eDocPrintPro Plugin – AutoPrint – Product video available

Mit dem eDocPrintPro AutoPrint Plugin können die über den Druckertreiber erzeugten PDF Dokumente automatisch auf einem physischen Drucker (Lokal oder Netzwerk) ausgedruckt werden. Um den Client schnell wieder frei zu bekommen wird auch der PDF2Printer Druckserver unterstützt. Mehrere Plugin Aktionen lassen sich nacheinander ausführen – so kann z.b. zuerst ein Briefpapier hinterlegt und dann ausgedruckt werden. Das Produktvideo zeigt wie es geht.

With the eDocPrintPro AutoPrint Plugin, the PDF documents generated via the printer driver can be automatically printed on a physical printer (local or network). In order to quickly free the client, the PDF2Printer Druckserver is also supported. Several plugin actions can be executed one after the other – so can z.b. First a stationery deposited and then printed out. The product video shows how it works.

eDocPrintPro – create several printers / configure different plugin sets – Product video available

The eDocPrintPro tool can be used to add more printers with different names. Each can be configured individually and have different plugin sets / configurations. The user only needs to select a different driver to execute other processing steps. For example to deposit a stationery and print the document or to deposit a stationery to sign the document and send via email. The product video shows how it works.

eDocPrintPro Plugin – PDFExport Settings – Product video available

PDFExport SettingsInstalled as an eDocPrintPro plugin, a large number of functions can be executed after the PDF has been printed, or they can be executed via the eDocPrintPro DropZone via drag & drop or via hot folder for existing PDFs.

Functions: Overlay stationery / underlay, Apply watermark & stamp, Create cover page & insert, PDF Info Fill in fields, Set PDF password, PDF Function restrictions, Create table of contents Bookmarks, Number pages, Number bookmarks

eDocPrintPro free / PDF/A & ZUGFeRD / SDK Version 3.26.2 available

Read out and pass on the number of copies – With version 3.26.2 it is now possible to pass the number of print copies entered via an application as a variable for the file name, as well as at the command line call. Likewise, there is now the possibility to query this information via the eDocPrintPro SDK.

A subsequent printing application eg. AutoPrint, iPaper or PDF2Printer can evaluate this information and print the PDF in the desired number of copies on a physical printer.

Since the evaluation of the entered number of copies slows down the processing speed and is not required for every application, this option is disabled by default.

The activation takes place via the registry key

  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\MAYComputer\eDocPrintPro\<Drucker-Name>
  • DWORD Wert “NumCopies” = 1 zum Aktivieren oder 0 zum Deaktivieren.


Download – eDocPrintPro free Version

Download – eDocPrintPro PDF/A & ZUGFeRD

GhostScript 9.21 Setup

eDocPrintPro free and PDF/A-1b, 2b, 3b & ZUGFeRD Version 3.25.3 available

Create several printersWith the “eDocPrintPro Tool”, additional additional printers with any names can be created.

With version 3.25.2, there were 2 errors that were fixed with version 3.25.3:

  1. When the first additional printer was created, a new printer monitor application was created and started automatically. This additional printer monitor, however, has 100% loaded the computer until the restart.
  2. Only a second additional printer could be created and no more. The other printers were created, but the required monitor application was not automatically started and not entered in the registry. Thus these printers were present in the printer list, but could not be used because no output file was created or the save under dialog was not high.

Create several eDocPrintPro printers – please note:

  1. The default printer created by the setup – “EDocPrintPro” must not be renamed or removed
  2. Additional printers can be created with any names and settings – The program “eDocPrintPro Tool” must be used to create this printer.
  3. For each additionally created printer a <print name> Monitor.exe is created, started and entered in the registry under “RUN”.
  4. If no PDF file is created for one of the created printers or if there is no “Save as” dialog, check whether the xxxMonitor.exe is present and started, or if the start has been entered correctly under the RUN key in the registry.


Download – eDocPrintPro free Version

Download – eDocPrintPro PDF/A & ZUGFeRD

GhostScript 9.21 Setup