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eDocPrintPro – Plugin to execute actions / launch external applications

Previously, there was the possibility of downstream applications and programs via the Action tab of eDocPrintPro to configure printer settings.

If one wants to control the execution of applications on the plug-in chains, so this possibility is too inflexible because this configuration can not be controlled by the plug-in selection.

That is why we have now developed an installable and free “action” plugin for our eDocPrintPro. This is configured like any other plugins across plugin chains, selected and executed.


  • Installable plugin for plugin chains processing
  • Call external command line applications (EXE, script, etc.)
  • Call the associated application, for example, Viewer – Adobe Reader
  • Passing Command Line Parameters incl. Using variables (name, folder path, printer name, file name, job number)
  • Option “Waiting for completion of the action”

1_Aktion ausführen = Externes Programm aufrufen - normale eDocPrintPro Fuinktion  2_Aktion ausführen = Externes Programm aufrufen jetzt auch als eigenständiger Plugin  3_Beispielprogramm mit Anzeige der per Commandline übergebenen Variablen

The configuration settings of the “action” plugin are stored in the registry.

  • User: HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMAY ComputereDocPrintProAction
  • Standard: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMAYComputereDocPrintProDefActionPlugin

Download – eDocPrintPro Aktion – Plugin >>>

eDocPrintPro – Version 3.24.1 – PDF, PDF/A, ZUGFeRD, SDK

Innovations Version 3.24.1:

With version 3.24.1. some extensions and improvements have been made that are not directly on the user interface visible and affect all versions of the printer driver.

ESFX new file format for the profiles: All printer driver settings can be saved as a profile and retrieved when needed. So far, the ending ESF was used. The profile data generated via the user interface, as well as those that could be created through the SDK were not compatible due to historical reasons. That is why we have implemented a new unified XML data format with the extension ESFX. This is now compatible between User Interface and SDK function.

Similarly, the profile function was to User Interface and SDK been enhanced that now all settings eDocPrintPro add-ons PDF / A-1,2,3 ZUGFeRD, FLASH / SVG, and configuration of the plugin chains stored in the profiles and reloaded.

SDK Extensions: Saving and loading the add-on settings as XML. Function to save all settings of the driver as XML (ESFX) and load again. Speed optimization in the communication of SDK with the Printer Driver. Possibility for PDF / A-3 enable / disable the option to query the attachments via SDK. Function to determine the version number of the installed printer driver eDocPrintPro.

Neues Datenformat ESFX für die Profile  PDFA-3 Einstellungen können jetzt über Profile gespeichert und wieder geladen werden #1  PDFA-3 Einstellungen können jetzt über Profile gespeichert und wieder geladen werden #2  edoc SDK mit PDFA3 - AttEnabled   eDocPrintPro SDK Neuerungen Version 3_24_0 #1  eDocPrintPro SDK Neuerungen Version 3_24_0 #2  eDocPrintPro SDK Neuerungen Version 3_24_1

Download – eDocPrintPro, PDF/A, ZUGFeRD

Download – eDocPrintPro 32 und 64bit (ca. 63 MB) >>>
Download – eDocPrintPro PDF/A 32 and 64bit (ca. 63 MB) >>>
Download – eDocPrintPro ZUGFeRD – PDF/A-3 Druckertreiber >>>

GhostScript 9.18.1 Setup

Download – GhostScript 9.18.1 MSI Setup – 32bit (ca. 16MB) >>>
Download – GhostScript 9.18.1 MSI Setup – 64bit (ca.16MB) >>>

SetDestination Version 3.24.0 – eDocPrintPro Commandline Tool – Set target folder / file name

SetDestination is a free command line tool that allows to set the destination folder and the destination file name of a specific eDocPrintPro. Also can be used to control whether the Save As dialog will come up or the file should be created directly without saving dialogue.


  • SetDestination.exe printer=“eDocPrintPro” folder=“c:Temp” name=“%DOCNAME%” dialog=“yes”
  • oder dialog=”no” If the Save As” dialog should be suppressed

printer=<Name of eDocPrintpro Printer>
folder=<target folder>
name=<target file name w/o extension>
dialog=”yes” or “no”Show Save As dialog or suppress

For all parameters are the ..” Delimiter only required if there are spaces in the text. DThe the printer name printer =” always required and is also validated accordingly. All other parameters are optional and change the existing settings only if they are set and available as command line parameters.

