HTML2PDF-CL (HTML to PDF) – Version 1.1.0 – Generate PDF via URL / web link

Innovations HTML2PDF-CL (HTML to PDF) Version 1.1.0:

  • Generate PDF from URL/web link: With the new version, PDF and PDF/A files can be generated directly via a URL or via web links without the HTML being available locally on the computer. The URL is transferred via a *.url file, web links via a TXT file. Multiple URL files can also be processed into a single or a total PDF file using a ZIP file.


  • Integrated PDF/A converter component: Using the integrated PDF/A converter component, PDF/A-1, PDF/A-2, PDF/A-3 and also ZUGFeRD PDF can now be generated from an HTML or a web page/link.

  • Integrated PDFCompressor component: With the help of the PDFCompressor component, the generated PDF can be optimized and compressed in order to create the smallest and most compact PDF possible.

The PDF/A converter and the PDFCompressor are functions that are activated separately. If there is no valid license, the PDF will be converted and/or compressed, but a demo stamp will be applied.

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