PDFScanEdit – Installable plugin for capturing documents metadata

  • Installable plugins for profiling and detection metadata to store documents into external DMS / ECM / archive systems.
  • One or more plugins can be installed and selected – each plugin contains its own custom logic for profiling.
  • Plugins are independently installed .NET / C # applications that fit into the framework PDFScanEdit base and use its functions.
  • Simultaneous display of the profile mask and the documents preview when capturing the metadata.
  • Programmable logic and features of the Profile mask with e.g. external XML template rules with dynamic fields to always build the name / title identical. Access to external data sources – MS XLS, SQL, Web Services (SOAP, REST), linked tables and default fields with values from the table. Type ahead substring search on single or combined fields, using categories as Lookup’s, allocation of existing tags, automatic creation of new tags, Automatic creation of folder structure and file names of profile field values, Search Folders, Counter via web service, stamping of document before uploading with information from the metadata, search for existing documents and acquisition of profile values, etc.
  • Interactive processing – with OCR and upload or alternatively
  • Background / Batch processing – for PDF OCR conversion and uploading – users can already operate during the OCR processing and the upload in the background.
  • keep existing profile values / Clear mask
  • Automatic loading of the next document from the list – the processed document is deleted after uploading or moved to an archive area.

Plugin Examples:

  • Invoice capture via barcode & OCR >>>

ifresco Demo plugin - Eingangsrechnungserfassung

  • Store documents in Alfresco ECM / DMS >>>

ifresco Profiler Standard Plugin - Erfassungsmaske