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HTML2PDF-CSS Converter Service – Windows service with REST / SOAP web service – converts HTML and web links to PDF and PDF / A

In addition to the HTML2PDF-CL command line application, the HTML to PDF or PDF / A converter is now also available in a CS version as a Windows service with a REST / SOAP web service interface.

Features HTML2PDF-CS:

  • Several HTML and URL / TXT web link files can be converted to PDF and combined into a PDF or PDF / A complete file.
  • Processes ZIP, CHTML, CHTM containers as well as web links via URL and TXT files.
  • A single TXT file can also contain multiple web links.
  • CHTML, CHTM – are ZIP files that combine all necessary files (HTML, external images, PDF) in a single container file. A ZIP can also contain URLs or TXT files with web links.
  • The sorting is based on the name of the input files (HTML. PDF, TXT, URL).
  • Insert PDF bookmarks based on the structure of the ZIP with HTML, URL, TXT files.
  • MS Windows service
  • Multithreading / parallel conversion
  • Logging – errors / all processing,
  • Configuration of the conversion parameters (page size, margins …) via profiles (new, copy, edit, delete, export, import)
  • Communication via HTTP / HTTPS – web service interface via REST or SOAP
  • Web service interface compatible with FileConverterPro
  • .NET C # sample and client test application for REST and SOAP incl. VisualStudio projects included in the source code.
  • Free add-on clients for hot folders (CS-FM), drop (Drop-CS), and command line (CS-CL) processing available.

HTML2PDF-CS options:


Download – HTML2PDF-CS – Converter Service über REST & SOAP  >>>


HTML2PDF-CL (HTML to PDF) – Version 1.1.0 – Generate PDF via URL / web link

Innovations HTML2PDF-CL (HTML to PDF) Version 1.1.0:

  • Generate PDF from URL/web link: With the new version, PDF and PDF/A files can be generated directly via a URL or via web links without the HTML being available locally on the computer. The URL is transferred via a *.url file, web links via a TXT file. Multiple URL files can also be processed into a single or a total PDF file using a ZIP file.


  • Integrated PDF/A converter component: Using the integrated PDF/A converter component, PDF/A-1, PDF/A-2, PDF/A-3 and also ZUGFeRD PDF can now be generated from an HTML or a web page/link.

  • Integrated PDFCompressor component: With the help of the PDFCompressor component, the generated PDF can be optimized and compressed in order to create the smallest and most compact PDF possible.

The PDF/A converter and the PDFCompressor are functions that are activated separately. If there is no valid license, the PDF will be converted and/or compressed, but a demo stamp will be applied.

Download – HTML2PDF-CL –  command-line application >>>
Download – Readme / Help – HTML2PDF-CL >>>

HTML2PDF-CL – command line application – generates a total PDF from several HTML/PDF files

HTML2PDF-CL (HTML to PDF) is a command line application to convert HTML to PDF. But also several HTML files can be converted at once and merged, sorted by name, into a total PDF file. Existing PDF files can also be used as input files, alone or mixed with HTML files. In order to be able to jump to the documents in the total PDF file, a bookmark is added to the total PDF file for each individual file.

Features HTML2PDF-CL:

  • Command line application to convert HTML to PDF.
  • Several HTML as well as PDF can be combined to a total PDF file.
  • Processes ZIP, CHTML, CHTM container files or via file and folder specification.
  • CHTML, CHTM – are ZIP files which summarize all required files (HTML, external images, PDF) in a single container file.
  • The sorting takes place via the name of the input files (HTML, PDF) or via a TXT file.
  • Control of the conversion parameters (page size, margins …) via profiles.
  • Profile management and configuration takes place via a user interface.
  • Merge / Single file processing – Yes / No.
  • Subfolder Processing – Yes / No.
  • Delete the output file – Yes / No.


Download – HTML2PDF-CL –  command line application >>>
Download – Readme / Help – HTML2PDF-CL >>>