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EMail Archiver for FileConverterPro – Version 4.4.1

Innovations Version 4.4.1:

  • Integration – MSG ExportWith the function for archiving together with the Commandline integration for further processing, only the PDF file generated from the message was previously made available in the “Download folder”Now the MSG with the same name is also exported in the same folder. Thus, downstream programs that are called by commandline also have access to the MSG file.

EMail Archiver- Nachgelagerte Verarbeitung - MSG wird ebenfalls exportiert #1  EMail Archiver- Nachgelagerte Verarbeitung - MSG wird ebenfalls exportiert #2

  • Integration – Commandline % VariablesError correction – these are now used correctly.
  • Background processing – suppress confirmation messageIf jobs are inserted into the background processing queue, the user will receive a message that he must confirm. This display can now be deactivated via a checkbox whereby the complete processing and archiving is done silently.

EMail Archiver - Hintergrundverarbeitung - Keine Bestätigung anzeigen

Download – EMail Archiver MS-Outlook Plugin for FileConverterPro >>>

For tests the hosted  FileConverter Pro Testserver can be used – this is already pre-set in the EMail Archiver after installation.

File Converter Pro – temporary files & Jobs – Paths Change / Delete automatically

File Converter Pro uses a series of temporary folders in the processing of documents. Likewise, the jobs are managed in an SQL database and the Input / Output files are stored in email folders. If a large number of documents are processed in a short period, then can accumulate large amounts of data in the temporary and in the job-folders. Especially when the FCPro server has a high throughput (eg by many CPU cores (16)), then large amounts of data can accumulate in a few days (in the gigabyte range). The disk capacity and configuring in days, how long the data is kept, should be adjusted accordingly.

That is why it is important to know

  • Where the temporary files / jobs are stored?
  • How can you change the default paths and place elsewhere?
  • How can you adjust how long to keep these data?
  • When will the temporary files and jobs deleted?

When FCPro processing following temporary folders are used:

  • Jobs: C: \ Program Data \ File Converter Pro \ WCF jobs. The path can be configured via the User Interface. In Jobs folder, a subfolder is created with the job number and stored inside the input file per job. The PDF generated target file is stored in the job folder “Out”. The Jobs folders are automatically deleted after a set number of days. The status is set in the job database to “Expired”.
  • Working folder: C: \ Program Data \ File Converter Pro \ Work. The path can be configured via the User Interface. The files in it are automatically deleted after a set number of days.
  • NET Common Folder: Temporary folder -% TEMP% / nc. The path can be configured via the User Interface, and PDFnet folder -% TEMP% / pdfnet. These two folders are only not deleted when the application is not properly (eg exits via the task manager or crashes). The folders are temporarily used to copy files, move, rename, and for PDF / A conversion. The files are first created in these folders and processed and moved to the destination folder only at the end. Normally, if the service is started and stopped in the normal way, this folder should contain no files. If still files left over, they will be automatically deleted after a set number of days.
  • Abbyy Temp folder: Temporary folder for OCR processing. % TEMP% \ ABBYY FineReader Engine 10 – The path can be adjusted using the Abbyy OCR configuration. The files are automatically deleted after a set number of days.

Konfiguration der Pfade für die temporären Dateien  Abbyy Temporärer Ordner  Konfiguration - Temp Dateien & Jobs löschen

FileConverterPro – Exact conversion of MS Word documents to PDF

When converting documents to PDF, it is always goal to get a possible 100% copy of the document as a PDF it should be maintained all formatting and content, and the document should correspond to the original in terms of pagination and layout. These are also the expectations when documents with the FileConverterPro to be converted to PDF (PDF / A). However, there are some things that must be observed.

Layout / pagination in PDF is no longer true with the original” match What can be the reasons?

Direct or MS Office Conversion – The File Converter Pro supports two methods of conversion on the one hand, the direct” conversion not MS Office but an alternative converter is used, which is capable of all MS Office to read formats and without an installed MS Office application to convert directly to PDF or PDF / A. The compatibility is very good, but only the original application can support 100% of all specialties and details. So you want to play it safe, you should use MS Office as a converter.

Even if MS Office is used as a converter, it may happen that the generated PDF documents have a different formatting and layout, as the origin document. There could be caused by the following:

Hyphenation not installed – If an MSWord document was created and formatted with hyphenation and that hyphenation is not installed as a MSOffice feature on the computer on which the FCPro PDF conversion will run so there is no hyphenation, and the PDF document can thus show another formatting and page breaks. You can recognize that by trying to open such a document on the FCPro computer via MS Word. Here a warning is displayed with the prompt to install the hyphenation.

Silbentrennung nicht installiert

Fonts not installed or not embedded in MSWord document – It must be ensured that the fonts used in the documents are also available on the computer on which the FCPro PDF conversion occurs. If not installed fonts are used, substitute fonts are used, which are similarThis may fit, but can also lead to changes in the layout and line and page breaks. So it must be ensured that either only standard fonts or if special fonts are used, these are available on the FCPro PC, or be embedded in the MSWord document. The font display remains however only obtained if the appropriate fonts are not copyright protected. MS Word does not provide any error message if the embedding of fonts fails due to copyright problems.

EMail Archiver for FileConverterPro – testet with MS-Outlook 2016 under Windows 10

Recently, the new MS Office version 2016 is available. We have already successfully tested the latest version of our Email Archiver plugin for MS-Outlook of MS Office 2016 under Windows10. So the Email Archiver plugin can be used with MS Outlook versions 2007/2010/2013/2016.

Email Archiver unter MS-Office 2016 unter Windows 10

Download – EMail Archiver Outlook Plugin für FileConverterPro >>>

Download – EMail Archiver Station Outlook Plugin inkl. FileConverterPro lokal  >>>