Month: May 2018

PDF2PDFA-CS Converter Service – MS-Windows Service with REST / SOAP Web-Service – convert PDF to PDF/A-1b, 2b, 3b and ZUGFeRD

The PDF2PDFA-CS Converter Service installed as MS-Windows service converts existing PDF files via the REST or SOAP web service interface into the PDF/A-1b, 2b, 3b and ZUGFeRD format standardized for long-term archiving. The processing is based on our .NET – PDF to PDFA converter component.


  • Converts PDF to PDF/A-1b, 2b, 3b and ZUGFeRD formats.
  • MS-Windows Service
  • Multithreading / Parallel Processing
  • Logging of all events. As well as the cause, if a direct PDF/A conversion is not possible.
  • PDF/A Image conversion – if direct PDF/A conversion is not possible.
  • Assignment of PDF/A converter parameters via processing profiles
  • Embed external files as PDF attachments (PDF/A-3b and ZUGFeRD) via ZIP input file.
  • Processes ZIP container to be able to transfer attachments to be embedded as well as ZUGFeRD XML
  • Communication via HTTP / HTTPS – Web service interface via REST or SOAP
  • Web service interface compatible with FileConverterPro
  • .NET C # Sample and test clients for REST and SOAP incl. VisualStudio projects included in the source code.
  • Client applications for hotfolder and command line processing as well as free add-ons for the PDF2PDFA-CS server available.


Download – PDF2PDFA-CS – PDF to PDFA Converter Service >>>

PAM – Product Activation Manager – new Version 2.0

Many of our software products have online product activation. During the first installation of the software, a 30-day demo version is automatically activated. For license management and product activation, every setup along with the application also includes our PAM (Product Activation Manager). Now there is the PAM version 2.0. This will be used from now on in all our new setups.

Innovations PAM 2.0:

  • PAM 2.0 is now always installed in the installation folder of the application and called from there. Previously, a common installation folder was used for all applications.
  • Combined version – 32bit and 64bit. There is no longer a split in 32bit and 64bit applications and licensing – so the display is now the same for all licenses, whether for 32 or 64bit applications.
  • Existing licenses (32bit and 64bit) are read from the registry and also written back – PAM 2.0 is therefore compatible with the previous versions of PAM, in both directions.
  • There is a separate setup to install and use the PAM 2.0 on any machine, even without a new application setup.
  • The communication with our PAM license server is encrypted using HTTPS via SOAP Web Service

Videos – PAM use / licensing:

Download – PAM 2.0 – Product Activation Manager >>>

AutoOCRLight Version 1.17.2 available

Since AutoOCR and AutoOCRLight are based on the same basis, AutoOCRLight version 1.17.2 is now also available together with the AutoOCR version 1.17.2. The “Light” version differs from the AutoOCR full version due to the following limitations:

  • Only one folder can be monitored
  • Only the iOCS / vsOCR and not the Abbyy OCR can be used
  • No PDF/A output is possible
  • The Light version has no web service (REST / SOAP) interface

All other functions are the same as the standard AutoOCR Server

Download – AutoOCRLight – Low Cost OCR Server >>>

AutoOCR Version 1.17.2 – New iOCR Option – Do not or only partially embed fonts

Until now the used font was completely embedded in the created PDF’s. Therefore, especially with input files with one page always quite large PDF output files were generated. However, since the PDFs generated by AutoOCR use an image for display in the foreground and do not require fonts to display, we have changed that. By default, iOCR does not embed PDF fonts. There is the option to embed only the used part of the fonts. Thus, especially for documents that consist of only one or a few pages significantly smaller PDF files are created without embedded fonts.

Download – AutoOCR – OCR Server (ca. 140MB) >>>

eDocPrintPro Plugin – AutoPrint – Product video available

Mit dem eDocPrintPro AutoPrint Plugin können die über den Druckertreiber erzeugten PDF Dokumente automatisch auf einem physischen Drucker (Lokal oder Netzwerk) ausgedruckt werden. Um den Client schnell wieder frei zu bekommen wird auch der PDF2Printer Druckserver unterstützt. Mehrere Plugin Aktionen lassen sich nacheinander ausführen – so kann z.b. zuerst ein Briefpapier hinterlegt und dann ausgedruckt werden. Das Produktvideo zeigt wie es geht.

With the eDocPrintPro AutoPrint Plugin, the PDF documents generated via the printer driver can be automatically printed on a physical printer (local or network). In order to quickly free the client, the PDF2Printer Druckserver is also supported. Several plugin actions can be executed one after the other – so can z.b. First a stationery deposited and then printed out. The product video shows how it works.

eDocPrintPro – create several printers / configure different plugin sets – Product video available

The eDocPrintPro tool can be used to add more printers with different names. Each can be configured individually and have different plugin sets / configurations. The user only needs to select a different driver to execute other processing steps. For example to deposit a stationery and print the document or to deposit a stationery to sign the document and send via email. The product video shows how it works.

eDocPrintPro Plugin – PDFExport Settings – Product video available

PDFExport SettingsInstalled as an eDocPrintPro plugin, a large number of functions can be executed after the PDF has been printed, or they can be executed via the eDocPrintPro DropZone via drag & drop or via hot folder for existing PDFs.

Functions: Overlay stationery / underlay, Apply watermark & stamp, Create cover page & insert, PDF Info Fill in fields, Set PDF password, PDF Function restrictions, Create table of contents Bookmarks, Number pages, Number bookmarks