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FileConverterPro – Java & JavaScipt – REST library

To use the FileConverterPro Server with Java or JavaScript, we offer an “all-in-one” version of a client-JAR, which already implements all necessary external libraries. Therefor for the usage only an installed Java 8 is required.

The JavaScript-file example.js shows the usage of this JAR with JavaScript and is an extensive Sample which illustrates the most common use-cases.

The Script can be used with Java 8 like this:

$ jjs -cp FCproClient-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar exmaple.js

Details about the jjs tool can be found on the Oracle-website or  at the project Oracle Nashorn – A Next-Generation JavaScript Engine for the JVM.

Download – FileConverterPro Client JAR >>>

Download – FileConverterPro  – sample.js >>>