PDFmdx – Video – Automatically send invoices via EMail

This PDFmdx application example shows how a PDF document reads out areas and the information is subsequently used for automated email sending of the finished invoice.

  • Fields and areas are defined to: – read the company, the invoice number, the invoice date and the e-mail address from the document.
  • The input file is named based on the information read out. A PDF stationery is deposited. In addition, the read-out invoice number is applied to the invoice as a 1D bar code and a 2D QR code with a web link.
  • As a last step, an email message is generated via an HTML EMail template. Variables which have been inserted in the subject and in the message text are replaced with the read-out information. The PDF invoice as well as additional files are inserted as attachments and then automatically sent via an SMTP EMail server.