PDFPrint .NET Component Version 1.0.3 with new features

The PDFPrint .NET component is used to print PDF’s, without having Adobe Reader installed. PDFPrint is available in the product variants – FM- Folder Monitoring, CL – Commandline, CS – Web-Service and eDocPrintPro Plugin.

New features of version 1.0.3:

  • Paper feed selectable (for direct printing as well as for the PDF2Printer print server)
  • Number of copies adjustable (for direct printing as well as for the PDF2Printer print server). Multiple copies are no longer printed multiple times, but sent directly to the printer together with the required number of printouts as a single job.
  • New additional  “Advanced” printing method which supports all functions including an interactive print preview.
  • Interactive print preview with the ability to subsequently and interactively change the parameters – Printer, Printer Settings, Number of Copies, Sorting, Page Range (All, Current, From/To), Page Size (Adjust, Actual Size, Scale), Orientation (Auto., High, Cross), Paper Source, Print to File (Select Destination).


Download – PDFPrint –  Prints PDF’s >>>