Month: February 2015

QiScan – Software for (book-)scanner based on NIKON / CANON digital cameras

The QiScan Software developed by us is able to digitalize books or magazines via two high resolution NIKON or CANON digital cameras plugged to a normal PC.

Every 4 to 7 seconds two high resolution pictures of both opposite sites are taken. With the Qidenus scan-robots the page-turns is done either manuelly or also fully automated.

Qidenus – – whose scan-robots we developed this software for, is an austrian startup company which distributes it’s solutions world wide. Qidenus scan-robots are operated at many famous institutions and are used to digitalize huge amounts of partially very old and valuable books and documents.


QiScan funktions overview:

  • Usage of standard hardware: PC’s as well as high resolution NIKON and CANON reflex digital cameras are the base for high-quality (book-)scanners.
  • Every 4 to 7 seconds (depends on the camera, resolution and data format) 2 images (RAW, TIFF, JPEG) are taken and passed to the PC.
  • The job-oriented processing is done through a SQL database
  • Control of the scan-processes via integration with the SPS control of the Qidenus scan-robot
  • Immediate preview of the scans in the user interface for quality check and to set the scan-area of both opposite pages
  • Extensive image processing functions for reworking of the scans
  • Export of the scans in the most important formats (TIFF, JPEG, PDF) also with OCR
  • Background batch-processing of the jobs (conversion, image-processing, OCR, export) on the same or on remote batch-computers.

Supported camera-models:

  • NIKON D800 / D810
  • CANON EOS 700D
  • CANON EOS 5D Mark II

With this project we have extensive and year-long experience in using and driving digital cameras as “color-scanners” for automated continous operations.

EMail Archiver for FCpro – version 2.0.8

Innovations version 2.0.8:

  • Function to convert one or multiple messages and/or attachements or to create an overall-PDF from it and to insert the created PDF file(s) as attachement to a new email directly. (“PDF conversion / new email” or “create overall PDF / new email”)
  • Funktion um eine oder mehrere markierte Nachrichten bzw. Anhänge zu konvertieren bzw. daraus ein Gesamt PDF zu erzeugen und die erzeugte PDF Datei(en) gleich direkt als Anhang in eine neu zu erstellende EMail einzufügen. (“PDF Konvertierung / EMail Neu” bzw. “Erzeuge Gesamt PDF / EMail neu”)
  • Complete integration of the EMail Archiver functions into the MS-Outlook user-interface on any place intended for it – folders, lists, opened email messages, preview – via the context-menus as well as the buttons and tabs of the MS-Outlook windows. Processing of single or multiple emails and their attachements or email-folder – from the tree-structure, from the lists, from the opened message or from the document preview.

1 EMail Archiver Outlook Plugin - Verarbeitung einzelner oder mehrere markierter EMails in der Liste  2 EMail Archiver Outlook Plugin - Verarbeitung ganzer EMail Folder bzw  3 EMail Archiver Outlook Plugin - Verarbeitung aus der geöffneten Nachricht heraus für die Nachricht bzw

4 EMail Archiver Outlook Plugin - Geöffntete Nachricht - Verarbeitung mehrer markierter Anhänge  5 EMail Archiver Outlook Plugin - Anhänge können auch aus der voransicht heraus markiert und verarbeitet werden  6 EMail Archiver Outlook Plugin - Verarbeitung mehrere markierter Anhänge aus der Voransicht heraus

  • user-interface language switchable – german / english – automatically, depending on the system language
  • Spreading and presetting of the configuration via XML template file – C:\ProgramData\EmailArchiver\Config\configSettings.XML

EMail Archiver configuration:

1 EMail Archiver- Konfiguration - FCpro Login  2 EMail Archiver- Konfiguration - Archivierung  3.1 EMail Archiver- Konfiguration - Meatdaten Export
3.2 EMail Archiver- Konfiguration - Meatdaten Export  5 EMail Archiver- Konfiguration - Hintergrundverarbeitung  6 EMail Archiver- Konfiguration - Logging

EMail Archiver configuration – PDF Export settings:

4.1 EMail Archiver- Konfiguration - PDFExport Settings - Allgemeine Informationen  4.2 EMail Archiver- Konfiguration - PDFExport Settings - Variablenbelegung  4.3 EMail Archiver- Konfiguration - PDFExport Settings - Öffnen Modus

4.4 EMail Archiver- Konfiguration - PDFExport Settings - PDF Sicherheitseinstellungen  4.5 EMail Archiver- Konfiguration - PDFExport Settings - Seitennummerierung  4.6 EMail Archiver- Konfiguration - PDFExport Settings - Overlay & Underlay

4.7 EMail Archiver- Konfiguration - PDFExport Settings - Nummerierung Lesezeichen  4.8 EMail Archiver- Konfiguration - PDFExport Settings - Deckblatt  4.9 EMail Archiver- Konfiguration - PDFExport Settings - Inhaltsverzeichnis

4.9.1 EMail Archiver- Konfiguration - PDFExport Settings - Editor für Inhaltsverzeichnis  4.10 EMail Archiver- Konfiguration - PDFExport Settings - Textstempel

Download – EMail Archiver MS-Outlook Plugin for FileConverterPro >>>

For tests the FileConverter Pro testserver, hosted by us, can be used – this is preset in the EMail Archiver after the installation.

FileConverterPro-CL – new version 1.0.8

Innovations version 1.0.8:

  • Folder/subfolder-processing – With this all files inside the input-folder defined by the /in= parameter will be processed and stored in the output-folder defined by the /out= parameter. With the additional parameter /subfolder also subfolder-structures can be processed. Inside the output-folder the structure of the input-folder is rebuilt 1:1 exactly the same.
  • Displaying and saving of the FCpro – profiles – via /showprofile all profiles available on the FCpro server get read, saved in an ASCII file and displayed. This is to prevent false inputs when using the wanted profile-names in the command-line.
  • Error-folder – via /err= a individual error-folder can be passed. In case of an error the file is moved to this folder. If the parameter isn’t set the configured standard folder will be used.
  • Option – protocol all commandline requests – This function can be helpful with the analysis of programmatical commandline calls. With it all parameters passed via commandline will be protocolled inside the log-file
  • Option – configuration of the amount of threads for the upload to the FCpro Server – default = 5
  • Posibility to preset or spread the configuration-settings (XML file) – C:\ProgramData\FileConverterPro-CL\FCpro-CLSettings.xml

Commandline parameters:

5_FileConverterPro - Commandline Optionen - ReadMe

4_FileConverterPro-CL- Commandline Optionen  2_FileConverterPro-CL - Verbindungs Einstellungen  3_FileConverterPro-CL- Einstellungen

1_FileConverterPro-CL- Programmverknüpfungen

Download – FileConverterPro – commandline setup >>>

ReadMe – FileConverterPro – commandline 1.0.8 >>>

FileConverterPro – Java & JavaScipt – REST library

To use the FileConverterPro Server with Java or JavaScript, we offer an “all-in-one” version of a client-JAR, which already implements all necessary external libraries. Therefor for the usage only an installed Java 8 is required.

The JavaScript-file example.js shows the usage of this JAR with JavaScript and is an extensive Sample which illustrates the most common use-cases.

The Script can be used with Java 8 like this:

$ jjs -cp FCproClient-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar exmaple.js

Details about the jjs tool can be found on the Oracle-website or  at the project Oracle Nashorn – A Next-Generation JavaScript Engine for the JVM.

Download – FileConverterPro Client JAR >>>

Download – FileConverterPro  – sample.js >>>