The setup installs that EXE to Folder C:Program FilesCommon FilesMAYComputereDocPrintPro

Download eDocPrintPro – SetDestination >>>

eDocPrintPro Version 3.24.0 – specially adapted for Windows 10

The version 3.24.0 has now been adapted specifically for Windows 10th

The recent eDocPrintPro versions can be installed on Windows 10 and print from almost all applications and generate a PDF fileHowever, with Windows 10 different applications are delivered and installed, which have adapted to Windows 10 user interface and a special integration with Windows10e.g. the new browser Edge” or the Mail” and OneNote” applicationsFor these applications, it was not possible so far to produce a PDF file with eDocPrintPro, dbecause access was blocked due to changed security requirementsWith version 3.24.0 we have resolved the problem.

Download – eDocPrintPro

Download – eDocPrintPro 32 und 64bit (ca. 63 MB) >>>

GhostScript 9.18.1 Setup

Download – GhostScript 9.18.1 MSI Setup – 32bit (ca. 16MB) >>>
Download – GhostScript 9.18.1 MSI Setup – 64bit (ca.16MB) >>>

eDocPrintPro version 3.23.5 is available – AddPrinter is reimplemented

Version 3.23.5 includes fixes when adding additional printers. In the context, the AddPrinter” tool has been re-implemented and now offers enhanced features. The new “Add Printer” Tool works with all existing installations of version 3.x. eDocPrintPro

AddPrinter is a command line application to

  • create additional eDocPrintPro printer
  • Delete Added eDocPrintPro printer
  • To copy settings from an existing eDocPrintPro printer to a new one

AddPrinter works with both the normal eDocPrintPro as well as with all other custom eDoc drivers that are created by default with a name other than eDocPrintPro“.

“…AddPrinter.exe” [Options] “<Printer-Name>” [“<Driver-Name>”]


  • /a add a new printer named <Printer Name>, the /a parameter can also be omitted.
  • /d deletes the printer named <printer name>
  • /c <origin Printers>” the newly added printer gets the same settings as the stated <origin printer>. Missing this option  then the eDocPrintPro” printer is used.
  • /s Error messages are suppressed.

Specifying <printer name> is in any case necessary and its meaning depends on the options / a, and / d.

About the <drivername> more printers can be added to an existing “customizedprinter driver. Customized” drivers are drivers that have been created by the setup already with a specific individual name. If not specified, eDocPrintPro” is assumed as the default. [And] identifying optional information. The brackets may be omitted if the inner text contains no spaces.


  • Create a new printer named Archive”

“C:Program FilesCommon FilesMAYComputereDocPrintProAddPrinter.exe” /a Archiv
“C:Program FilesCommon FilesMAYComputereDocPrintProAddPrinter.exe” Archiv

  • Remove the printer named Archive”

“C:Program FilesCommon FilesMAYComputereDocPrintProAddPrinter.exe” /d Archiv

  • Creating the printer with the name Archives New” and copy the settings of archive”

“C:Program FilesCommon FilesMAYComputereDocPrintProAddPrinter.exe” /c Archiv Archiv_Neu

  • Creating a printer named XKEY” and the existing driver is SipGate”

“C:Program FilesCommon FilesMAYComputereDocPrintProAddPrinter.exe” XKEY SipGate


Download – eDocPrintPro (PDF/A)

Download – eDocPrintPro 32 und 64bit (ca. 63 MB) >>>
Download – eDocPrintPro PDF/A 32 und 64bit (ca. 63 MB) >>>

Download – AddPrinter >>>

GhostScript 9.18.1 Setup

Download – GhostScript 9.18.1 MSI Setup – 32bit (ca. 16MB) >>>
Download – GhostScript 9.18.1 MSI Setup – 64bit (ca.16MB) >>>

eDocPrintPro – Logging – Log of all actions for problem analysis

To facilitate the analysis of problems occur, we have now integrated a logging feature in the driver from version 3.23.4. The log can be activated / deactivated via a registry key.

