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ATEX Version 1.0.3 – eMail sender addresses control the export of attachements

Over e-mail addresses and domains messages can easily be identifiedThat is why we have implemented a new feature in version 1.0.3. Thus, it is now possible to assign sender e-mail addresses and domains to an export profile to be able to then run a Auto Select” of the Export profiles.

From the marked messages the sender information are read and compared with the information stored in the export profile . In case of a match the appropriate export profile is automatically selected and used.

E-mail addresses and domains can only be assigned to one profile. Manual data entry is not necessary because this information can be taken directly from the message into the profile.

Features – AutoSelect:

  • Automatic selection of the export profile on the basis of stored e-mail addresses / domains.
  • Assign reading the sender email addresses / domains from the message and assign to the export profile.
  • Manually add and delete sender email addresses / domains
  • Displaying all currently sender email addresses / domains assigned to the profile
  • Profile Auto Select Enable / Disable
  • Check if the email addresses / domains have already been assigned display and reassignment

1_Neue Funktion um Absender EMails und Domains der Nachrichten auszulesen und dem aktuellen Profil zuzuordnen  2_Die Absander Adressen und Doamins der markierten Nachrichten können ausgelesen und in das Export Profil übernommen werden  3_Sind Absender Adressen und Domains bereits einem anderen Profil zugeordnet so kommt eine Warnung und mit der Möglichkeit die Zuordnung zu ändern  4_EMail Adressen und Domains können einem Export Profil zugerodnet werden  5_Anzeige der dem aktuell ausgewählten Profil zugeordneten EMails und Domains

Download – ATEX – MS-OL Plugin – export attachements >>>

ATEX – MS-Outlook Plugin – Export attachments convenient

Increasingly (PDF) files are sent via e-mail, for example as purchase orders, order confirmations, invoices, etc. To simplify and automate the export process, we have developed a free MS-Outlook plugin. The application is the result of our EMail Archiver Plugin and makes it possible in a single step, to export all the attachments from one or more messages or an entire MS Outlook folder into the file system. All export settings can be configured and selected on profiles. So can be switched quickly and easily between different storage folders, structures and naming. E.g. depending on the customer or supplier. It is also possible to call a command line application.

In the next step we will implement an extension to automatically select the export profile on the senders email address basis, and thereby control the location.  The ATEX Plugin May also be used as a supplement to PDFmdx , e.g. to read out information from received and via ATEX exported PDF documents.

ATEX – features:

  • MS Outlook plugin for Office 2010/2013 / 2016-32 and 64bit version
  • Export of attachments from e-mail messages / folders into the file system
  • Configuration and selection of export profiles
  • Selection of attachments by file type / extension
  • Configuration of target startup folder, folder structure, file name using variables from the Email Message
  • Action after the Export Select, Move, Delete Message
  • Export metadata of the message as XLS, CSV, XML, as a whole or individual file
  • Calling a command line application with transfer of parameters
  • Logging of export operations

01_Anhänge aus EMails oder Outlook Ordnern exportieren  02_Auswahl des Export Profils  04_Anhänge können direkt aus der Vorschau exportiert werden  05_Der Anhang Export kann auch aus der geöfneten Nachricht heraus erfolgen  06_Export Einstellungen können über Profile verwaltet werden  07_Für den Export können die Informationen aus Nachricht verwendet werden  08_Aktionen die mit der Nachricht - nach dem Export erfolgen sollen  09_Zusätzlich zum Export der Anhänge können auch die Metadaten exportiert werden  10_Über die Kommandozeilen Integration lassen sich nachgelagerte Anwendungen mit Parmetern aufrufen  11_Über ein Log lassen sich die Exportvorgänge protokollieren

Download – ATEX – MS-OL Plugin – export attachements >>>