FileConverterPro Client – WCF service sample – C# application incl. source code

This client application is included in the FCpro setup and is installed with the FileConverterPro Server. With it all function available via web-service can be tried and tested. Beside the EXE the application is also available as C# source code project to integrate FCpro functions in own applications quick and easily.


  • Configuration web-service URL for the FCpro server
  • “Connect” – client connects with the FCpro server and retrieves all available processing profiles.
  • Selection – processing profile
  • “Statistics” – available pages (Abbyy OCR license), pages in the queue, documents in the queue, average time per document in sec.
  • “Server info” – version number server, hash-code for licensing
  • Insertion of single or multiple documents for conversion per drag & drop
  • Display of the current document list (ID, label, status, download link or error message) – processing, processed, downloaded, error
  • “Delete list”
  • Display of parallel upload processes
  • “Delete job”
  • For single conversions: direct synchron conversion – without job queue and polling

WS1_FCpro - Web-Service Sample - Conversion by adding files by drag&drop

  • Job functions – The jobs are managed through a database and can be retrieved. With it there are filter functions for status, username, label and date (created and converted) available. The list can be sorted ascending or descending per filter. Displaying of the overall amount of jobs as well as amount of pages and jobs per page. The job list can be retrieved page per page. Single jobs can be “aborted” or “deleted”. Also all jobs can be deleted. Display of the job list with user, date/time -created, -converted, ID, label, status, error.

WS2_FCpro - Web-Service Sample - Jobs

  • Admin service functions – for the admin an own web-service URL is available which can be addressed and used independent of the normal processing functions.
    • Configuration of the admin URL
    • “Connect” with the admin service
    • “start” and “stop” of the windows services on the FCpro server
    • Status request of the windows services – “started” or “stopped”
    • User – display of all users and their rights
    • Add new user – name, password, rights
    • Edit existing users
    • Delete users
    • Processing profiles – display list (name, OCR engine, description)
    • Upload new processing profile / replace existing profile (fcprox)
    • Download existing processing profile (fcprox)
    • Delete processing profile

WS3_FCpro - Web-Service Sample - Administration Service

  • Authentification – set username & password for the connection with the FCpro server.

WS4_FCPro - Web-Service Sample - Authentication

Download – FileConverterPro – web-service – C# sample project >>>