printed on a physical printer (local or network).

The following video shows how to install and configure the plugin:

Download – eDocPrintPro – PDFPrint Plugin >>>

eDocPrintPro DOCXConverter Plugin – Creates DOCX, RTF, HTML, XML, TXT and MS-Excel files

Based on the PDF to DOCX (PDF2DOCX) Component, the eDocPrintPro Plugin DOCXConverter is now also available. In addition to the PDF, other editable document formats can be generated during printing from any application.

  • Converts the PDF print output into editable MS-Office documents.
  • Creates – MS-Word – DOCX, RTF, HTML, XML, TXT and MS-Excel – XLS files
  • Results match the formatting and layout of the source file
  • Conversion profiles (XML files) to manage configuration settings – New, Copy, Rename, Delete, Import, Export (Single, All)
  • Executable sample application including source code to select and load the DOCXConverter profiles externally.


Download – eDocPrintPro – DOCXConverter Plugin >>>

eDocPrintPro – PDFPrint Plugin version 1.1.0 available

eDocPrintPro PDFPrint Plugin 1.1.0 is now based on the current PDFPrint .NET component.

The following new extensions are also available for the eDocPrintPro PDFPrint Plugin:

  • New additional „Advanced“ printing method
  • Interactive print preview
  • Paper source selectable
  • Number of copies adjustable

The eDocPrintPro PDFPrint Plugin requires .NET Runtime 4.6 as of version 1.1.0. The setup checks if this version is present and if not it will automatically be downloaded and installed from the internet during the installation process. .NET 4.6 Runtime is already available with Windows 10.

Download – eDocPrintPro – PDFPrint Plugin >>>

eDocPrintPro – STARFACE Fax Plugin available

STARFACE is an award winning IP telephone system that is in use in many companies. The fax printer driver installed with the STARFACE client is based on our free eDocPrintPro printer driver. Communication with the STARFACE telephone system takes place via a plug-in. When installing the STARFACE Client you can select wether the “Fax printer” should be installed or not. If this option is checked, then the eDocPrintPro PDF printer will be installed, an additional “STARFACE Fax” printer will be automatically created, configured and the STARFACE Fax plug-in will be installed. For this additional printer configuration changes are not possible, because the user interface is locked.

However, there is now a stand-alone STARFACE Fax plug-in setup that allows more flexibility:

  • Independent of the STARFACE Client setup, the latest eDocPrintPro version can always be used.
  • The STARFACE Fax plug-in can also be used together with other eDocPrintPro plug-ins; for example to add a stationery with the “AddOverlay Plugin” when sending faxes.
  • You can also use only a single PDF printer with selection of plug-in sets.
  • The fax printer can have any name.


Documentation – STARFACE Fax / eDocPrintPro – Scenarios & Solutions >>>

Download – eDocPrintPro STARFACE Fax Plugin >>>

eDocPrintPro – PDFCompressor Plugin – reduces and optimizes PDF’s

Based on the PDFCompressor .NET Component, an eDocPrintPro PDFCompressor plugin is now available. This additionally compresses, reduces and optimizes the PDF files generated by the eDocPrintPro printer driver.

In addition to the eDocPrintPro plugin, the PDFCompressor is also available in the following product versions: Folder Monitoring (FM), Commandline (CL), and as Compressor Web-Service (CS).

Download – eDocPrintPro Plugin PDFCompressor –  Optimizes and compresses PDF’s >>>

eDocPrintPro – PDFPrint Plugin – Automatically print PDF

Based on the PDFPrint .NET component, in addition to PDFPrint-FM (Folder Monitoring), PDFPrint-CL (Commandline) and the PDFPrint Service application, an eDocPrintPro plugin variant is now also available.

The PDFPrint plugin is the successor to the previous AutoPrint plugin.

eDocPrintPro – PDFPrint plugin functions:

  • eDocPrintPro printer driver plugin to print PDF’s automatically.
  • Prints PDF’s directly to locally connected or network printers.
  • Supports the PDF2Printer print server.
  • All settings can be managed via profiles (XML files) – Profile: New, Copy, Change Name, Delete, Export, Import.
  • Option – Offer a profile for selection before printing.
  • Print basend on the PDF elements – for a fast and resource-saving output or as an image file rendered from the PDF.
  • Selection of available printers by name or using the default printer.
  • Adjustable max. resolution and max. memory for the rendered image file.
  • Adjustable timing for printing.
  • Specification of the number of copies.
  • Print Mode: Fit to Page, Original, Reduce.
  • Scale print output – in % – when output as image file.
  • Orientation – Portrait, Landscape or Automatic – when output as an image file.


Download – eDocPrintPro – PDFPrint Plugin >>>

eDocPrintPro – create several printers / configure different plugin sets – Product video available

The eDocPrintPro tool can be used to add more printers with different names. Each can be configured individually and have different plugin sets / configurations. The user only needs to select a different driver to execute other processing steps. For example to deposit a stationery and print the document or to deposit a stationery to sign the document and send via email. The product video shows how it works.

eDocPrintPro Plugin – PDFExport Settings – Product video available

PDFExport SettingsInstalled as an eDocPrintPro plugin, a large number of functions can be executed after the PDF has been printed, or they can be executed via the eDocPrintPro DropZone via drag & drop or via hot folder for existing PDFs.

Functions: Overlay stationery / underlay, Apply watermark & stamp, Create cover page & insert, PDF Info Fill in fields, Set PDF password, PDF Function restrictions, Create table of contents Bookmarks, Number pages, Number bookmarks