PDFPrint .NET Component version 1.3.6 – print certain pages / range of pages

With the PDFPrint .NET component version 1.3.6 it is now possible to print only certain pages (individual pages, page areas, all pages up to the end of the document) of the PDF document


  • Page ranges – from / to – with the minus sign: e.g. 6-8
  • Individual pages – separated by a comma: e.g. 1,4,6-8
  • All pages from a certain page to the end of the document – with the dollar sign: e.g. 1,4,6-8,10- $

Since all of our PDFPrint products – PDFPrint-CL, FM, CS, PDF2Printer, eDocPrintPro PDFPrint Plugin – are based on the PDFPrint .NET component, this new function is automatically available in all new versions of our PDFPrint products.

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