Month: September 2016

PDFmdx – Version 2.7.1 – with SOAP / REST interface and extensive enhancements and improvements

Innovations PDFmdx Version 2.7.1:

1. Web interface via SOAP / RESTPDFmdx can therefore be integrated into other applications and services. To test which functions via the web services are available, a test client and the source code of this application is installed as a C # project with the Setup.

Features Web-Service Test-Client:

  • List of available templates – Refresh / upload / download / delete
  • edit job – description, selection of layouts, processing without conditions – Yes / No, preliminary parts – by templates, by pages, by field change or when it changes the layout or template.
  • With the “Upload” function a created job is filled” with PDF files for processing
  • “Start” – processing the uploaded PDFs with the job settings on PDFmdx server
  • “Download”: After processing, the results can completely downloaded or viewed on Job Info details and result Files downloaded separately.
  • For the “Download” can be selected if only the PDF output files, only the metadata, or both should be downloaded together.Other data to be processed can be recharged via upload in a created job and “Restart” will also be processed.
  • “Delete” allows delete existing jobs
  • Jobs can be queried and displayed as a list ID, status (created, uploaded, started, finished, downloaded), user, description are displayed. The job list can be filtered by the user and the status.

1_PDFmdx - Web-Service Beispielanwendung mit SourceCode für REST und SOAP  2_PDFmdx Windows Service Prozessor - Web-Service Konfiguration  3_PDFmdx - Web-Service Test-Client um alle verfügbaren Funktionen testen zu können  4_PDFmdx Web-Service Test-Client - Neuen Job anlegen  5_PDFmdx Web-Service Test-Client - Job Details nach dem Ende der Verarbeitung

2. EMail attachment negative listExternal list of email recipients to whom the additional selected attachment should not be sent. The recipients listed only receive the resulting document from the processing. An additionally configured attachment is not sent. All other e-mail recipients receive the additional attachments.

3. eMail replacement listAn E mail address of “To:”, “CC:” and “BC” may be replaced by an external ASCII / TXT list with another email address.

The attachment negative list and the replacement list can be defined generally or per template. The lists of templates override the general conditions laid down in the e-mail configuration lists.

7_PDFmdx Editor - EMail Konfiguration - EMail Adressen ersetzen und Negativ-Liste für Anhänge  8_PDFmdx Prozessor - EMail Konfiguration inkl. EMail Ersatzlisten und Negativ Listen für Anhänge

4. Condition Editor has been extended to copy / cut and paste to existing conditions. Conditions can therefore be exchanged between the templates.

9_PDFmdx Vorlagen Editor - Ausschneiden, Kopieren und Einfügen von Bedingungen

5. The choice of 1D / 2D bar code types for the detection can be set individually for each template and fieldSo far, the barcode types were set uniquely only in general for the whole application and therefore for all the templates and for all fieldsnow it is individually possible to field level.

6. 2D barcode recognition for fields or across the entire page2D barcodes of types DataMatrix, PDF417, Micro QR Code and QR Code can be recognized and read through the whole page or in a field area now.

10_PDFmdx - Vorlagen Editor - 1D und 2D Barcodes Typen können pro Feld für eine Vorlage individuell konfiguriert werden

7. Get the PDF information fields, obtaining date / timeThe PDF information fields as well as the creation and modification date of the source file can be copied to the output file. Without this option, this information will be rewritten.

11_PDFmdx - Vorlagen Editor - PDF Infofelder und Datum der Ausgangsdatei übernehmen und erhalten

8. Suppressing the documents record in XLS / CSV output because with the gliding group (single position data sets) fields all document fields can be output as well.

9. The XML output format has been improved and implemented correctlyThe document fields and the records for the fields of “gliding group” (item fields) are output separately in the XML structure. The used unit “mm” is output as an XML element.

14_PDFmdx - XML Ausgabe - Dokumenten und Positionsfelder als XML #1  15_PDFmdx - XML Ausgabe - Dokumenten und Positionsfelder als XML #2

 10. Search function in the PDF previewtherefore texts in PDF prototype currently displayed file can be searched and highlighed. The search can be carried forward / reverse and runs automatically as a substring search. This feature facilitates checking the conditions and the anchor Search function.

16_PDFmdx - Vorlagen Editor - Suchfunktion in der Voransicht mit Hervorheben der Fundstelle

11The default preview has been set to maximum width at the upper edge of documentspreviously the default view was the vertical center of the document.

12. The test function been revised and extended. The defined condition can be switched off for the test. The layout to be used can be selected manually. So can be displayed regardless of the defined condition, the read-out fields. So the analysis and fine-tuning will be easier. The document fields and the fields of the gliding group are now properly evaluated during the test function and display correctly.

12_PDFmdx - Vorlagen Editor - Testfunktion für Bedinungen und Auslesen der Dokumenten und Positionsfelder #1  13_PDFmdx - Vorlagen Editor - Testfunktion für Bedinungen und Auslesen der Dokumenten und Positionsfelder #2

13. Set Default / default values for fieldsthey can be accessed and used via the% variables. So values can be assigned even if the field is not positioned or if the read-out area is empty.

14. Extensive corrections and bug fixes have been made in the range of page numbers in the conditions fieldsearch anchors, and at page function  of the search anchor definitions. It is now reliably the first search string found found on the specified page and used as an anchor reference for the fields. Likewise, improvements in the text extraction were made – especially with regard to the correct order of the extracted words. With these improvements PDFmdx has been optimized for the processing of scanned or OCR documents.

15. Show/Hide of jobs in the executable PDFmdx processing. In order to increase the clarity of a large number of configured jobs, job definitions can have a checkbox “hiddenand therefore hidden on the user interface.

6_PDFmdx - Prozessor ausführbare Anwendung - Jobs ein und ausblenden

Download – PDFmdx Template Editor & Processor >>>
Download – PDFmdx REST Interface >>>

FileConverterPro (FCpro) – Version 1.0.47 available

With the FC Pro version 1.0.47 has been updated Microsoft SQL Compact that used for internal job management, from version 3.5 to version 4.0. The MS-SQL Compact Software is now no longer installed separately and therefore no longer appears among the installed programs, but is integrated directly into the application FCPro. To avoid collisions with other applications that also install and use MS-SQL CompactNothing has changed at the FC Pro installation requirements.

Download – FileConverterPro (FCpro) ~190MB >>>

eDocPrintPro – PDF / A version 3.24.7 – contains ZUGFeRD format

So far for PDF/A and ZUGFeRD two different products have been offered. With version 3.24.7 eDocPrintPro PDF/A printer driver both products have been combined into one.

The great advantage consequently possible to use all standard eDocPrintPro plugins for ZUGFeRD format.

Each of the available formats PDF/A-1b, PDF/A-3b and ZUGFeRD can be individually licensed and activated. The setup creates a printer named “eDocPrintPro”. Any additional virtual printers can always be created with different names over an installed tool. Here other default settings are possible for each of these virtual printers.

eDocPrintPro PDFA version enthält jetzt auch das ZUGFeRD Format  eDocPrintPro PDFA - alle 3 Formatoptionen können unabhängig voneinender lizensiert und freigeschaltet werden

Download – eDocPrintPro PDF/A & ZUGFeRD

Download – eDocPrintPro PDF/A & ZUGFeRD 32 und 64bit (ca. 63 MB) >>>

GhostScript 9.18.1 Setup

Download – GhostScript 9.18.1 MSI Setup – 32bit (ca. 16MB) >>>
Download – GhostScript 9.18.1 MSI Setup – 64bit (ca.16MB) >>>