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PAM – Product Activation Manager – new Version 2.0

Many of our software products have online product activation. During the first installation of the software, a 30-day demo version is automatically activated. For license management and product activation, every setup along with the application also includes our PAM (Product Activation Manager). Now there is the PAM version 2.0. This will be used from now on in all our new setups.

Innovations PAM 2.0:

  • PAM 2.0 is now always installed in the installation folder of the application and called from there. Previously, a common installation folder was used for all applications.
  • Combined version – 32bit and 64bit. There is no longer a split in 32bit and 64bit applications and licensing – so the display is now the same for all licenses, whether for 32 or 64bit applications.
  • Existing licenses (32bit and 64bit) are read from the registry and also written back – PAM 2.0 is therefore compatible with the previous versions of PAM, in both directions.
  • There is a separate setup to install and use the PAM 2.0 on any machine, even without a new application setup.
  • The communication with our PAM license server is encrypted using HTTPS via SOAP Web Service

Videos – PAM use / licensing:

Download – PAM 2.0 – Product Activation Manager >>>

Move license (to new PC)

You can use this option in the ProductActivationManager to release the license for use on a new device. It is necessary to enter userID and password to execute this option! The product remains as a DEMO version on the PC.


  1. openProductActivationManager
  2. select license
  3. klick „Move License“ Button
  4. enter Username / Passwort
  5. OK


  1. open ProductActivationManager
  2. select application
  3. klick „Activate Application“ Button
  4. enter Username / Passwort
  5. select available license
  6. OK