Month: July 2016

PDFmdx – Version 2.5.0 available

Innovations PDFmdx Version 2.5.0:

  • pmdx – template Export / Import – The PDF prototype files of all layouts are now included in the file PMDX. Was previously a template from the PDFmdx Editor exported and imported on another computer again, so the PDF prototype file had copied separately and be available on the target computer in the correct path before calling. Was it not present, the position was lost and the fields had to be re-inserted. The PDF prototypes are now included in the PMDX file and will no longer be stored externally. This simplifies the exchange, as well as run the PDFmdx Editor and PDFmdx processor on different computers.

6_PDFmdx - Export & Import von Vorlagen - die PDF Prototypen Dateien aller Layouts werden mit der pmdx Datei exportiert und wieder importiert

  • Sites and Dividers (advance) deleteVia conditions pages and Dividers can be detected and be deleted before or during processing. If the deleted page will not be used for the detection of the layout or to split, there is a separate function to delete the recognized side “before processing”. In this case, first all pages to be deleted are searched and the further detections and divisions for theremaining document carried out only in a second passage. The criterion can be set on a selected field or “the whole page”. Also the search can be done on a particular page, a series of pages, or all pages. It is possible to work with an exact string, or by using wildcards as #,? and *.

1_PDFmdx - dieses Trennblatt soll gelöscht werden  2_PDFmdx - Seiten nur löschen, Das Layout soll hier nicht erkannt werden, Trennung wird auch nicht durchgeführt  3_PDFmdx - Sollen Dokumente an der Trennseite auch geteilt werden so ist dies auch möglich

  • Pre-split of document stack with reference to layout or templateAre different layouts or templates contained in a stack of documents, and the various documents to be recognized on the basis of criteria and divided into individual documents, so this should be done in PDFmdx processor using the “up-front parts, if the layout or template changes . A in a layout defined “S = Split” condition affects the stack of documents only with the same layout, not across different layouts and templates. Exist the documents to be processed already as separate individual documents, so this option is not needed.

4_PDFmdx - Unterschiedliche Belege = Layouts werden erkannt und geteilt falls sich gleiche Belege hintereinander befinden  5_PDFmdx - Für die Verarbeitung von Dokumentenstapel müssen die Dokumente vor der Erkennung noch geteilt werden - dies erfolgt auf Basis der Layouts und Vorlagen

  • Barcode – Recognition – The field types, there is now the option of selecting “barcode”. So 1D barcodes can be recognized within the marked field area. The bar code value is returned as a field content. On the bar code settings can be set which barcode types to be detected. The barcode recognition is performed directly at the field position and in test function. So is immediately visible whether the bar code is recognized and what is the value of the barcode.

7_PDFmdx - Der Feldtyp Barcode ermöglicht das Auslesen von Barcodes innerhalb des festgelegten Feldbereiches  07_PDFmdx - Feldtyp Barcode  8_PDFmdx - Mit den Barcode Einstellungen kann festgelegt werden welche Barcode Typen erkannt werden sollen

  • Date- and Time-Format of the Output-Variables configurable The format for output variables% DATE% and% TIME% can now be specified individually on the variables “dd” “mm” “yyyy” and “hh”, “mm”, “ss”.

9_PDFmdx - Datums und Zeitformatierung für die Ausgabevariablen DATE und TIME individuell konfigurierbar

  • Test function displays the extracted and conditioned field contents – For the test function the display of the PDF Extract, and also conditioned by the field definition Field contents, which are used by PDFmdx for further processing.

10_PDFmdx - Extrahierte Feldinhalte können aufbereitet werden  11_PDFmdx - Testfunktion zeigt sowohl den extrahierten als auch den aufbereiteten Feldinhalt an

  • Text bzw. 1D/2D Barcode Stempel aufbringen – PDFmdx can read texts from PDF documents and it may text or barcode stamp applied to the pages. In this case, fixed text, standard variables such as date, time, calculator, user, template name, layout page number, page number overall but also read out field values are used on configured variables. For text-stamp font style, font size, color, and formatting are – bold, italic, outline, underline, strikethrough as parameters available. The text alignment can be selected within the position box – Left / Center / Right, Top / Center / Bottom. A value can also be applied as a 1D / 2D barcode stamp. There are 36 types of bar codes to choose from. Another parameter determines whether the stamp to be applied to specific pages in a page area, on all pages or only on the last page.

12_PDFmdx - Ein über den Barcode ausgelesene Wert wird als QR-Code auf dem Dokument aufgebracht  13_PDFmdx - Die ausgelesene Rechnugnsnummer soll als CODE128 Barcode auf allen Seiten aufgebracht werden  14_PDFmdx - Text und Barcode Stempel können aufgebracht und ausgelesene Werte als Inhalt verwendet werden  15_PDFmdx - Barcode als QR-Code und Rechnugsnummer als Barcode aufgestempelt

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