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iPaper 3.x – MDX Option – Product Video available – Read content and use as variables

For iPaper version 3.x there is the “MDX – MetaDataXtraction” add-on module. Key features of the PDFmdx application have been integrated into iPaper. Documents can be recognized on the basis of content, the corresponding stationery can be selected, or field, template and layout definitions can be used to read out information from the document. Fields / variables are filled with values which can be used later on in the iPaper actions. Fixed information or information read from the document can also be “stamped” on the PDF as text or as 1D / 2D / QR barcode.

iPaper MDX applications:

  • Automatically select the stationery to be used on the basis of the document contents.
  • For serial letters or document stacks it can be recognized at which page a new document begins to select the stationery again or to start again with the first stationery page.
  • Read e-mail addresses from the document and use them to send the document immediately.
  • Documents can be recognized on the basis of criteria, fields can be read out of the document via layout masks, variables can be assigned and used for iPaper actions such as e.g. e-mail, save as, program call and so on.
  • QR code barcodes (e.g. For quick transfers), 1D / 2D barcodes or text stamps can be applied to vouchers. It is also possible to assign read field contents from the document.

iPaper MDX Product Video – Read content and use as file name:

iPaper Server Version 3.0.18 – now with PDF/A

The iPaper Server is a Windows service that can monitor multiple folders. PDF files to be processed are automatically recognized and processed via the configured actions.

The following iPaper actions are available:

  • stationery overlay/ underlay

11_iPaper Server - Briefpapier Aktion

  • EMailUsing SMTP server
  • Save asThe result PDF is stored in a folder
  • Call external command line processing with parameters
  • Insert Backside – Produces double-sided printed PDF documents
  • Attach / paste PDF document – before / after
  • Fill out PDF info fields
  • Apply security settings – Password / Encryption / PDF Restrict functions.

1_iPaper Server - Benutzeroberfläche  2_iPaper Server - Icon Tray Menü  3_iPaper Server - Optionen für den automatischen Start der Anwendung  4_iPaper Server - Vorlagenordner und Logging  5_iPaper Server - SMTP EMail Server Konfiguration für die Fehler-Benachrichtigung  6_iPaper Server - Versionsinformation und Produkt-Aktivierung  7_iPaper Server - Hinzufügen eines Verarbeitungs Ordners  11_iPaper Server - Briefpapier Aktion  12_iPaper Server - Weitere Aktionen hinzufügen und konfigurieren  12_iPaper Server - Verarbeitungs Optionen  13_iPaper Server - Email Konfiguration für Benachrichtigung von aufgetretenen Fehlern


Innovations Version 3.0.18:

  • PDF/A-1b and 3bThe defined stationery, as well as the results documents of the iPaper processing can be automatically converted to PDF/A-1b or 3b format. If the inserted stationery can not be automatically converted to PDF/A, please send us the PDF by mail and we will produce the necessary PDF/Aversions for you. PDF/A-3b is the basis for electronic accounting according to the ZUGFeRD standard. The PDF/A function is released as an additional option, but is available as a 30 day trial version after installation.

8_iPaper Server - PDFA Option aktivieren  9_iPaper Server - Briefpapier Ordner mit den PDFA Unterordnern  10_iPaper Server - PDFA - Manuelles Konvertieren der Briefpapier Vorlagen

  • New HTML editor with advanced features – Used to create templates and signatures for HTML messages used when sending emails.

17_iPaper Server - HTML Body & Signatur Editor

  • Embed images into the HTML message – This means that externally referenced and only locally available images of the HTML message are embedded and sent directly in the message when sending the e-mail.

16_iPaper Server - eMail Aktion - Bilder einbetten

  • AutoPrint Action has been re-implementedDocuments are printed faster and there are additional parameters for orientation and print mode. Here “AutoRotate” is an important function. There is an automatic page rotation. For example An A4 horizontal format is automatically rotated to A4 in order to make the best use of the page and not to reduce the page size.

13_iPaper Server - neue AutoPrint Aktion mit Druckoptionen  14_iPaper Server - AutoPrint Aktion - Ausrichtung  15_iPaper Server - AutoPrint Aktion - Druck Modus Optionen

Download – iPaper Server – Windows Dienst / Folder Monitoring >>>

iPaper – AutoPrint action – Printer with / without not printable margins

If it occurs that with the iPaper action “AutoPrint” the printout is moved a little to the right and down and therefor not the whole document is printed on the paper, this is a quite easy problem to solve.

There are printers which are able to print to the edge of the paper. With that the print-origin (0,0 – coordinate) is located exactly at the top-left corner of the paper. Many or nearly all office or laser printers however have an about 5mm big not printable area all around the paper. With this printers the print-origin isn’t located at the top-left corner but about 5 x 5 mm right under it.

To, depending on the type of the printer, print the site correctly and in scale there is an option to control the print-origin. If this parameter isn’t set correctly there will be an offset and the top-left border is incorrect.

The Option “Borderless” has to be activated on printers with not printable margins. If it isn’t activated the printout will be moved to the right and down and eventually cut off on the right side and the bottom. If a printer is able to print to the edge the option has to be deactivated.

Additionally there is an update (DLL) – it will be included in the next iPaper Version – with the possibility to declare an negative offset for the position of the printout on the paper. With this the printout can be moved to the left or up independent of the “Borderless” option.

iPaper AutoPrint - Randlos für bei Druckern mit nichtdruckbaren Rändern Bereich setzen  Negatives Offset für die iPaper AutoPrint Funktion

Download – iPaper AutoPrint Action  DLL Update – negative Offset  >>>