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PDFPrint-FM Version 1.4.0 – Save / restore configuration

With version 1.4.0 of PDFPrint-FM it is now possible to save the configuration automatically or manually and to perform a restore at any time. With the automatic backup, a new XML backup file is created in the “Backup” folder with every configuration change. The names are given according to the date and time. You can set how long the backups are retained before they are overwritten. You can optionally switch to manual backup. The settings are then backed up manually if required. The settings can be restored at any time by selecting the XML backup file from the backup folder.


Download – PDFPrint-FM –  FolderMonitoring – prints PDF´s >>>

PDFPrint-FM – Product video

The product video about PDFPrint-FM shows the most important functions to print PDF files automatically using monitored folders on physical printers locally or in the network:

Download – PDFPrint-FM –  Folder Monitoring – Prints PDF >>>

PDFPrint .NET component version 1.2.1 – Automatic printer profile selection

The PDFPrint .NET component is used to print PDF without having Adobe Reader installed. PDFPrint is available in the product variants – FM- Folder Monitoring, CL – Commandline, CS – Web-Service, DropPrint and as an eDocPrintPro Plugin.

With the PDFPrint .NET component version 1.2.1 it is now possible to have the printer profile and thus the printer selected automatically. The number of pages of the PDF to be printed serves as a criterion. This allows for documents to be output specifically on specified printers.


Download – PDFPrint –  Prints PDF´s >>>

eDocPrintPro Plugin – PDFPrint – Product Video

With the eDocPrintPro PDFPrint Plugin, the PDF documents generated by the printer can be automatically printed on a physical printer (local or network).

The following video shows how to install and configure the plugin:

Download – eDocPrintPro – PDFPrint Plugin >>>

PDFPrint-FM version 1.3.0 – Start print processing via *.rd file trigger

With the PDFPrint-FM version 1.3.0, there is now also the possibility to trigger the start of the print processing not only via the PDF files to be printed, but via a “*.rd” file.

If a file with the extension “*.rd” is copied to a monitored folder or if it is available at a certain time, all PDF files for this event in the folder will be printed. This makes it possible to specify the exact time at which the printout of the PDFs should start and trigger it externally.

Download – PDFPrint-FM –  Folder Monitoring – Prints PDF´s >>>

PDFPrint-CS-FM – Hotfolder / Folder Monitoring for the PDFPrint-CS PDF Print Service

PDFPrint-CS-FM is a free add-on application for the PDFPrint-CS PDF print service to monitor one or more inbox folders and to remotely print all existing or newly added PDF files via web service.

The functions are fully in line with the PDFPrint-FM application, but the expression is not “local” but “remote” via HTTPS via the SOAP web service interface


Download – PDFPrint-CS-FM – Ordnerüberwachung für PDFPrint-CS >>>

DropPrint – Print PDF’s automatically via DropZone and monitored folders

DropPrint is an executable MS-Windows printing application that can be started automatically. DropPrint makes it possible to print several PDF documents at once directly via Drag&Drop or via a monitored folder to printers – locally or via network.  DropPrint is based on our PDFPrint – C#/.NET Component and does not require any additional application such as Adobe Reader, etc.

Functions DropPrint:

  • Executable MS-Windows application with autostart function
  • Automatic print of single or multiple PDF’s
  • Printout by dragging the PDF’s onto a Drag&Drop and/or
  • Printout by monitoring a folder / folder structure
  • Print profiles – New, Copy, Change Name, Delete, Import, Export – allow easy and quick change of printer settings (printer, tray, copies…)
  • Print profile can be displayed before printing to change settings
  • Optional print preview with possibility to change the parameters (printer, settings, copies, page area, page size, orientation, paper feed)


Download – DropPrint >>>

PDFPrint Service CS – Client / Server Print – Version 1.1.6 available

PDFPrint Service CS Version 1.1.6 is now based on the latest PDFPrint .NET component.

The following extensions are available:

  • New additional „Advanced“ printing method
  • Paper source selectable
  • Number of copies adjustable

PDFPrint Service CS requires .NET Runtime 4.6 as of version 1.1.6. The setup checks if this version is present and if not it will automatically be downloaded and installed from the internet during the installation process. .NET 4.6 Runtime is already available with Windows 10.

Download – PDFPrint Service CS – Prints PDF’s via HTTP / HTTPS >>>

eDocPrintPro – PDFPrint Plugin version 1.1.0 available

eDocPrintPro PDFPrint Plugin 1.1.0 is now based on the current PDFPrint .NET component.

The following new extensions are also available for the eDocPrintPro PDFPrint Plugin:

  • New additional „Advanced“ printing method
  • Interactive print preview
  • Paper source selectable
  • Number of copies adjustable

The eDocPrintPro PDFPrint Plugin requires .NET Runtime 4.6 as of version 1.1.0. The setup checks if this version is present and if not it will automatically be downloaded and installed from the internet during the installation process. .NET 4.6 Runtime is already available with Windows 10.

Download – eDocPrintPro – PDFPrint Plugin >>>