Month: April 2015

DropConvert – overview video available

The new overview video shows a quick summary about the most important features of DropConvert to convert any documents to PDF or PDF/A via the FileConverterPro server / service directly from the Windows Desktop.

DropOCR – version 1.3.2 available

With the DropOCR version 1.3.2 the parallel upload as well as the communication with the AutoOCR server was completely revised. By that all deficiencies of the previous version were fixed. Especielly with large documents with a lot of pages, long processing times and a big amount of documents to be processed there were problems with the processing – not all documents were processed, errors which didn’t occur got logged or the communication with the AutoOCR server was aborted. All of these problems are now fixed with the version 1.3.2.

DropZone & DropOCR icon tray context menu  DropOCR - Konfiguration

Download – DropOCR >>>

EMail Archiver für FileConverterPro – Version 3.0.3

Innovations version 3.0.3:

  • Extension of the background processing – jobs can be deleted from the queue. At “Stop” of the processing active conversions can be aborted or finished.
  • All jobs can be selected (mode – “Stop”)
  • Amount of jobs in the queue is displayed
  • When the background processing is active the queue can also be accessed via a button from the MS-Outlook user interface directly
  • post-processing-steps – mark email, move email to another folder, delete email – now also are done with the background processing automatically and logged – before the function “Update” had to be executed.

1_Neue_Funktionen_Context_Menu_Warteschlange  2_Icon_tray_context_menu  3_Löschen eines Jobs aus der Warteschlange

Download – EMail Archiver MS-Outlook Plugin for FileConverterPro >>>

For testing purposes the FileConverter Pro Testserver, hosted by us, can be used – it is set by default after installation of the EMail Archiver.