Month: May 2021

ImageProcessing-CL – PDF, TIFF, JPEG, PNG – Image processing via command line

Based on our ImageProcessing base component, ImageProcessing-CL, a command line application for image processing and image enhancement of PDF, TIFF, JPEG and PNG image files, is now available.


  • Command line application.
  • Multithreading / parallel processing ensures a high processing throughput
  • Processes – PDF single files, lists of text files, folders and entire folder structures.
  • Configuration via user interface.
  • The selected functions, their parameters and processing sequence are managed via profiles.
  • Several functions can be executed one after the other in a predefined order.
  • Profile functions: new, copy, delete, rename, export to file, import from file.
  • Option to process PDF scans / pages with image information only or all PDF pages.
  • Loading a sample page and testing the image processing commands with a preview of the output and result files.
  • The resolution, compression and quality parameters can be configured for PDF rendering.
  • Logging.


Individual image processing functions:

  • Detect and remove blank pages.
  • Auto rotate pages
  • Straighten pages
  • Invert images (black to white)
  • Remove black border
  • Trim the edge
  • Remove impurities
  • Remove perforations
  • Remove lines
  • Convert color / grayscale to black / white </ a >

Download – ImageProcessing-CL   command line >>>
Download – ImageProcessing-CL Readme >>>

iPaper MS-Office Plugin Version 1.0.6 available

Ab der aktuellen iPaper Client Version 3.0.82 kann der neue iPaper Microsoft Office Plugin installiert und verwendet werden. Damit können die wesentlichen iPaper Funktionen direkt aus MS-Word bzw. MS-Excel heraus gesteuert werden. Ein eigener “iPaper PDF” Button erzeugt direkt, ohne Druckvorgang, aus MS-Office heraus eine PDF Datei, welche sofort von iPaper is processed further. The selected letterhead is used and the subsequent processing steps are carried out on the basis of the selected action profile.

iPaper MS Office plugin functions:

  • Generates a PDF directly from MS-Word / MS-Excel, without printing, for further processing by the iPaper Client
  • Select stationery
  • Selection of the action profile for further processing
  • DropZone – switch on / off
  • Query options – switch on / off
  • Queue – switch on / off
  • Show queue
  • Embed source document – yes / no

A new function, which is not available with the iPaper Client alone, offers the possibility of embedding the original document as DOCX / XLSX directly in the generated PDF as an attachment. This makes it possible to archive the PDF together with the editable original file in a single file or to pass it on to others for editing.


  • iPaper Client from version 3.0.82 – installed and started
  • iPaper Client API / “General Settings” activated
  • MS-Word / MS-Excel – MS-Office – 32 or 64bit – current versions

The iPaper MS Office Plugin uses the iPaper API interface to communicate with the iPaper Client application. Since the iPaper API is not active by default, it must first be activated. Then iPaper must be closed and restarted.