Month: August 2016

eDocPrintPro – Plugins on MS Terminal Server / Citrix – connection via Remote app

The Microsoft Terminal Server and Citrix allow programs to start as “Remote Apps” or “Seemless” application. It is not the entire remote desktop but only the application opens itself in a window and presented at the user’s desktopTo make applications available to the user in this way, they must be “published”.

For eDocPrintPro PDF printer driver is “publish” not required this is immediately available to any application.

However, additional plugins can be installed with the driver eDocPrintPro. These plug-ins are not part of the driver but stand-alone programs that are called up as applications by eDocPrintPro. In order for these plug-ins can be used and the dialog masks are displayed to the user, these programs must also be “published”.

1_Publizieren einer Anwendung  2_Zu publizierende anwendung kann ausgewählt oder hinzugefügt werden  3_Auswahl des eDocPrintPro eMail Plugins um das EXE zu publizieren  4_eMail Plugin EXE hinzugefügt  5_eDocPrintPro eMail Plugin wurde publiziert  6_Microsoft Terminalserver - Publizierte Anwendungen