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PDFScanEdit – Barcode Processing – Product Video

PDFScanEdit makes it possible to interactively recognize and process barcodes on PDF and scans.

  • Split by barcode
  • Use barcode value as file name
  • Delete pages with barcodes
  • Filter barcodes

The following video shows how to do it:

PDFScanEdit Highlights:

  • Provides the most important and commonly used functions for editing PDF scanned documents.
  • Page-oriented functions for comprehensive editing of PDFs and scans (black & white, grayscale, color).
  • Process documents from inbox folders – Display as document list, e.g. for multifunction devices, network scanners.
  • Integrated scanning function to capture documents via a locally connected scanner. Scan settings are selectable via presettable profiles.
  • Page preview – Zoom, Scroll, Page selection, Rotate – as well as thumbnail miniatures of all pages.
  • Quick change of document names with automatic selection of the next file incl. Area OCR.
  • Delete areas on a page / crop to area
  • Page-oriented document editing – rotate pages left/right, delete pages, drag and drop pages in the thumbnail view.
  • Split document – at marked page, after x pages, after barcode
  • Merge documents – define sequence, automatic deletion of individual files.
  • Export – to an output folder, send as e-mail attachment or via export plugin.
  • Generates searchable PDF-OCR documents including intelligent OCR processing. Only image pages are OCR processed.

 Export Plugin Interface:

  • Installable plugins for profiling and collecting metadata.
  • One or more plugins can be installed and selected.
  • Simultaneous presentation of the profile mask and the document preview.
  • Background / batch processing, e.g. for PDF-OCR conversion and upload.
  • Automatically load the next document from the list.

DownloadPDFScanEdit Scan, process Image/PDF documents >>>

PDFScanEdit – Installable plugin for capturing documents metadata

  • Installable plugins for profiling and detection metadata to store documents into external DMS / ECM / archive systems.
  • One or more plugins can be installed and selected – each plugin contains its own custom logic for profiling.
  • Plugins are independently installed .NET / C # applications that fit into the framework PDFScanEdit base and use its functions.
  • Simultaneous display of the profile mask and the documents preview when capturing the metadata.
  • Programmable logic and features of the Profile mask with e.g. external XML template rules with dynamic fields to always build the name / title identical. Access to external data sources – MS XLS, SQL, Web Services (SOAP, REST), linked tables and default fields with values from the table. Type ahead substring search on single or combined fields, using categories as Lookup’s, allocation of existing tags, automatic creation of new tags, Automatic creation of folder structure and file names of profile field values, Search Folders, Counter via web service, stamping of document before uploading with information from the metadata, search for existing documents and acquisition of profile values, etc.
  • Interactive processing – with OCR and upload or alternatively
  • Background / Batch processing – for PDF OCR conversion and uploading – users can already operate during the OCR processing and the upload in the background.
  • keep existing profile values / Clear mask
  • Automatic loading of the next document from the list – the processed document is deleted after uploading or moved to an archive area.

Plugin Examples:

  • Invoice capture via barcode & OCR >>>

ifresco Demo plugin - Eingangsrechnungserfassung

  • Store documents in Alfresco ECM / DMS >>>

ifresco Profiler Standard Plugin - Erfassungsmaske

PDFScanEdit – Scan Image / PDF documents. Edit incl. OCR and barcode recognition

PDFScanEdit provides, easy to use, page-oriented functions for comprehensive processing of PDF and image documents. A tool should not be missing on a workplace because it provides the most important and most frequently used functions for editing PDF scanned documents.

Features PDFScanEdit:

  • Processes PDF and image files. Black & white, grayscale, color, – it is not necessary to pay attention to differences in file format and color – all functions are implemented across.
  • Page Preview – Zoom, scroll, page selection, rotating – and thumbnails of all pages

0_Über das Kontext Menü der Dokumentenliste sind alle wichtigen Funktionen in direktem Zugriff  1_Miniaturen- sowie Seiten-Voransicht - Zoom, Blättern, Seiten drehen  8 Über die Miniaturenansicht können Dokumente geteilt, Seiten verschoben, gelöscht und gedreht werden

  • Integrated scan function to capture documents via a locally attached TWAIN scanner. Scan settings can be selected directly via presettable scan profiles.

16_Scanner Parameter lassen sich über Scan-Profile verwalten

  • Process documents from input folders – display a list of documents as for MFPs, network scanner with Scan to Folder function. Process documents via the printer driver, and via e-mail received documents.

2_Über Hauptprofile werden alle Einstellungen unter einem Namen abgelegt und aufgerufen  3_Profil-Einstellungen - allgemeine Einstellungen - Eingabe, Ausgabe, Tastenkürzel       

  • Quick change of documents name with automatic selection of the next file in the list after completing the change.
  • Area OCR via the integrated OCR engine to generate file names from the document content.

6_Profil-Einstellungen - PDF und OCR Einstellungen  11_OCR Bereiche können markiert und erkannt werden - Text wird für den Dokumentennamen übernommen

  • Using OCR profilesareas, fields are positioned on the page or in the document and can be saved as OCR profiles and reloaded. The OCR recognized text areas create the file name of the document.

11_OCR Bereiche können markiert und erkannt werden - Text wird für den Dokumentennamen übernommen  12_Kontext Menü - OCR Bereich - Festlegen der Reihenfolge, Bereiche entfernen, Bereichs OCR ausführen  13_Verwaltung von OCR Profilen - speichern, umbenennen, löschen  14_OCR Profile definieren Bereiche - Der erkannte Text wird als Dateiname verwendet  15_Einem Haupt-Profil kann auch ein OCR Profil zugeordnet werden

  • Deleting sections on a page / cut to size on area

10_Bereiche können gelöscht oder auf den Bereich zugeschnitten werden

  • Page-oriented document processing – pages turn left, right, delete pages. Sites drag and drop into the thumbnail view.

8 Über die Miniaturenansicht können Dokumente geteilt, Seiten verschoben, gelöscht und gedreht werden

  • Total document split – at the marked page, by x pages or barcode.

9_Dokumente können über die Anzahl der Seiten aufgeteilt werden  4_Profil-Einstellungen - Barcode Erkennung, Teilen nach Barcode

  • Individual documents merge set order, automatic deletion of individual files.

17_Ausgewählte Dateien zusammenführen über Kontext Menü aus der Dokumentenliste  18_Ausgewählte Dateien zusammenführen - Dialog

  • Exportinto an output folder, send as e-mail attachment, or save it to the DMS / EMC / archive profiling with metadata – in the original format, as PDFImage or as a searchable PDF OCR
    • During export – generating searchable PDF OCR documents on locally integrated IOCR engine or via the via Web services integrated AutoOCR Server with Abbyy OCR
    • Smart OCR processing – only image pages are processed OCR – normal PDF pages are unchanged.

5_Profil-Einstellungen - Dokumenten-Export  7_Profil-Einstellungen - für den EMail Versand

DownloadPDFScanEdit scan and edit image and PDF documents >>>