eDocPrintPro – Printing from a Windows Service – what to consider?

Can you get out of an application that runs as a Windows service, print on eDocPrintPro? What is to be considered?

PBasically, that’s no problem. One has only to be aware that a Windows service runs by default under the System Account”If you install plug-ins as the AddOverlayplugin to attach a stationery, oder man konfiguriert bestimmte Einstellungen für den eDocPrintPro Treiber ( e.g. that the output is to be in a specific folder with a specific name or that after an EXE or CMD to be executed),  you have to remember that all settings and configurations are stored under the currently logged-on user. But you also can not log on as System Account” to make the configuration.


  1. Install eDocPrintPro and the required plugins as a local administrator on the desired computer.
  2. Create an account under which the service should run and assign the appropriate authorizations. If you want to access a network share, so this account must have the appropriate rights.
  3. Sign up under this account on the computer and make all the required settings and configurations, which will then be used by the service that way. Test the functions and settings.
  4. Run the service application under this created account and NOT use the System Account”