To enable logging so the node HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMAYComputereDocPrintPro<Drucker-Name> has to be created in the registry and below the string with the name “logpath”. As value has to be entered the full path of the log file. The folder must already exist.

eDocPrintPro Logging aktivieren  eDocPrintPro Log - Testseite drucken

eDocPrintPro – Printing from a Windows Service – what to consider?

Can you get out of an application that runs as a Windows service, print on eDocPrintPro? What is to be considered?

PBasically, that’s no problem. One has only to be aware that a Windows service runs by default under the System Account”If you install plug-ins as the AddOverlayplugin to attach a stationery, oder man konfiguriert bestimmte Einstellungen für den eDocPrintPro Treiber ( e.g. that the output is to be in a specific folder with a specific name or that after an EXE or CMD to be executed),  you have to remember that all settings and configurations are stored under the currently logged-on user. But you also can not log on as System Account” to make the configuration.


  1. Install eDocPrintPro and the required plugins as a local administrator on the desired computer.
  2. Create an account under which the service should run and assign the appropriate authorizations. If you want to access a network share, so this account must have the appropriate rights.
  3. Sign up under this account on the computer and make all the required settings and configurations, which will then be used by the service that way. Test the functions and settings.
  4. Run the service application under this created account and NOT use the System Account”

Available eDocPrintPro version 3.23.4

Corrections Version 3.23.4:

  • Function embed all fonts Fixed bug – the function has been checked, the writings were embedded incorrect and the generated PDF was illegible.
  • Execute action selection filter has been enhanced “* .cmd So far, only the * .exe” filter was preset and cmd files had to be manually selected now * .cmdfiles can also be selected directly.
  • Execute action EXE and CMD files with specific names contents were not executed– If the name of a CMD or EXE file contained eg the letters “OS”, so this file was not startedThis problem is now fixed Any desired names may be used. If system variables are used for the call, so they must now be made between% %.
  • Improved uninstallation routine The print spooler is stopped before uninstalling, in order to avoid a query after you delete the folder C: Windows *, when the computer reboots.

Download – eDocPrintPro (PDF/A)

Download – eDocPrintPro 32 und 64bit (ca. 63 MB) >>>
Download – eDocPrintPro PDF/A 32 und 64bit (ca. 63 MB) >>>

GhostScript 9.18.1 Setup

Download – GhostScript 9.18.1 MSI Setup – 32bit (ca. 16MB) >>>
Download – GhostScript 9.18.1 MSI Setup – 64bit (ca.16MB) >>>

eDocPrintPro & SDK Version 3.23.0 available

New Version 3.23.0:

  • Implementation of events for scheduling

In tests with high load, if a large amount of print jobs in quick succession respectively arriving parallel from several programs at or users in the print spooler of eDocPrintPro, we realized that it can sometimes happen that events are lost.

Thus, for example, at 1000 Press Jobs some documents lost”. In and of itself the problem was not noticed previously because normally must be made a sequence control via the eDocPrintPro SDK. Here, a print job should be started only when an event for the completion of PDFs sent by the previous job.

However, there are also area of application where it is not possible to integrate a sequence control over programming in the application, and therefore the application generates many individual jobs respectively pages in quick succession. The following application should, however, realize all single jobs and process them without the printed application can be controlled, as no program-controlled intervention in the printing application is possible to synchronize the pressure with the further processing of PDFs.

With version 3.23.0 which now works reliably even in the parallel multithreaded processing of print jobs 100%. Even at high load and at a large number of PrintJobs that are processed through the print queue no events and no documents are lost. For reasons of the memory usage, the number of parallel threads should not be too high. In our SDK example, we have this number is limited to 50. The SDK Version 3.23.0 also includes a C # sample project Multithreaded Batch Printing demoincl. Source code to show how this can be applied in your own applications, and enables this feature to test.

 eDoc SDK Multithread Batch Print Test application

  • Czech and Slovak available as new languages for the user interface eDocPrintPro. Languages are automatically set on the language of the operating system, but can also be selected manually.

eDocPrintPro - Auswahl der verfügbaren Sprachen

Download – eDocPrintPro 32 and 64bit (ca. 63 MB) >>>