Month: September 2018

iPaper 3.x – MDX Option – Product Video available – Read content and use as variables

For iPaper version 3.x there is the “MDX – MetaDataXtraction” add-on module. Key features of the PDFmdx application have been integrated into iPaper. Documents can be recognized on the basis of content, the corresponding stationery can be selected, or field, template and layout definitions can be used to read out information from the document. Fields / variables are filled with values which can be used later on in the iPaper actions. Fixed information or information read from the document can also be “stamped” on the PDF as text or as 1D / 2D / QR barcode.

iPaper MDX applications:

  • Automatically select the stationery to be used on the basis of the document contents.
  • For serial letters or document stacks it can be recognized at which page a new document begins to select the stationery again or to start again with the first stationery page.
  • Read e-mail addresses from the document and use them to send the document immediately.
  • Documents can be recognized on the basis of criteria, fields can be read out of the document via layout masks, variables can be assigned and used for iPaper actions such as e.g. e-mail, save as, program call and so on.
  • QR code barcodes (e.g. For quick transfers), 1D / 2D barcodes or text stamps can be applied to vouchers. It is also possible to assign read field contents from the document.

iPaper MDX Product Video – Read content and use as file name:

iPaper Client 3.x – .NET Interface – Control iPaper functions from own applications

With version 3.x of iPaper, there is now also the possibility via a .NET interface to query and set different functions and settings of the iPaper client from own applications. In order to illustrate the available functions or to be able to test, a C # sample project including source code and executable application is available.

Externally controllable functions:

  • Start / stop iPaper processing
  • Display of available stationery
  • Selection of (standard) stationery
  • DropZone – show / hide
  • Request options during processing – yes / no
  • Activate Queue – Yes / No
  • Show Queue
  • Display configured actions as a list, activate / deactivate actions from the list.
  • Export / Import Settings

Download – iPaper Client 3.x – .NET Interface – C# Sampleproject >>>

iPaper Client – Version 3.0.40 available

Innovations – iPaper 3.0.40:

  • Use last stationery as standard –  If this option is checked, the recently used stationery will be set as the new default stationery. If this option is not ticked (default setting) – in the “Query options” processing – the “standard” stationery selected via the configuration or via the Icon Tray function is always selected, irrespective of which stationery was used during the last processing.

  • AutoPrint “Action – default printerIf the option “default printer” is ticked, then in the “query options” processing the default printer set in the operating system is displayed for information.

iPaper 3.x Client Version

GhostScript 9.21 Setup