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SetDestination Version 3.24.0 – eDocPrintPro Commandline Tool – Set target folder / file name

SetDestination is a free command line tool that allows to set the destination folder and the destination file name of a specific eDocPrintPro. Also can be used to control whether the Save As dialog will come up or the file should be created directly without saving dialogue.


  • SetDestination.exe printer=“eDocPrintPro” folder=“c:Temp” name=“%DOCNAME%” dialog=“yes”
  • oder dialog=”no” If the Save As” dialog should be suppressed

printer=<Name of eDocPrintpro Printer>
folder=<target folder>
name=<target file name w/o extension>
dialog=”yes” or “no”Show Save As dialog or suppress

For all parameters are the ..” Delimiter only required if there are spaces in the text. DThe the printer name printer =” always required and is also validated accordingly. All other parameters are optional and change the existing settings only if they are set and available as command line parameters.

The setup installs that EXE to Folder C:Program FilesCommon FilesMAYComputereDocPrintPro

Download eDocPrintPro – SetDestination >>>