Month: December 2013

PDFmdx – new version 1.4.3 available

Innovations and improvements:

  • Anchor-field search function improved – now also terms separated by spaces can be searched and found – e.g.: “I N V O I C E”
  • Special characters in the fields for the CSV export don’t get replaced by “_” anymore – e.g. “/”
  • Beside the export of the extracted field data as CSV or TXT (IDX) now also the direct export of the data as MS-Excel (XLS) is supported.
  • New export variables for the exported PDF file (name, folder, path) can be used and exported.
  • Error when saving a password for the e-mail server configuration got fixed
  • Improvements and fixed errors at the coniguration and e-mail adress-search.

Download – PDFmdx Template Editor & Processor >>>