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PDF2Printer – Version 2.0.22 – Print pages / areas, extended PCF control file

Innovations PDF2Printer Version 2.0.22:

Print specific pages / ranges of pages:

  • Page ranges – from / to – with the minus sign: e.g. 6-8
  • Individual pages – separated by a comma: e.g. 1,4,6-8
  • All pages from a certain page to the end of the document – with the dollar sign: e.g. 1,4,6-8,10- $

Extended PCF control file:

An essential function of PDF2Printer is the possibility of controlling the printing process via a PCF- Print Control Format File. The PCF control file has now been expanded to include the new functions of the PDFPrint .NET component.

PDF2Printer can monitor an input folder. PDF files that end up in it are printed out immediately with the configured standard settings. Any subfolders can be created in the monitored folder into which PDF files are copied. The printout of these PDF files can only be triggered via a * .PCF file.

A PCF file can contain the names of one or more PDF files to be printed. The PDF to be printed must already exist in the subfolder before the PCF file is created there or copied into it. The PCF file can contain one or more lines, one line per PDF. Printed PDF files will be deleted. Once all files have been printed and the subfolder is empty, the subfolder and the PCF file are also automatically deleted.


Syntax of the PCF lines:

<PDF file name> \ t <Printer name> \ t <Paper tray type>: <Paper tray name> \ t <Copies> \ t <Grayscale> \ t <Page range>

  • \ t = TAB Character as a separator between the parameters.
  • & lt; PDF file name & gt; = Name of the PDF file to be printed, without path, the PDF must be in the same subfolder as the PCF file.
  • & lt; Printer Name & gt; and & lt; Tray_Type & gt;: & lt; Tray_Name & gt; = Can be found in the “printers.pnames” file. This file is automatically created by the PDF2Printer application when the service is started in the monitored folder and contains the list of all available printers / paper feed trays. Please note that the system account under which a Windows service runs by default does not have access to network printers. Therefore a user account should be used. You should log in with this user account, perform the PDF2Printer configuration and test the printer under this user account. This user should then also be used for the PDF2Printer service. This ensures that the PDF2Printer service has the same printers available as when configuring via the user interface.
  • & lt; Copies & gt; = Number of copies for the printout
  • & lt; Grayscale & gt; = true / false – Whether to print in color or in grayscale.
  • & lt; Pages area & gt; = Individual pages separated by a comma, from / to with the minus sign, or up to the end of the file with the $ sign: e.g. 1,3-4,10 – $ </ li>

Download – PDF2Printer – Service to automatically print PDFs >>>

PDFPrint-FM version 1.3.0 – Start print processing via *.rd file trigger

With the PDFPrint-FM version 1.3.0, there is now also the possibility to trigger the start of the print processing not only via the PDF files to be printed, but via a “*.rd” file.

If a file with the extension “*.rd” is copied to a monitored folder or if it is available at a certain time, all PDF files for this event in the folder will be printed. This makes it possible to specify the exact time at which the printout of the PDFs should start and trigger it externally.

Download – PDFPrint-FM –  Folder Monitoring – Prints PDF´s >>>

PDFPrint-FM Version 1.2.4 available

PDFPrint-FM version 1.2.4 is now based on the latest PDFPrint .NET component.

The following new extensions are also available for the PDFPrint Folder Monitoring Version:

  • New additional „Advanced“ printing method
  • Paper source selectable
  • Number of copies adjustable

PDFPrint-FM requires the .NET Runtime 4.6 as of version 1.2.4. The setup checks if this version is present and if not it will automatically be downloaded and installed from the internet during the installation process. .NET 4.6 Runtime is already available with Windows 10.

Download – PDFPrint-FM –  Folder Monitoring – Prints PDF’s >>>

PDF2Printer – Version 2.0.11 available

Innovations PDF2Printer Version 2.0.11:

  • Based on the latest PDFPrint Component 1.0.3
  • New additional “Advanced” printing method
  • Number of copies can be controlled via the PCF file. Multiple copies are no longer printed multiple times, but sent directly to the printer together with the required number of printouts as a single job.
  • Paper feed presettable, or it can also be overriden by PCF file individually for the PDF file to be printed.
  • The PCF control file has been extended with parameters for the number of copies and paper feed controls.

PCF print control file:

  • Triggers the start of the printout.
  • PCF file contains separated with tab: path of the PDF to be printed, name of the printer, paper tray (ID of the tray and name of the tray separated by “:”), number of copies.
  • PDF2Printer creates the file “printers.pnames“. In this file, the names of the available printers as well as the ID’s and name of the paper trays are to be found.


Download – PDF2Printer –  Service to print PDF’s automatically >>>

PDF2Printer – Version 2.0.5 available

The PDF2Printer version 2.0.5 has implemented a new, much faster and more efficient PDF printing method. Previously, the PDF documents for printing were first converted to a graphics file with the resolution of the printer. However, the printer had a high resolution, eg. 600dpi or more, so large print data was generated, consumed many resources and a printout with many pages took a correspondingly long time.

Innovations PDF2Printer Version 2.0.5:

  • New direct PDF print output without PDF to Image conversion.
  • Much faster print output with fewer resources, especially on many pages and high printer resolution.
  • Alternative: PDF image print with adjustable resolution – standard: 300dpi.
  • PDF image printing also offers scaled print output and automatic page orientation.
  • Configurable timeout for printing – default – 120sec.


Download – PDF2Printer –  Service to print PDFs automatically >>>

PDF2Printer – New Version 2.0.2

What’s New PDF2Printer Version 2.0.2:

  • New PDF printing engine delivers improved quality when printing 1D and 2D barcodes – Barcodes can be generated and displayed in PDF via barcode fonts, lines or graphics. Certain label printers, however, had problems with the printing engine used so far and the prints were out of focus or had “stapling effects” on the black edges. Especially with 1D / 2D barcodes, this can lead to the barcode recognition no longer working reliably. This problem has now been fixed with the new PDF printing engine – sharp edges are now always generated and printed.
  • New function – print mode / scaling: Now you have the possibility to control the scaling of the prints as with the Adobe Reader
    • Fit to page – optimizes the printout – preserves the page ratio – adjusts the print horizontally or vertically to the maximum of the page.
    • Current size = 1: 1 – The printing is done with 100% – there is no adjustment to the page size
    • Decrease to page – If a print is smaller than the page, the printout will be 100%, If the print is larger than the page, the print will be reduced to fit the page.
    • Scaling (%) – Standard = 100% – Here you can adjust the size of the print up or down over a% set.
  • New function – Alignment: Alignment can be either automatic or fixed.
    • Automatic – For example, An A4 horizontal format for printing automatically to A4 high. The sheet is thus optimally utilized. Scaling is also not necessary in this case.
    • Portrait / Landscape – The print always takes place in the configured page orientation – The printout is adjusted to the page. An A4 aspect ratio is reduced so that it can be printed on an A4 portrait page.


PDF2Printer - Neue Druckfunktionen - Ausrichtung & Druck Modus

Download – PDF2Printer –  Service to print PDF’s automatically >>>

PDF2Printer – output to network printer

PDF2Printer is installed as a service and on default runs under the “LOCAL SYSTEM account”. This account however has no permissions to access network-ressources. Therefor with the standard installation it can’t be output to a network printer. These also aren’t included in the file “printers.pnames”. To be able to use network printers the service has to run under a user account which has the according rights in the network. The best way is to log into the system with the user which should be used and to check if the user “sees” the printer and is also able to print on it. After that the PDF2Printer server can be configured and started under this user. With that all printers (local & network) which are available to the user should be contained in the “printers.pnames” file.

Download – PDF2Printer –  service for printing PDF’s automated >>>